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It consists of three different standalone games, each one conceived to play a particular type of character:.

Check out the Wiki for useful links, guides and original content! Nearly all Jedi are dead, the Empire is strong, and the Rebel Alliance has won a major victory. Now go have fun! Someone gimme the details on the A CFE!

Age Of Rebellion Pdf Download

Views 5 Downloads 1 File size 20MB. Julian Garner. Josh Jupp, and Nathan Wilkinson. Joris Voogd, and Geriof Woudstra. Keith Kappel. All rights reserved.

Used under authorization. No part of this product may be reproduced without specific written permission. Especially since his interpretation of the rules kept growing, it seemed. I'm gonna buzz the canyon in Sector 17 before returning to base. Vortex 4 out. They'd dubbed it Torrence Run in honor of Vortex Squadron's infamous leader, Rik Torrence, and no one could pilot the Run's terrifying twists and turns better.

How do you know that you didn't miss something vital with this breach of protocol? All clear as usual. Ready for access sequence. The cliffs and gorges scrambled most comm systems, and it had taken the Alliance months to perfect transmissions in the area. Relaxing on his controls, Jerrod let Command and Control slave the vehicle to guide it through the dangerous twists and turns of the Gauntlet. Only the most skilled pilots could navigate the tight spaces of the canyon leading towards the Alliance hangar bay, adding another layer of protection to the base against enemy fighters.

His ship touched down in the hangar and Jerrod released his harness to begin his post-flight check. On the ground, technicians hurried to connect refueling lines and give the speeder a once-over, making sure it was ready to fly again at a moment's notice.

As he climbed down from his weathered and battered speeder, Jerrod saw Captain Harl Bess approaching. The base's chief of operations for all of its spacecraft and speeders called out, "Lourdas, anything out there? Besides, long range scanners showed no signs of any movement or activity anywhere out there," the lieutenant replied, waving his hand dismissively.

Be sure you follow the prescribed flight paths, or you will find yourself removed from flight duty altogether. He'd like to see the lanky slicer try to go out there day after day, week after week, with nothing to break up the monotony. The pilot shrugged and headed to the habitat for a muchneeded cold shower.

Jerrod stepped out of the offices and into the artificially lit corridors. According to his chrono it was nearly midnight; the game had stretched on for hours before the sabacc pot was won. Patting his winnings in his vest pocket, he cut across the hangar bay on his way to the barracks.

The lights in the hangar were dim t o conserve the generators' power. He swore as he tripped on a cable stretched across the ground, followed by a distant clatter. From behind a rock column, Var Narek emerged, a datapad in his hands. What brings you out so late? Same as the last five days. I was almost hoping to run into some flyers just to fit in some target practice. What are you doing back here? You never know when an Imperial patrol could target this world or send some probe droid to go poking around.

Better pilots than you have let down their guard and paid with their lives. I understand. Turning to head to the barracks, Jerrod nearly tripped over Var Narek, field assistant to Setenna Hase, one of the base's ranking commanders. Something I can do for you? Var Narek was a stickler for detail when carrying out Setenna's orders, which rubbed Jerrod and many of the lower-ranking Alliance soldiers "Finishing some last minute checks of the maintenance logs.

Setenna wants to make sure everything is squared away for tomorrow's mission. I'm sure you'll be briefed tomorrow," Var said quickly. You should probably get some rest, too. Jerrod had a bad feeling but couldn't put his finger on what it was. Behind them in the hangar, a black metallic device lay carefully hidden by debris, sand, and rocks. A sequence of red and blue lights pulsed on top of the box over It is designed for starting Player Characters but can be scaled upwards see page 9.

The story revolves around the loss of an important Rebel Alliance base to Imperial forces and the search for a traitor in the Alliance's midst. The Player Characters must uncover the traitor's identity and track him down before he can deal another blow to the struggling Rebellion. The mission to hunt for the traitor and bring him to justice takes the PCs from rocky wastes of Arda I, through the swamps of Jagomir, and finally to the teeming streets of the Imperial-held world of Ord Radama.

This adventure includes location gazetteers for the secret Rebel base on Arda I, the brand-new planet Jagomir, and the city of Livien Magnus on Ord Radama. Vehicle and adversary profiles for TIE hunters, the insectoid evarrians, and the Devlikk species also appear for the first time in this book. Additionally, this module includes Mass Combat rules for determining the ebb and flow of battle, as well as rules for counting down to important events or tracking the progress of a given task.

Players who continue reading risk spoiling the adventure for themselves. Episode I opens with the Player Characters caught in the middle of a losing battle at the Rebels' secret base on Arda I as the Imperial Navy overruns them. Retreating to the safety and obscurity of a new stronghold on the swampy planet Jagomir in Episode II, the PCs discover mounting evidence of a traitor in their midst.

Finally, in Episode III, the PCs must race against time to track down the turncoat and prevent him from revealing the new base's location to his Imperial contacts on Ord Radama.

After many years of operating independently, Alliance High Command formally brought them into the Alliance and designated them a Sector Force SecForce for short. The base has carried out multiple missions against the Empire, though only within the last several years has it done so in the name of the Alliance to Restore the Republic.

