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design and construction of groundnut oil extractor pdf

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Expeller pressing also called oil pressing is a mechanical method for extracting oil from raw materials. The raw materials are squeezed under high pressure in a single step.

Top PDF Design and Fabrication of a Palm Kernel Oil Expeller Machine

Show all documents Design and Fabrication of a Palm Kernel Oil Expeller Machine Many methods of oil extraction exist, but in general these are based on one of four principles; which are: traditional wet rendering process; cage-type press; screw press and solvent extraction Bredeson, Considerable efforts have been made in the past to improve the oil extraction efficiency of screw presses.

Most of them have an optimization of process variables such as applied pressure, pressing. Design and fabrication of a groundnut shelling and oil extracting machine Groundnut pods are hard and cracking methods are still traditional in rural areas. Groundnut shelling output per-man is as low as Hence to increase the production rate, sheller machine is required. Most of the available sheller machines are manual operated, non-portable; hence design fabrication of a portable, power operated sheller machine is essential.

Proposed sheller machine is used shell only dry pods and it can be used as groundnut sheller machine for domestic application. In our machine we are doing both shelling and oil extraction in one process. The machine is light in weight which makes it portable and can be used for small scale industries and for Household oil extraction.

Since this machine requires less space to move, it can be used in a more versatile manner as compared to heavy powered machines that are mounted on heavy and bulky industries. This machine can be efficient and easy to operate and maintain. The oil extracted has various applications in food, medicine, and industry.

It can be used to extract around to ml in 1 to 2kgs of coconut thus covering more time compared to hydraulic jack machine. Design is made in such a way that easy to assemble and dissemble, it serves the dual use of work and it can be used in a more versatile manner as compared to power machines that are mounted on heavy and bulky industries.

Finally we conclude that atomize machine is better option to use instead of manually operated. Purpose of fabrication of the this machine was to determine the suitability of machine for use. Two experiments performed. First for 1 litre and second for 2 litres measurement and dispensing and 10 readings each. The values found out are acceptable to standards and desired.

Since this machine is made for small businessman, small automobile garages and workshops, therefore the work carried out by this machine is less. The capital required for purchasing the bigger size oil dispensing machine is very high. It was an important factor in the British Agricultural Revolution. Since the beginning of agriculture threshing was done by hand with a flail, requiring a great deal of labor.

The threshing machine , which was invented in but not widely used for several more decades, simplified the operation and allowed the use of animal power. Before the invention of the grain cradle ca. It was estimated that for each of Cyrus McCormick's horse pulled reapers ca.

Civil War. Later innovations included raking and binding machines. By two men and two horses could cut, rake and bind 20 acres of wheat per day. In the s the reaper and threshing machine were combined into the combine harvester. These machines required large teams of horses or mules to pull.

Steam power was applied to threshing machines in the late 19th century. There were steam engines that moved around on wheels under their own power for supplying temporary power to stationary threshing machines. These were called road engines, and Henry Ford seeing one as a boy was inspired to build an automobile. With internal combustion came the first modern tractors in the early s, becoming more popular after the Fordson tractor ca.

Therefore purpose of this research is to reduce human efforts in dish washing. Thedish washing machine has made cleaning and drying dishes much easier and more efficient. Investigations shows the problem faced in uses of automatic dish washer and solution on the same. Large amount of electricity, time and cost is required in case of existing dish washer machine , because of this reason the uses of dish washer machine in our country is very less.

Currently the chores of washing the dishes is being performed by the women which results in the labor work as it is carried out for up to several hours each week. So by developing semiautomatic dishwashing machine we can overcome the above mentioned problems significantly.

Also by using plastic material for casingpart , the overall weight of the assembly also reduced. A Plant Design for Mechanical Extraction of Nmanu Aki Palm Kernel Oil Using Complete Pretreatment Process Abstract — In this plant design for mechanical extraction of kilogram of Nmanu aki Palm kernel oil per day using complete pretreatment process, several researches on the palm kernel and palm kernel oil were carried out to know more about the oil extraction and how to design a pilot plant that will extract kg of oil per day.

This was achieved by carrying out a laboratory test using solvent extraction method to determine the composition of PKO in a given quantity of palm kernel cake, from which the amount of palm kernel to be fed into the pilot plant was calculated.

After the fabrication of pilot plant, it was test run. A mass of about The expelled oil drains through the perforation through annular orifice at an exit temperature of Lastly, kg of fine PKO was extracted after ten hours per day from which the design specification as required was met. Design of a noise insulator for ripple mill at kernel recovery plant in palm oil mill 3 occupational hazard creates unsafe working environment due to excessive noise exposure at the nut cracking station.

This condition can be found during nut cracking process using nut crackers also known as ripple mill. The ripple mill is a machine used to crack nuts and separate kernel and shell. During the cracking process, a very loud noise produced by the machine. This exposure of noise can lead to hearing loss to workers when they are continuously exposed to the noise in a long period.

According to Occupational Safety and Health Act OSHA , the noise hazard can be prevented using three approaches such as administrative controls, engineering controls, and personal protective equipments. In this study, the second approach is used to design a noise insulator for ripple mill. In the recognition the importance of minimizing occupational hazard associated with noise exposure at the nut cracking station, the aim of this study is to design a noise insulator for ripple mill to reduce noise risks among the machine operators and the co-workers.

