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Love And Longing In Bombay - Vikram Chandra

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Savita Deogirkar. Download PDF. A short summary of this paper. Savita V. Deogirkar Asst. Professor, Dept of English, A. In fact Bombay becomes a microcosmic world of India where we find the synthesis of two different worlds; modern world of Information Technology clashing with the traditional India. The book Love and Longing in Bombay comprise of five interlinking stories that are entitled from Vedic Tradition of India.

The book actually projects Indian culture and connects it to the West with the Indian-ness of an author. With the writing of these short stories, the writer literally rejuvenated the age old tradition of story- telling with amazing first person and second person narratives.

Key words: Vedic Tradition, inertextuality, storytelling, narrative, oral tradition. In fact only life itself. Western influence is so obviously witnessed in all walks of life that contemporary Indian Writers find it a moral duty to give voice to the spiritual and ethical vacuum that engulfed the country.

Vikram Chandra, being ethnic writer, tries to depict a beautiful picture of contemporary India, an amalgam of multi-culturalism. At the same time he tries to maintain his very Indian-ness as there are lot many words taken from Hindi language. In fact, one cannot deny the inseparable ties of language and ethnicity through the tangle of five short stories that find its titles borrowed from Vedic traditions of India.

That will be discussed in the following article. Vikram Chandra portrays two conflicts, namely tradition and modernity that stretches forth its impact on India. But the root cause of this conflict resides in the personal life of the author as he used to spend his life between Bombay and Washington D. Another important fact is that Chandra is certainly aware of the various forces working in mega cities like Bombay.

Bombay not only becomes a character in his stories but also a theme of his stories. In fact, Bombay becomes a microcosm where all the drama takes place. Above all Love and Longing in Bombay, as a fictional depiction of the myths and traditional oral storytelling retold and revisited. Another important device that is used by the author is intertexuality.

Intertextual device refers to the cultural referents of India. One has to critically examine the title of the book as well. Love and Longing brings forth so many shades of love; fulfilled love, true love, lost love, perverted love, fractured and fragmented love, fake love and absolute love but all bring to humans an unending longing.

Bombay certainly gave Chandra firsthand experience of Indian life. At the backdrop of Bombay all the five stories take place. Old and New, ancient and modern, abstract and concrete, material and the spiritual.

But the titles of the stories can highlight the scant understanding of their cultural context if the readers are western. To make his Point very clear, Chandra stated in one of his interviews that he kept Indians as his immediate readers. So the words will recover their cultural bond.

The elaborative depiction of Bombay lanes, localities, places and people are given very lovely treatment. And In fact, Chandra believed that the function of writing is not necessarily only to get published. His was an artistic agenda which is clearly stated in the opening of this article where he has addressed his thirst for rasas, a different vision of the world.

That different vision of the world he marvelously created through these short stories. The purpose of having the proper understanding of life itself is served thus.

Surprisingly Chandra does not give room to Moksha i. As is obvious the title cannot have the same connotations if the reader is alien to Indian culture. Suffice it to say that he has to depend on the glossary added by the author or decipher his own meaning in the reference to the word. On the part of the author, it is also doubtful whether he absorbs an in-depth meaning of these Sanskrit words or just tries to satisfy his hunger to know its superficial meaning without being familiar with Indian culture.

As we all know, Indian culture do not reside in the pages of the history book but the commoners live it in their daily chores. Mostly these writers are tagged as postcolonial writers trying hard to depict the plight of the marginalized. Such harsh treatment hampers the very act of writing at the same time it hampers the effect of a literary work on the readers that it demands. In fact literature serves as a medium to reflect culture but fails in providing any substantial means to the clash of cultures.

And this book is the best example of the same. It is a vast, throbbing, infinitely diverse metropolis. To go to the extent, Bombay becomes a character for Chandra. Probably they are the two different cities of the mind where one follows western culture and the other tries to maintain its bond with its rich old heritage.

According to Chandra Bombay is a westernized corruption of Mumbai and Mumbai is a local corruption of Bombay. Chandra is not the only writer who sets his stories in Bombay.

