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the red book jung pdf download

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A site like Stuvera is hard to find and also has related texts and other useful materials that help to learn easy and stress-free. The most influential unpublished work in the history of psychology.

Since , the existence of C. Yet only with the present publication is it finally accessible to a broad public. Hence I will only briefly outline it here. He then revised these texts, added reflections on them, and copied them in a calligraphic script into a book entitled Liber Novus bound in red leather, accompanied by his own paintings.

[Free download] The Red Book PDF full book by Carl Jung

It seems that you're in Germany. We have a dedicated site for Germany. This book explores C. Jung's complex relationship with Friedrich Nietzsche through the lens of the so-called 'visionary' literary tradition. The book connects Jung's experience of the posthumously published Liber Novus The Red Book with his own mis understanding of Nietzsche's Zarathustra , and formulates the hypothesis of Jung considering Zarathustra as Nietzsche's Liber Novus —— both works being regarded by Jung as 'visionary' experiences.

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The Red Book (LIBER NOVUS) by C.G.Jung

There are two sets of lectures presented below in mp3 audio format , all recorded during the original presentations. The first series of four lectures was presented at Westminster College to the general public in January and February of , shortly after the Red Book was published. The second series of seven seminar evenings with a total of fourteen lectures was presented at Westminster College from September to May The seminar group was composed mostly of psychologists in clinical practice. This is a much more in-depth consideration and reading of the Red Book, and reflects an additional two years of my own deepening study of the text.

On the back of the painting Untitled work, , within The Red Book, Liber Novus, are inscribed the following lines pp :. We placed stone upon stone. Now, you stand upon solid ground…We forged a flashing sword for you, with which you can cut the knot that entangles you…We also place before you the devilish, skillfully twined knot that locks and seals you. Strike, only sharpness will cut through it…Do not hesitate. We need destruction since we ourselves are the entanglement. He who wishes to conquer new land brings down the bridges behind him.

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Carl Jung Red Book PDF free download

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