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Operation Manual 3500/60 and 61 Temperature Monitor

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To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. Log In Sign Up. Download Free PDF. Truong Anh Tuan. Download PDF. A short summary of this paper. Visually inspect the module for obvious shipping damage. If shipping damage is apparent, file a claim with the carrier and submit a copy to Bently Nevada. Handling and Storing ConsiderationsCircuit boards contain devices that are susceptible to damage when exposed to electrostatic charges. Damage caused by obvious mishandling of the board will void the warranty.

To avoid damage, observe the following precautions in the order given. Application AlertMachinery protection will be lost when this module is removed from the rack. Avoid tools or procedures that would subject the circuit board to static damage. Some possible causes include ungrounded soldering irons, nonconductive plastics, and similar materials. Disposal StatementCustomer and third parties that are in control of product at the end of its life or at the end of its use are solely responsible for proper disposal of product.

No person, firm, corporation, association or agency that is in control of product shall dispose of it in a manner that is in violation of United States state laws, United States federal laws, or any applicable international law. Bently Nevada is not responsible for disposal of product at the end of its life or at the end of its use.

It accepts input from either resistance temperature detectors RTD or thermocouples TC and uses these inputs to drive alarms. The monitor can be programmed using the Rack Configuration Software. Alarm setpoints are configured using the Rack Configuration Software. Alarm and danger setpoints can be configured for the active proportional value.

A spare monitor can be re-configured for different applications as needed. To configure a monitor install the monitor in a rack and follow the instructions in section 3 Configuration Information. When used in this configuration, two types of voting are employed to ensure accurate operation and to avoid single point failures. StatusesThe monitor provides the following statuses. This section describes the available statuses and where they can be found. BypassThis indicates when the module has bypassed alarming the proportional value of a channel.

When a channel bypass status is set, this module bypass status will also be set. Configuration FaultThis indicates if the monitor configuration is valid. Channel Status OKThis indicates whether or not the associated module channel has detected a fault. BypassThis indicates that the channel has bypassed alarming for one or more of its proportional values. The monitor channels may be turned off inactivated using the Rack Configuration Software.

The following table shows where the statuses can be found. Refer to Section 6. This section lists the Monitor Options Section 3. To configure the Temperature Monitor, use this section to gather the configuration information and then use the Rack Configuration Software to set options and download the configuration to the module. Hardware ConsiderationsThe slots in the rack are numbered from 0 to 15, counting from left to right. Slot 0 is reserved for 1 or 2 power supplies.

Monitor OptionsThis section describes the options available on the Temperature Monitor configuration screens and discusses configuration considerations. Reference InformationThese fields contain information that indicates which module you are configuring.

SlotThe location of the Temperature Monitor in the rack 2 through Configuration IDA unique six character identifier, which is entered when a configuration is downloaded to the rack. Differential Temperature channel typeThis channel type has additional options for composite temperature measurements.

Depending on the system power source being used, this option should be selected to match with the line frequency. If the incorrect option is set, the line noise from the system power source may couple into the input signals. Group Summary Differential Temperature Only Select this button to bring up a read only summary showing how all the composite and differential proportional values are configured.

Range Setup Differential Temperature Only This button shows all of the channels range and clamp values. Optionally it can display this information for all the channels that make up the composite proportional value for a particular channel. CopyUse this button to copy one channels complete configuration to any or all of the other channels.

Channel 1 through Channel 6The fields within these boxes pertain to the indicated channel. ActiveUsed to select whether the functions of the channel will be turned or off. OptionsTo display the configuration options for the selected channel type.

View Mode Show allLists all configured differential and composite proportional values. Composite only List only configured composite proportional values Differential onlyList only configured differential proportional values List all calculated proportional values that are configured to be active. View Mode Show Alldisplays and allows modification of all the full scale and clamp values for every enabled proportional value.

Only Channel s in Grouping for [Channel ]displays and allows modification of all the full scale and clamp values for all the channels that are a part of the composite proportional value for the chosen channel. Temperature Channel Configuration OptionsThis section describes the options available on the Temperature Channel configuration screen. Reference InformationThese fields contain information that indicates which channel you are configuring.

ChannelThe number of the channel being configured 1 through 6. SlotThe location of the monitor in the rack 2 through Enable Proportional Values The Enable field contains the units, full-scale range, and clamp value for the enabled Temperature proportional value.

Direct is always enabled, composite and differential can be enabled by configuring for a channel type of "Differential Temperature and checking the enable boxes next to the desired proportional value.

Range OptionsThe Direct full-scale ranges are listed below in the following tables For Composite and Differential proportional values the available full-scale ranges will be computed by Rack Configuration software based on the full-scale ranges of the individual channels.

Maximum, MinimumIf Composite and Differential proportional values are enabled, their full-scale range is entered here. The limits of the full-scale range will be computed by the Rack Configuration Software and is based from the selected full-scale range on the direct values. Clamp ValueReported proportional value when that channel or proportional value is bypassed or defeated for example, when a problem occurs with the transducer. The selected value must be between the minimum and the maximum full-scale range value.

