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Quantum Cascade Lasers QCL are semiconductor lasers that emit in the mid- and long-wave IR bands, and are finding new applications in precision sensing, spectroscopy, medical, and military applications 1. Their wide tuning range and fast response time allow for faster and more precise compact trace element detectors and gas analyzers that are replacing slower and larger FTIR, mass spectroscopy, and photothermal microspectroscopy systems. Since the first operational QCL emitted light in tremendous effort has been put into making them more robust, versatile, and manufacturable.

Laser , a device that stimulates atoms or molecules to emit light at particular wavelengths and amplifies that light, typically producing a very narrow beam of radiation. The emission generally covers an extremely limited range of visible, infrared , or ultraviolet wavelengths.

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This manual contains information you need in order to safely install and operate your Excelsior laser. This manual contains information you need in order to safely install, align, operate, maintain, and service your Model S CW Ti:sapphire laser. This manual contains information you need in order to safely install, operate and service your Excelsior diode-pumped, visible CW laser. This manual contains information you need in order to safely install, operate and service your Excelsior diode-pumped CW laser. This manual details information for the user of the INSPIRE HF, an optical parametric oscillator with integrated frequency doubler that can produce high repetition rate, femtosecond …. This manual details information for the user of the Inspire Blue, an optical frequency doubler that can generate two simultaneous femtosecond laser beams, tunable in the spectral regions …. The following safety labels are used throughout the versaScan.

Block Engineering's Block's laser-based products utilize next generation quantum cascade lasers QCLs and infrared absorption spectroscopy. QCLs were invented and first fabricated at Bell Laboratories in the late '70s by Federico Capasso, Jerome Faist and their colleagues, but their wide use for applications outside the laboratories has only started a few years ago. QCLs are semiconductor devices, which operate differently from conventional semiconductor lasers. In general, a semiconductor material absorbs photons when excited electrons move from the valence band into the conduction band leaving positive "holes". In reverse, photons are emitted when electrons drop into the valence band and eliminate the "holes". In conventional semiconductor lasers, these actions occur in the "active region", which is typically a two-layer structure of different semiconductor materials, forming a p-n junction.

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Show full item record. Mihm, Moritz. This thesis includes technologies and techniques for the development of compact and robust laser systems for use in harsh environments, e. Since the first laser was launched into space on Apollo 15 almost 50 years ago, laser technologies have been established for space applications such as optical communication, remote sensing, or quantum technologies. Many of the quantum technology applications are based on cold atom experiments and rely on laser systems, i.

A laser diode , LD , injection laser diode ILD , or diode laser is a semiconductor device similar to a light-emitting diode in which a diode pumped directly with electrical current can create lasing conditions at the diode's junction. Driven by voltage, the doped p-n-transition allows for recombination of an electron with a hole. Due to the drop of the electron from a higher energy level to a lower one, radiation, in the form of an emitted photon is generated. This is spontaneous emission. Stimulated emission can be produced when the process is continued and further generate light with the same phase, coherence and wavelength. The choice of the semiconductor material determines the wavelength of the emitted beam, which in today's laser diodes range from infra-red to the UV spectrum.

Recent advances in the physics and technology of self-organized semiconductor quantum dots QDs have revealed a great variety of novel physical properties and induced novel device applications, such as, for example, extremely low-threshold QD lasers. Also the studies of laser physics in II-VI wide-gap QDs have been so far very scarce, due to probably very severe general problems of p-type doping of the wide-gap II-VI materials, limiting wide commercial implementation of II-VI optoelectronic devices. The main goal of the proposed research is a substantial contribution to physics and technology of CdSe QDs and exploration of their potential application for the development of a green compact QD laser device pumped by an optical or electron beam. To make a breakthrough in this field it is planned to integrate new ideas advanced molecular beam epitaxy MBE technology and optical spectroscopy, as well as rich background of the applicants in the relevant areas. The main Project objectives concern practically all the key issues of CdSe QD laser physics and technology, including realization of the reproducible MBE growth of variable size and density arrays of QDs with narrow size distribution, possessing high quantum efficiency up to room temperature, elucidation of major aspects of the carrier-photons dynamics in the QD active region, fabrication of advanced laser structures both in waveguide and vertical-cavity geometries, specially designed for optical and electron-beam pumping, and exploration of the CdSe QD potential in the green laser devices. To overcome the problem of poor p-type doping ability of the wide-gap selenides, the devices will take advantage of either optical pumping by GaN based lasers or LEDs or electron beam pumping using compact field emission microtip cathodes.

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    Photonic integrated circuits PICs have enabled numerous high performance, energy efficient, and compact technologies for optical communications, sensing, and metrology.

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    Several problems in neck and head can be treated with laser radiation. (iii). Laser welding is used to rejoin. blood vessels. (iv). Lasers are used in therapy.

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