See Previous Missions on page 2 0 for more information. All their hard work is threatened, however, by a computer-savvy lieutenant named Var Narek who has grown disillusioned with the Galactic Civil War and will go to any lengths to stop the continued b l o o d s h e d including subverting the Rebel Alliance. Var grew up on Ord Radama, a world that embraced many masters over its history. From the tyranny of the Sith in the distant past, to the Separatists during the Clone Wars, and finally the Empire for the past two decades, Ord Radama has never experienced freedom.

Under the Empire, however, the New Order provided relative peace and security through the systematic oppression of any dissidents or rebels. The Imperial government passed over Var's father for the appointment when Var was still a young man—cheated him out of it, some might say.

The various noble families in the capital city, Livien Magnus, quickly flocked to Orgaal's side in search of favors and appointments. His father's simmering resentment and Var's lack of opportunities to advance turned Var against the Empire and towards the Rebel cell forming on Arda I. His younger brother, Aleos, had fewer memories of his family's former prominence and was content to marry a shopkeeper's daughter and help her run her store in Livien Magnus.

When he could, Var visited his brother's family between missions, but otherwise, he never regretted leaving his home planet and past behind. The Nareks' lives shattered one day when a group of Rebels struck out against the Imperial government. Aleos, his wife, and their two young children were killed during a battle between Imperials and the Rebels.

An aerial bombardment destroyed the family's shop and a number of nearby Imperial buildings, and the general public blamed the Rebels who supposedly had been hiding there. This event hardened Var's heart, and he decided he would stop the war at all costs, even if that meant siding with the Imperials and destroying the Rebel Alliance.

He sought out an old friend from his days at school, now a captain in the Imperial Intelligence Service, and implored him for a way to make the Alliance pay. On that fateful day, Var Narek became a traitor to the Alliance. Var's first major job for the Empire was gathering intel on the Arda I base and getting that information to his Imperial contact. As a held assistant to Setenna Hase, Narek has a great deal of access to all areas of the base. Var used a series of signal-boosting hyperspace transponders to reveal the base to the Empire.

This new tech transmits coded messages to Imperial monitoring stations, masking the signal with white noise so the Rebels remain unaware.

Var has a very limited number of these devices: one is installed in the hangar itself and more are outside in the Gauntlet's general vicinity. Most are destroyed on Arda I during the Battle of the Gauntlet, and he only has two left when he arrives on Jagomir. The truth of the events that led to Var's betrayal of -the Alliance is much more insidious. Var's "old friend," Malau Jocaos, a captain in the Imperial Intelligence Service, had long suspected his schoolmate of working for the Rebellion.

When he discovered that Var's brother ran a store near an Imperial service bureau in Livien Magnus, he masterminded a way to bring Var into Imperial service by destroying an empty Imperial outpost and a few nearby shops.

He knew Var's attachment to his family would send him over the edge, and by making sure that all the blame fell on the Rebellion, it was only a matter of time before Jocaos had a new agent under his thumb. The PCs must discover his treachery and stop him before he can do irreparable damage to the Sector Force in the Gordian Reach see page T he loss of his young niece and nephew completely broke Var's spirit.

In his mind, they had nothing to do with the war, and they lost their lives in vain. No one in the Alliance knows of their d e a t h s — m o s t people don't know Var well enough t o even realize he had any siblings—and he has gone to great lengths to keep any signs of animosity toward the Alliance or its members completely hidden. Var excels at putting on a fake smile and joining in with the rest of the Rebels, posing as just another person in the fight for freedom.

Setenna has come to rely on Var a great deal, and she will argue against to any accusations against him. However, events might turn out differently depending on the Player Characters' actions and the circumstances. See Game Preparation on page 9 for more information. He defected with his ship's crew to the nascent Rebellion forces and has led the small starfleet ever since see page She has experience working with many different species and cultures to help bolster the Rebellion's resources see page He oversees the army and ground tactics and trains many of the new recruits personally see page The Player Characters begin the adventure with the harrowing flight through the canyon known as the Gauntlet on their approach to the secret Rebel base on Arda I.

AoR Cyphers & Masks Spy

While it is not completely free of bloodshed, this war is fought primarily with information, deception, and lies. The Galactic Civil War loudly rages on countless worlds. However, few know of the quieter war between Rebel and Imperial intelligence agencies. It is a war of duplicity and cyphers and masks pdf download, of stolen plans and cyphers and masks pdf download identities. The spies who fight this war will never get the glory, but without them the Alliance cannot win. Join the hidden war of deception and espionage in Cyphers and Masks.


Views 5 Downloads 1 File size 20MB. Julian Garner. Josh Jupp, and Nathan Wilkinson.

Do not really publish hyperlinks to or demand pirated material. If you point out plot points from a published adventure please use. Constantly follow. No getting rude. Instead, be nice to each additional!

Sorry, this product is not currently available. Sign In. Vanguard CardFight!! Fantasy Flight Games.

Age Of Rebellion Cyphers And Masks Pdf Download

The rest of the paper had been stolen, as if the only thing in the world that mattered was making that shoe. Behind her something moved, just the five of us. Unfortunately, a gene-warped creature.


The sheets look great, but there is a big problem with them; they can't be saved with filled information. I can assure you, the sheets can be saved with entered data. The problem most likely lay in the particular program you are using to view them. Many pdf viewers even Adobe Reader do not allow or have access to the ability to save the pdf.

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