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Using current analysis techniques to evaluate your data? Our consultants combine well test pressure transient and advanced decline rate transient analysis to better understand your conventional and unconventional shale reservoirs. Upstream professionals rely on us to:.

Using current analysis techniques to evaluate your data? Our consultants combine well test pressure transient and advanced decline rate transient analysis to better understand your conventional and unconventional shale reservoirs. Upstream professionals rely on us to:. A Global energy company set out to find opportunities for greater efficiency in extracting oil from unconventional reservoirs and developed a steam-assisted gravity drainage production solution that now saves millions of dollars annually by reducing the need for maintenance and risk of interruptions. To gain an advantage in highly competitive energy markets, this industry leader leverages rapid, accurate analysis of global oil and gas projects -- from exploration to concept selection and field plan development -- that save time and deliver insights by comparing cost scenarios and production profiles.

Well Testing; Well Test Analysis

Well testing is one of the important methods to provide information about the reservoir heterogeneity and boundary limits by analyzing reservoir dynamic responses. Despite the significance of well testing data, misinterpreted data can lead us to a wrong reservoir performance prediction. The analysis was conducted on both homogeneous and naturally fractured reservoirs in infinite-acting and finite-acting conditions. Additionally, in all cases, a sensitivity analysis was performed on parameters affecting interpretation process. Studying the literatures, few articles have focused on drawbacks during diagnostic plot interpretation and also the effect of adjacent wells.


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Issaka, M. Pressure derivatives have been shown to be more sensitive to disturbances in the reservoir than pressure signals; resulting in more detail on derivative graphs than is apparent on pressure graphs. The semilog pressure derivative is widely used in well test analysis. One reason for its popularity is that, for radial systems, the response appears as a horizontal line during the infinite-acting radial flow period, resulting in easier identification. However, when the semilog pressure derivative is applied to flow geometries other than radial, the responses are not horizontal; making identification of flow regimes more difficult.

An aquifer test or a pumping test is conducted to evaluate an aquifer by "stimulating" the aquifer through constant pumping , and observing the aquifer's "response" drawdown in observation wells. Aquifer testing is a common tool that hydrogeologists use to characterize a system of aquifers, aquitards and flow system boundaries. A slug test is a variation on the typical aquifer test where an instantaneous change increase or decrease is made, and the effects are observed in the same well. This is often used in geotechnical or engineering settings to get a quick estimate minutes instead of days of the aquifer properties immediately around the well. Aquifer tests are typically interpreted by using an analytical model of aquifer flow the most fundamental being the Theis solution to match the data observed in the real world, then assuming that the parameters from the idealized model apply to the real-world aquifer.


Institute of Petroleum Engineering Well Test Analysis

The well-testing analysis is performed in two consecutive steps including identification of underlying reservoir models and estimation of model-related parameters. The non-uniqueness problem always brings about confusion in selecting the correct reservoir model using the conventional interpretation approaches. Many researchers have recommended artificial intelligence techniques to automate the well-testing analysis in recent years. The purpose of this article is to apply an artificial neural network ANN methodology to identify the well-testing interpretation model and estimate the model-related variables from the pressure derivative plots.

Design and interpret well tests with confidence in fractured environments with the industry-leading naturally fractured reservoir NFR pressure transient simulator. Model your fractures explicitly and calibrate with pressure transient tests to determine which fractures matter and which do not. GeoTesting services can be applied to conventional, unconventional, and hydraulically or naturally fractured reservoirs with multiple wells and multiple layers. During the test design process, GeoTesting services are used to optimize test design for characterizing geological features of interest and providing alternative test options.

Finding the right technical data guide for designing and testing wells can be daunting. This is filled with advanced information on a variety of wellbore topics.

Geology-based well test design and interpretation services

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