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The latter focuses on private financial education through the mediums of books, videos and speeches. He is also the author of over 26 books, including the best-seller Rich Dad Poor Dad which sold over 41 million copies worldwide.

Kiyosaki with Sharon L. Every week, it sends out to subscribers a 9-to page summary of a best-selling business book chosen from among the hundreds of books printed out in the United States every week. Discover how to move from the left side to the B and I Quadrants, where you work less, earn more, pay less taxes and have more free time to spend with your loved ones!

Rich Dad’s Cashflow Quadrant Summary

Start growing! Boost your life and career with the best book summaries. In this book, Robert Kiyosaki zooms in on the path you need to cross in order to achieve full financial freedom. There are many hurdles to overcome, and the most prominent one of all is the education system itself.

Robert T. Kiyosaki built a name for himself, after managing to climb the entrepreneurial world in quick succession. Apart from having written a bestseller which has held a top spot on New York Times bestselling list for half a decade, he has also excelled as an investor, educator, and entrepreneur. How will that reflect on its decision-making? The irony revolves around the following theory — this process is presented as an antidote or the formula behind making the right calls. Depriving yourself of real action sooner or later will prove to be self-destructive because people making the most mistakes are the ones winning on the long haul.

Poor Dad will teach you to go to school, get a degree, get a nice job, and become a well-paid employee. While, Rich Dad often less educated in the formal sense of the word will advise you to absorb the benefits of state-controlled education, build a business and become an investor. In , Robert and his wife Kim were at the brink of financial and emotional collapse. They lived in a small basement room for nine months; making a few dollars here and there to keep food on the table and fuel in the gas tank.

Their plight lasted for an entire year, while their friends and family relentlessly pushed the idea of getting a good job. On the contrary, he believes that achieving financial stability is the cradle of life itself. With that said, you need a different set of characteristics and skills to flourish in each Quadrant.

You need to experience loss, in order to get into the right frame of mind and hence climb the ladder of prosperity. While playing Monopoly with Rich Dad, Robert learned a couple of lessons that shaped his mindset:. Once you get used to receiving it, that addiction keeps you attached to the way you got it. For precisely that reason, Rich Dad puts emphasis on creating or building a system that makes money for you.

And, this what shocked Robert the most, because in the late 70s his wallet company collapsed due to competition and lack of passion. Above all else, this is not a get-quick-rich scheme that you ought to follow no questions asked.

The sad reality is, people who work the hardest, are not the ones that get rich. Rich People are outliers; their out-of-box mentality is what distinguishes them from the mob. Poor people believe that the goal is to work hard in order to buy things that make them look rich. The greatest transition was not the resignation letter, but the itchiness in embracing a full-scale alteration with regards to beliefs and mindset.

Robert starts the last section of this book, by pointing out that instead of looking forward to gigantic strides, just take the first baby step. In order to get the ball rolling, you need to be wary of false narratives and misleading information that may stigmatize your endeavors.

After years of research regarding the transition from poor to rich, Robert found out that these people possess three qualities:. And the same applies only reversed for families who have lost their fortune in generations. To bring awareness to this issue, Robert asked students to fill in their financial statements. Those being on the verge of financial breakdown had an Industrial-Age mindset or the no tomorrow mindset which is predicated on the notion that the government should take care of you.

Although the rules have changed, these people still believe in hard work as if that will solve all of their financial problems. So, the painless path is composed of reeducation, trial, learning-by-doing, and ultimately succeeding.

The only that ultimately matters is building up your Assets column, which in the Informational Age is of absolute importance. These are all legit reasons, but Robert argues that ascribing security to the left side of the Quadrant, is highly inaccurate. These are truths, and they are also lies.

If you lie to yourself, your journey will never be completed. My best advice is to listen to your doubts, fears, and limiting thoughts, and then dig deeper for the real truth. Find your Cash-Cow 2. Change Quadrants if needed 3. Stay in the game. Cash-cow is nothing other than a steady source of income or profits that eclipses all the money needed to initiate it. Remember how Robert overcame the negative voice and dodged the meaningless questions crafted by those who have no financial education?

Like this summary? Just a regular guy with a knack for writing, and digital marketing. In his spare time, he loves to meditate and play soccer. Emir Zecovic. Start learning at the speed of today's world. Website language:. Learn with our well-curated library!

Robert Kiyosaki - Cashflow Quadrant - Rich Dad's Guide to Financial Freedom

Home Forum Login. Kiyosaki, Sharon L. Download PDF. It is simply a matter of knowing Robert T. Kiyosaki which quadrant to work from and when.

Rich Dad's CASHFLOW Quadrant: Rich Dad's Guide to Financial Freedom. Zdaniel Andy. Loading Preview. Sorry, preview is currently unavailable. You can​.

Summary of Rich Dad’s Cashflow Quadrant by Robert Kiyosaki | PDF | Audiobook

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CASHFLOW clubs are there to support the long-term mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, and financial changes a person needs to go through. We all change and evolve at different rates of speed so you are encouraged to go at your own speed. Not all quadrants are equal. There are significant tax advantages to working in the B and I quadrants.

You now have a legal copy of one of the most popular books on personal finance. The free download offer, unfortunately, was available for just a week but I was thrilled to have finally gotten my own ebook copy at no charge back then. The Cashflow Quadrant book has been my personal guide for several years now when it comes to goal setting and personal finance management. The Cashflow Quadrant book talks about four quadrants representing four 4 primary ways to make money. These quadrants are the following:.

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