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The topics of sensation and perception are among the oldest and most important in all of psychology.

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In your journal, write down why you think this happened? Shediscovered new ways to experience her world. Try it yourself. In the next few seconds, something peculiar will start hap pening to the material youa rereading.

Iti soft ennotre alized howcom plext hepro- ces sof rea ding is. Perceptions allow humans to react to their environment. As you can see, your success in gathering information from your envi- ronment, interpreting this information, and acting on it depends consid- erably on its being organized in ways you expect. In this chapter you will learn more about sensation and perception, both of which are necessary to gather and interpret information in our surroundings. Any aspect of or change in the environ- ment to which an organism responds is called a stimulus.

An alarm, an electric light, and an aching muscle are all stimuli for human beings. A stimulus can be measured in many physical ways, including its size, duration, intensity, or wavelength. A sensation occurs anytime a stimu- lus activates one of your receptors. The sense organs detect physical changes in energy such as heat, light, sound, and physical pressure. The skin notes changes in heat and pressure, the eyes note changes in light,.

Other sensory systems note the location and position of your body. A sensation may be combined with other sensa- tions and your past experience to yield a perception. A perception is the organization of sensory informa- tion into meaningful experiences see Figure 8. Psychologists are interested in the relationship between physical stimuli and sensory experiences. In vision, for example, the perception of color corre- sponds to the wavelength of the light, whereas bright- ness corresponds to the intensity of this stimulus.

What is the relationship between color and wave- length? The psychological study of such questions is called psychophysics. The goal of psychophysics is to understand how stimuli from the world such as frequency and intensity affect the sensory experiences such as pitch and loudness produced by them. How much energy is required for some- one to hear a sound or to see a light?

How much of a scent must be in the room before one can smell it? Our perception of this figure is that of a spiral, but it is actually an illusion.

Trace a circle carefully. Your finger will always come back to its starting point. How do we use sensation and perception together to understand our world?

To answer such questions, a psychologist might set up the following experiment. First, a person the partici- pant is placed in a dark room to dark-adapt. The psy- chologist then uses an extremely precise machine that can project a low- intensity beam of light against the wall. The experimenter turns on the machine to its low- est light projection. The participant says nothing. He starts with a visible but faint light and decreases its intensity on each trial until the light seems to disap- pear.

Many trials are com- pleted and averaged. This procedure detects the absolute threshold—the weakest amount of a stim- ulus required to produce a sensation. The absolute threshold is the level of stimulus that is detected 50 percent of the time.

G ustav Theodor Fechnerstarted out as a young professor trying to demon- strate that every person, animal, and plant in the universe is composed of both matter and soul. He failed. At one point, in the midst of a depression, he painted his room black and remained in it day and night, seeing no one. When he finally emerged from his isolation, he walked through a garden, and the flowers looked brighter than he had ever seen them before.

On the morning of October 22, , as Fechner lay in bed, a thought occurred to him. He arrived at the conclusion that a sys- temic relationship between bodily and mental experience could be demonstrated if a person were asked to report changes in sensations as a physical stimulus was varied. While testing these ideas, Fechner created the area of psychology known as psychophysics.

While these thresholds may seem impressive, we respond to very lit- tle of the sensory world. We cannot see X rays or microwaves. Dogs can hear a dog whistle, while we cannot. Humans hear only 20 percent of what a dolphin can hear. Some animals, such as bats and dolphins, have a superior sense of hearing. Other animals, such as hawks, have ex- tremely sharp vision; still others, such as bloodhounds, possess a superior sense of smell. Humans sense a somewhat limited range of the physical phenomena in the everyday world.

The differ-. Log in Get Started. If you can't read please download the document. Download for free Report this document. Embed Size px x x x x The world is filled with physical changes—an alarm clock sounds; the flip of a switch fills a room with light; you stumble against a door; steam from a hot shower billows out into the bathroom, changing the temper- ature and clouding the mirror. The skin notes changes in heat and pressure, the eyes note changes in light, and the ears note changes in sound.

THRESHOLD In order to establish laws about how people sense the external world, psychologists first try to determine how much of a stimulus is necessary for a person to sense it at all.

Figure 8. Now you use a much darker glass; the cloud does not vanish but is still just barely visible— because although the absolute levels of inten- sity are much lower through the darker glass, the ratio of inten- sities between cloud and sky has not changed. The differ- ence threshold refers to the minimum amount of difference a person can detect between two stimuli half the time.

Sensation, perception, and imagination

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In your journal, write down why you think this happened? Shediscovered new ways to experience her world. Try it yourself. In the next few seconds, something peculiar will start hap pening to the material youa rereading. Iti soft ennotre alized howcom plext hepro- ces sof rea ding is. Perceptions allow humans to react to their environment.

Don't have an account? The growth of the brain's frontal lobe, which is believed to be the seat of higher cognitive functionality, is important to the study of human thinking. This chapter discusses the different elements of consciousness: sensation, perception, and imagination. Sensation is sensory impression — to see, to hear, to taste, to smell, and to feel. Sensation is the most original component of consciousness. This results in humans' awareness of the world in which they are moving about. Perception is the sensory interpretation of sensation.

Sensations occur anytime a stimulus activates a receptor. Perceptions allow humans to react to their environment. □ Vocabulary. • sensation. •.

Sensation & Perception

A major role of sensory receptors is to help us learn about the environment around us, or about the state of our internal environment. Stimuli from varying sources, and of different types, are received and changed into the electrochemical signals of the nervous system. This occurs when a stimulus changes the cell membrane potential of a sensory neuron. The stimulus causes the sensory cell to produce an action potential that is relayed into the central nervous system CNS , where it is integrated with other sensory information—or sometimes higher cognitive functions—to become a conscious perception of that stimulus.

As you guessed, the grades are lower than exams 1 and 2, so I'll compensate for this by adding 4 points to your score on Exam 3. Your grades for all the exams, and the average of the best 2 exams can be downloaded here. The maximum scores for Exams 1, 2 and 3 were 42, 41 and 45 respectively.

Sensation & Perception

Like no other text, Sensation and Perception expertly introduces students to how we sense and perceive the world around us. Using clear and detailed explanations and highly effective illustrations the text illuminates the connections between mind, brain, and behavior in the realm of sensation and perception. Seamlessly integrating classic findings with cutting edge research in psychology, physiology and neuroscience Sensation and Perception 2e explores what questions researchers are seeking to answer to today and the methods of investigation they are using. Chapter 14, Olfaction: Perceiving Odors and Chapter 15, Gustation: Perceiving Tastes and Flavors also offer expanded discussions of areas previously covered in a single combined chapter.

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Psychology in Everyday Life

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