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Wide area synchronous grid

Regulatory approval of electricity interconnection between Cyprus and Greece was completed on October 10, It is a historic decision for Cyprus , ending electricity isolation of the last non-interconnected EU member state. Energy-sector technical engineering recruitment firm Fircroft included the EuroAsia Interconnector as the fourth biggest among 10 major transmission and distribution projects in the world for and beyond. There are particular benefits for all countries involved since Interconnector will spur investment in renewables. Cyprus as an island is totally isolated from EU energy links and electricity networks and remains the most energy dependent country in the European Union.

A wide area synchronous grid also called an " interconnection " in North America is a three-phase electric power grid that has regional scale or greater that operates at a synchronized utility frequency and is electrically tied together during normal system conditions. Synchronous grids with ample capacity facilitate electricity trading across wide areas. Neighbouring interconnections with the same frequency and standards can be synchronized and directly connected to form a larger interconnection, or they may share power without synchronization via high-voltage direct current power transmission lines DC ties , solid-state transformers or variable-frequency transformers VFTs , which permit a controlled flow of energy while also functionally isolating the independent AC frequencies of each side. The benefits of synchronous zones include pooling of generation, resulting in lower generation costs; pooling of load, resulting in significant equalizing effects; common provisioning of reserves, resulting in cheaper primary and secondary reserve power costs; opening of the market, resulting in possibility of long term contracts and short term power exchanges; and mutual assistance in the event of disturbances. One disadvantage of a wide-area synchronous grid is that problems in one part can have repercussions across the whole grid. Wide area synchronous networks improve reliability and permit the pooling of resources.

Like its first edition, the study is the result of a collaboration project between SRM and ESL aimed at following and examining over time the evolution of the energy system of the Mediterranean area, taking into account its synergies with the maritime sector. The Report focuses on the post-pandemic green future, analyzing how COVID affected the power sector and what will be the aftermath in the whole European and Mediterranean area. The analysis took into account the effects of the pandemic on electricity demand, both quantitatively and qualitatively, highlighting how investments in green, resilient and digitalized infrastructures are what allowed business continuity and a means for a prompt and sustainable economic recovery. COVID proved how resilient and green energy systems need to be, not only to withstand emergency situations and adapt to shifts in consumption patterns, but also to guarantee the success of the fight against climate change. This is even the more true in areas such as the Mediterranean and Sub Saharan continent, where extreme events, urbanization trends and population growth present a highly heterogeneous mix of electricity markets and patterns. That being the case, digitalization appears to be the most intelligent and resilient development strategy for utilities, in that it facilitates grid management, CRM, business development, and much more. Download the focus "The technology factor to increase the resilience of the electricity sector" here.

EuroAsia Interconnector

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2020 Full Year Results

Relations with Turkey have remained in the headlines in Albania since the prime minister of the small Balkan state visited Ankara in January. Shortly afterwards, Rama visited the construction site for the new Turkish hospital in the Albanian town of Fier. Then in early February, Turkey was in the headlines again, as Turksh parliament speaker Mustafa Sento visited the Albanian capital on February 4.

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With Libya and its central Maghreb neighbours Algeria and Tunisia forming the main arena of this emerging geopolitical contest, Spain needs to recalibrate its regional policies to secure its economic and strategic interests in Libya and the wider Mediterranean region. The geopolitical fault line between the four has featured a deepening partnership between France and Egypt to oppose Turkey while Italy, compartmentalising its eastern Mediterranean energy interests, has had a more distant alignment with Turkey based on a confluence of interests in Libya and the central Maghreb states of Algeria and Tunisia. Italy had already moved closer to France in the eastern Mediterranean in to mitigate the risk to its energy interests in Cyprus from Turkish interference. Spain faces the urgent task of carefully recalibrating its foreign policy in light of these developments to preserve its economic and security interests in Libya and the Mediterranean region as a whole.

strategic and international studies

EuroAsia Interconnector

This issue brief was informed by discussions at an Atlantic Council Global Energy Center roundtable on European energy security in Berlin on October 9, , as well as other conversations with government officials, private sector executives, and leading academics in the global energy sector. The information in this issue brief will not be attributed to any specific individual since the discussions took place under the Chatham House Rule. This objective builds on the commitments made by the EU under the Paris Agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 40 percent by compared to The European Commission plans to enshrine the climate neutrality objective into law in March The discussions are set to continue in June However, the European Environment Agency said that, without additional measures, the EU would likely miss its target for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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En savoir plus Informations Citations Discussion 0 Statistiques d'utilisation Fichiers. PDF 8. Le hall de l'Idep. The development of electricity markets in the Euro-Mediterranean area - trends and prospects for liberalization and regional integration.

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