Only the values available from the Communication Gateway and Display Interface Module are clamped to the specified value when the proportional value is invalid. See section 2. ComparisonThe enabled proportional value of the TMR monitor group that is used to determine how far apart the values of the three monitors can be from each other before an entry is added to the System Event List.

Transducer SelectionUse this to select which transducer will be used for the given channel. Available choices are listed in section 3. BarriersSelect External or Galvanic Isolator if there are external barriers connected between the monitor and the transducer. Barriers are used to restrict the amount of energy that can flow into a hazardous area. See table for more information.

Transducer OrientationThis notes the location of the transducer on the machine. The range for orientation angle is 0 to degrees left or right as observed from the driver to the driven end of the machine train. This field is for information purposes only and may be left at its default setting. Refer to the following figure: DelayThe time which a proportional value must remain at or above an over alarm setpoint, at or below an under alarm setpoint before an alarm is declared as active.

The minimum specified alarm time delay depends on firmware and hardware revision of the temperature monitor and complexity of the configuration. The worst-case scenarios are included in the following Alarm ModeLatching Once an alarm is active it will remain active even after the proportional value drops below the configured setpoint level. Available SetpointsThis section specifies the available setpoints for the Temperature channel.

A setpoint is the level within the full-scale range that determines when an alarm occurs. NoteSetpoint Over and Under limits can only be placed within the valid range of the specified transducer. Software SwitchesThe Temperature Monitor supports two module software switches and four channel software switches.

These switches let you temporarily bypass, inhibit, or invoke monitor and channel functions. No changes will take effect until the Set button is pressed. Module Switches Configuration ModeThis switch allows the monitor to be configured. When downloading a configuration from the Rack Configuration Software, this switch will automatically be enabled and disabled by the Rack Configuration Software. If the connection to the rack is lost during the configuration process, use this switch to remove the module from Configuration Mode.

Monitor Alarm BypassWhen this switch is enabled, the monitor does not perform alarming functions. All proportional values are still provided. Danger BypassWhen this switch is enabled, the channel does not perform Danger alarming functions.

BypassWhen this switch is enabled, the channel provides no alarming functions and supplies no proportional values. Return CJC Value Wiring Euro Style ConnectorsTo remove a terminal block from its base, loosen the screws attaching the terminal block to the base, grip the block firmly and pull.

Do not pull the block out by its wires because this could loosen or damage the wires or connector.

Siemens Bently Nevada 3500 Proximitor Manuals

Only channels 3 and 4 can be used for Case Expansion measurements. Nuovo -The Official source for Nuovo Pignone parts in. Part Number Rev. Operation and Maintenance A hands-on course for personnel involved with operating and maintaining a Monitoring System. Includes an overview of hardware components, how to use the rack configuration software, and maintaining and troubleshooting the system.

Bently Nevada* Asset Condition Monitoring. Description System Configuration Software (required). System Operations/Maintenance Manual for​.

Bently Nevada 3500 Operation And Maintenance Manual

We will provide an overview of the system development and specification process. We will show you how to configure the various monitoring modules that are used in your plant, and explain how various configuration parameters affect the quality of your information. We will demonstrate how to interface the system with various plant systems, and show troubleshooting techniques as well.

Manual Bently Nevada 3500

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Part Number Rev. All rights reserved. The following contact information is provided for those times when you cannot contact your local representative:.

We use Cookies to give you best experience on our website. By using our website and services, you expressly agree to the placement of our performance, functionality and advertising cookies. Please see our Privacy Policy for more information. Abstract: bently nevada operation manual bently nevada manual Bently Nevada bently nevada 16 manual bently nevada field wiring Bently Nevada bently nevada monitoring system TDXnet bently nevada Text: Communications Processor. Contact Bently Nevada for information regarding Lightning Protection. Contact your Bently Nevada Representative for more information. Page 4 of 7 , option of the TDIX ordering options.

(05/16). SIL Safety Manual. Bently Nevada* Asset Condition Monitoring. /​32M_SIL and /33_SIL Relay. Artisan Technology Group - Quality Instrumentation.

Bentley Nevada 3500 40m Manual Transmission

Bently Nevada 3500 Series Machinery Monitoring System ...

We use Cookies to give you best experience on our website. By using our website and services, you expressly agree to the placement of our performance, functionality and advertising cookies. Please see our Privacy Policy for more information. It continuously collects both. Abstract: bently accelerometer interface module bently nevada bently nevada accelerometer Bently Nevada bently nevada AXXX-BXX bently nevada monitoring system Text: R Specifications and Ordering Information Acceleration Transducer System Description The Acceleration Transducer System consists of an accelerometer, interconnect cable, and interface module. It is intended for critical machinery applications where casing acceleration measurements are required, such as.

Function: Bentley Nevada. Bently Nevada Monitoring Systems Series Dial Monitoring Series Computer Monitoring we have two types of vibration monitoring system the Bently nevada series vibration monitoring system. Bently Nevada Operating Manual - … 1pdf. Bently Nevada Asset Condition Monitoring. Manual Bently Nevada Operating Manual Getting the books bently nevada operating manual now is not type of challenging means.

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