Design and development of the oil expeller There are a lot of categories of oil producing crops from seeds, plants and even nuts. In Malaysia palm oil is the main crop that produces oil for exports and local demand. It has a lot of usage and commercial value. For small businesses the oil produce is directly use and also sold for local usage. Let take the coconut as an example. Coconut oil is extracted from the kernel or meat of matured coconut harvested from the coconut palm Cocos nucifera.

Throughout the tropical world it has provided the primary source of fat in the diets of millions of people for generations. It has various applications in food, medicine, and industry. What make coconut oil different from most other dietary oils are the basic building blocks or fatty acids making up the oil. Research had been done for its medicinal and health properties such as;.

Akinoso et al. Of all investigated parameters, compressive stress mostly influences the oil yield. Martins et al. The authors highlighted that their designs enable control of compression ratio and pressure drag. Samuel and Alabi [14] recommended laboratory test and analysis for improving the productivity of palm kernel oil mills. Olaniyan et al. The authors identified high oil yield and extraction efficiency with the expeller. Although the usage of kernel -shell as local carbon is still new and unproven in electrical and electronic application, they are already being used in automobile disc brake, carbon activation for water purification, concrete ingredient in building industry and fuel for heat generation and thermal insulator.

Design and Construction of a Palm Kernel Cracker and Separator base with the aid of bolts and nuts in such a way that it allows for the cracking rectangular channel welded to it. Pot covers were thereafter coupled on the cracking pot hopper to the cracking pot with bolts and nuts in such a manner that allows for the smooth flow of palm nuts from the hopper through a centralized hole in the cracking flywheel into the rectangular channel.

See fig. The two filters already attached together with the aid of four flat bars were at this point loosely bolted to the rear side and held with a spring in the front side of the top part of the supporting base in a slanted manner as shown in fig. The cam and its shaft carrying two bearings was thereafter mounted on the second filter at the bottom or lower part of the support base frame at the bearing casing point and directly under the second filter and is able to vibrate it as the cam rotates thereby making the second filter to vibrate the first and bringing about the separation of kernels from cracked shells [5].

In vitro antimicrobial effect of palm oils rich in medium-chain fatty acids against mastitis-causing Gram-positive bacteria Tecan Group Ltd. In addition, a susceptibility test of all strains to penicillin G was also performed by MIC determi- nation, like in the case of palm oils. The final MIC was de- termined as the mode of all values. In accordance with turbidity values measured in the wells of the microtiter plates before and after incubation of the stock solution of three tested palm oils and eight bacterial strains, MIC values for the selected oils and bacteria were calculated.

No antimicrobial activity of palm oils was observed without prior lipase cleavage Hovorkova et al. Tungsten carbide preparation using carbon from palm kernel shells and its catalytic hydrodehalogenation of dichlorodifluoromethane The first part of this study is concentrated on preparing the high surface area activated carbon using locally obtained raw material, palm kernel shells.

Activated carbons were prepared by chemical activation using zinc chloride under both nitrogen flow and vacuum conditions. The effects of impregnation ratio ZnCl 2 to. Another major challenge that could hinder bioelectricity production from oil palm processing wastes in Nigeria is technological. According to Ohimain [15, 38], Nigeria planned for the installation of two 1MWe wood biomass saw dust gasification power plants in Pategi, Niger and Odogbolu, Ogun states.

But due to no experience in operation, cost factor, availability of feedstock among other factors the proposed bioelectricity plants were not operational at as July This bioelectricity technologies combustion, pyrolysis and gasification under study appears have several benefits for the use of oil palm processing solid wastes.

Despite the benefits, have their respective limitations including energy intensive, production of contaminants contaminated products, air pollution, corrosion and unstable thermal energy [13]. Due to high moisture content of the solid wastes such as EFB, the efficiency of the technologies may be hindered.

According to Brachi et al. Again, Nigeria need to under study advanced bioelectricity producing nations in other to make significant improvement in the sector.

Effect of side chains on the dielectric properties of alkyl esters derived from palm kernel oil Abstract— Alkyl ester derivatives were synthesized from laboratory purified palm kernel oil. The steps in the synthesis involved transesterification of palm kernel oil to produce a methyl ester, followed by epoxidation and then the grafting of side chains by esterification with propionic and butyric anhydride.

Design and development of a groundnut oil expelling machine.

This machine will also work for different seed types. The top countries of suppliers are india china and india from which the percentage of oil extraction machine supply is 3 94 and 3 respectively. Modern methods of groundnut crushing and oil extraction saeed with the exit from the windless press and water mills the first mechanical screw press. Oil extraction machine design pdf. A mechanical means of extracting oil was designed constructed with locally available materials and tested for groundnut oil extraction. This machine will be a useful additional livelihood for farmers and have good prospects of commercialization.

Design and Fabrication of a Groundnut Oil Extractor

Different types of oil- bearing agricultural products are discussed. The products include; groundnut, coconut, sheanut , castor, sunflower,. Abstract : An integrated groundnut decorticating and winnowing machine which bears a 1 Ihp, r.

A screw press moringa oil expeller was developed and evaluated in terms of oil expression efficiency OEE , material balance efficiency MBE and expression loss EL. Four different models were fitted to the output variables. Maximum OEE of The coefficient of determination R 2 for the OEE was 0. Predicted optimum OEE of

Title Page II. Declaratioll III. A PProval IV. Oed ication v.

Expeller pressing

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