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Economic, Social, and Environmental Dimensions of Development in Sudan

The Environmental Kuznets Curve hypothesis says pollute first; clean up later, but the validity of the EKC hypothesis has been seriously questioned. While teaching courses on environment and sustainability to management students, I find it interesting as to how frequently and how strongly a view emerges that India, at its current stage of development, should ignore environmental costs for the sake of meeting its development goals. This view appears to be consistent with the larger public opinion in India. When the World Values Survey—conducted across more than 80 countries—reported its findings from India in , about half the people interviewed agreed that we should focus on economic growth even if it comes at the expense of the environment, whereas a little over a third of the respondents indicated a preference for environmental protection over economic growth. The larger public opinion is perhaps shaped by the discourse on the growth versus environment debate in India. High-powered committees comprising top bureaucrats and industry leaders are commissioned to write reports on streamlining and speeding up regulatory approvals, especially those related to the environment and forests. In the past decade and a half, there have been at least five such committees, which made recommendations to improve the climate for private investments in industry and infrastructure.

This paper examines the record of urban population growth, health, and health care spending in developing countries; describes the linkage between urban air pollution and health; and weighs policy responses to reduce stationary and mobile source air pollution. The stylized facts of developing countries necessitate adaptation and working within the limitations of each country, and argue for a preference towards applying economic incentive approaches to stationary source problems. A variety of incentive and control and command policies are available to reduce the emissions from mobile sources. An examination of case studies demonstrates that NGOs are willing to bring about the creation of the infrastructure to set air quality goals, and implement the measures necessary to achieving these goals. Ultimately, however, local and national governments must be responsible for such goal setting and implementation. Keywords: population growth , air pollution , emissions , tradable permits.

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From the industrial society, environment pollution has become an important problem as economic grows. People want to know the relation between economic development and environmental pollution, to find out a method to achieve long-term growth under a better environmental condition. In this paper, I use the software SAS and the data in Zhejiang Annual Statistic Data from to , draw a conclusion that the environment was aggravating while the economic kept increasing, and finally give some suggestions and predictions to the government. Unable to display preview. Download preview PDF. Skip to main content.

Economic growth vs environmental sustainability

Economic growth means an increase in real output real GDP. Therefore, with increased output and consumption we are likely to see costs imposed on the environment. The environmental impact of economic growth includes the increased consumption of non-renewable resources, higher levels of pollution, global warming and the potential loss of environmental habitats. However, not all forms of economic growth cause damage to the environment.

This chapter aims to investigate how social and environmental progress indicators lead economic indicators of development in Sudan. Economic indicators are represented by gross domestic product GDP , investment, and unemployment. Social progress indicators are represented by life expectancy at birth standing for health and school enrollment for education. Environmental performance is indicated by access to safe drinking water and access to sanitation facilities. Trade as percentage of GDP is included to represent openness and outward of the economy.

This paper reviews both theory and empirical work on economic growth and the environment. We develop four simple growth models to help us identify key features generating sustainable growth. We show how some combination of technological progress in abatement, intensified abatement, shifts in the composition of national output and induced innovation are necessary for sustainable growth, and then demonstrate how growth models employing any one of these mechanisms generate other potentially refutable predictions on abatement costs, pollution levels, or emission intensities.

Economic Development and Sustainable Development

This study investigates the relationship between economic growth and environmental sustainability in the East and South-East Asian countries focused on the environmental Kuznets curve hypothesis, using data from environmental performance index EPI in Both pollution and eco-efficiency measures, two components of environmental sustainability, are considered as dependent variables while GDP per capita is used as an independent variable. Besides independent variable, the study also considers population density and civil and political liberty index CIVLIB as control variables and East and South-East Asia as a dummy variable. By using ordinary least square OLS method, this study reveals that while the increase of the GDP per capita appears to have positive impact on the pollution measures, it is found mix both positive and negative results on eco-efficiency measures.

The argument that human society can decouple economic growth—defined as growth in Gross Domestic Product GDP —from growth in environmental impacts is appealing. If such decoupling is possible, it means that GDP growth is a sustainable societal goal. Here we show that the decoupling concept can be interpreted using an easily understood model of economic growth and environmental impact. The simple model is compared to historical data and modelled projections to demonstrate that growth in GDP ultimately cannot be decoupled from growth in material and energy use. It is therefore misleading to develop growth-oriented policy around the expectation that decoupling is possible.

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Economic Development and Environmental Sustainability: New Policy Options

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