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vehicle noise vibration and sound quality pdf

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Dunne, Gerard T. PhD thesis, University of Warwick. Request Changes to record.

Automotive megatrends and their impact on NVH

Dunne, Gerard T. PhD thesis, University of Warwick. Request Changes to record. The control of the noise and vibration generated by an automobile is referred to as Noise, Vibration and Harshness NVH engineering. It involves identifying the design detail required to reduce the noise and vibration inside the passenger compartment of the vehicle to levels that are acceptable to the customer.

It also involves delivering an engine or a powertrain sound character that is both pleasing to the customer and that suits the character of the vehicle.

Tuning the sound generated by a vehicle to deliver a particular character is referred to as Sound Quality Engineering. This document summarizes the work of the EngD research programme that was aimed at developing a structured process for engineering the Powertrain Sound Quality of an automobile. The need for developing a Sound Quality Engineering Process at Jaguar Cars was identified through a review of customer evaluations of the sound in Jaguar's vehicles and those of its competitors.

This review established that Jaguar's existing vehicles were trailing the leading competition in terms of the delivery of Powertrain Sound Quality. The reason for this shortfall was that the NVH Department at Jaguar did not have a focus on delivering the customer requirements. Without this focus there was no means of using the customer level requirements, for Sound Quality to drive the vehicle design process. The EngD research programme resulted in the formulation and implementation of a Sound Quality Engineering Process at Jaguar Cars that addressed this need.

The first part of the research programme involved developing a means of quantifying the differences in the subjective Sound Quality character perceived by the customer. It was established that the subjective nature of the Powertrain Sound Quality could be represented by two underlying dimensions; a measure of the degree of Refinement and a measure of degree of Powerfulness. An assessment technique was developed that enabled the subjective Sound Quality character for a given vehicle to be quantified through its location within a 2-Dimensional Sound Quality Space, the axes of which were defined by each of the two underlying dimensions of Sound Quality.

This 2- Dimensional Sound Quality Space provided the means of quantifying the differences in the Sound Quality characters for all of the vehicles competing in the luxury vehicle sectors. It was applied to define subjective Sound Quality targets for all of the new vehicle programmes at Jaguar Cars. These targets identified the required improvements to each of the two underlying dimensions of Sound Quality needed to address the shortfalls in Jaguar Cars' existing vehicles.

The second part of the research programme involved identifying the key acoustic features within the sound signatures of Jaguar's vehicles that were responsible for determining the differences in subjective perception between these vehicles and their competitors.

The changes to these key acoustic features were related to the required improvements to each of the two dimensions of Sound Quality that were established from the subjective target setting process. The final part of the research programme involved developing techniques that linked these key acoustic features to the noise sources and paths that were responsible for generating them.

Through this link it was possible to establish the changes to these noise sources and paths that were necessary to deliver the required changes to the key acoustic features. In this way the required improvements to each of the two underlying dimensions of Sound Quality were used to define the vehicle design specification at the concept stage of the vehicle development programme and consequently drive the vehicle design process.

The ability to link the subjective customer level requirements for Sound Quality to the design detail specification has overcome the previously identified shortfall within the NVH development process at Jaguar Cars.

Although the process was developed for Jaguar Cars the findings from the research and the techniques developed have since been applied by the different brands within the Ford Motor Company. Within Jaguar Cars the process has been implemented across all of the new vehicle programmes.

It has directly resulted in significantly improved Sound Quality characters in the new vehicles that have been recently introduced to the luxury vehicle market. Request changes or add full text files to a record. Email us: wrap warwick. Skip to content Skip to navigation. The Library. Login Admin. Downloads per month over past year. Download 34Mb. Date Event June

Vehicle noise and vibration refi nement

Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. DOI: A working knowledge of vehicle vibration, sound quality and noise is provided in this book. The information can be applied to real-world problems resulting in solutions that will reduce vibration, improve sound quality and control noise in ground, rail, marine and aerospace vehicles. Fundamental principles, design approaches, testing techniques and analytical formulations are also described and illustrated.

While noise and vibration can be readily measured, harshness is a subjective quality, and is measured either via "jury" evaluations, or with analytical tools that can provide results reflecting human subjective impressions. These latter tools belong to the field known as " psychoacoustics. Interior NVH deals with noise and vibration experienced by the occupants of the cabin, while exterior NVH is largely concerned with the noise radiated by the vehicle, and includes drive-by noise testing. NVH is mostly engineering, but often objective measurements fail to predict or correlate well with the subjective impression on human observers. For example, although the ear's response at moderate noise levels is approximated by A-weighting , two different noises with the same A-weighted level are not necessarily equally disturbing.

A working knowledge of vehicle vibration, sound quality and noise is provided in this book. The information can be applied to real-world problems resulting in.

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Noise, vibration, and harshness

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Internationales Stuttgarter Symposium pp Cite as. The ongoing transformation of individual mobility will decisively change future vehicles. This paper is meant to discuss the resulting consequences regarding NVH. The strong impact on vehicle NVH requirements is evaluated and suggestions for a suitable sound design are made. Sharing the same vehicle by many users will reduce the importance of creating an individual brand specific sound, instead active sound design would allow tuning the interior noise to the preferences of the current user.

Automotive noise, vibration, and harshness NVH materials are used to reduce or control structure-borne and noise-borne noises, vibrations, and harshness in the interior or exterior of the vehicles as they can lead to discomfort and hinder the durability of the vehicle. These materials include metal parts, rubbers, molded foams, and types of raisins. Globally the sales of vehicles have increased tremendously. Moreover, various government initiatives towards reducing noise levels have increased the demand for NVH materials. Nowadays, manufacturers are producing lightweight vehicles that will help in improving the vibrations and noise quality of vehicles. Furthermore, the development and implementation of durable and high-quality NVH materials for commercial vehicles as well as passenger cars have been adopted by the automotive manufacturing companies.

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