At the same time we find ourselves having least botheration about fellow Indians, ties are absent and we are more interested in achieving material gains. Day by day we are becoming machines like computer, motionless as well as emotionless. All the stories are told by Ranjit Sharma, the first person narrator. But Subramaniam is the linking character of all the five stories that distances the author from the tales he tells who does not have any relation with other characters.

In fact, Subramaniam could be read as the link to the age-old tradition of Mahabharata and Ramayana in Artha two men are shown to love each other. But the desire of money destroys everything. But the ghost child is the other self of Major that can be understood as an eye opener, who puts forth binary opposites. Indian mythology or Vedic tradition simply puts Dharma as duty. Shakti is for power or energy or can be a goddess as well.

Within Hindu cosmos power is always feminine. Shakti is about a love-story between Sanjeev and Roxanne. They are the siblings of two matriarchs, Shaila and Dolly. But the story has a happy end as both the big empires join hands together and set precedence for the posterity.

Kama is pleasure that should not be misinterpreted as sexual one. According to the author it is any pleasure that is sought. It is actually a murder mystery which centers round sexual secret. And Sartaj Shingh is the Bombay police inspector who tries to unfold the murder mystery of Chetanbhai Patel who leaves behind a son named Kshitij. Kama boldly states heterosexual love- making scene. But Shanti is a love story and in it the teller of the tales reveals something about himself by telling that story.

Truth is always difficult to find or understand and that is the aim of all the stories. All the stories strive to reveal something real about life. The aim of the author is not to project the picture of heaven or to highlight hell but to focus on life itself. The writer has stated very important philosophy that life springs from desires and gets its flowering in desire. By writing down about Dharma, Kama, Artha, Vikram Chandra tried to see how these principles Duty, Desire and Gain — worked their way through ordinary lives.

But at the same time keeping the titles from Vedic tradition the author reflected though unknowingly his anxiety of Indian-ness. He also evokes Hemingway and Frantz Fanon, his influences. These richly narrated and developed stories draw the readers into the convincing and authentic world in which these stories originate. Bombay often tends to satisfy the urge and wishes and expectations of an audience thousands of miles away.

In balancing both timeless and contemporary at the same time Chandra has succeeded in maintaining a spirit of artistic vision. And the fact remains that every piece of art should be treated as a separate entity, having its own dimensions, its scope and its limitations.

Then only Indian writing in English would be boosted up. It should not be labeled as a marginalized piece written by a marginalized writer. To end the lengthy discussion, I would like to quote R. References 1 Kevin Patrick Mahoney.

Vikram Chandra Interview. Summer The Idea of India. Harmondsworth: Penguin, Pp Bibliography 1 Bhattacharya, Soumya. Vikram Chandra: A Restless Homecoming. Independent News and Medis Ltd.

Love and Longing for Mumbai: Vikram Chandra’s Fiction and Bollywood Cinema

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Five ingeniously linked long stories by the young Indian-born author whose impressive fictional debut was the magical-realist Red Earth and Pouring Rain These stories, which are uniformly full-bodied and richly detailed, are told by a convivial yet enigmatic civil servant, Subramaniam, to his attentive cronies in a bar called the Fisherman's Rest. Each recounts a quest of some kind, and all are distinguished by unusually detailed and persuasive characterizations. A brilliant work, equally effective in its radiant separate parts and as a pleasingly complex and highly original construction. Maybe the most moving piece here is "On The Rainy River," about a draftee's ambivalence about going, and how he decided to go: "I would go to war—I would kill and maybe die—because I was embarrassed not to. They make this an annoyingly arty book, hiding more than not behind Hemingwayesque time-signatures and puerile repetitions about war and memory and everything else, for that matter being hell and heaven both. A disappointment.

- Love and Longing in Bombay by Vikram Chandra - Download ebook at the link above.

Love and Longing in Bombay: Stories

My friend and literary agent Eric Simonoff once told me this story about one of his clients: this writer was on an extended book tour, enjoying the readings and persevering through the time spent trudging through airports and alone in hotel rooms. Writers know that on such a tour you. The first inklings of a book are always vague—a glimpse of a character, perhaps a landscape. You then must discover the narrative through writing, rather than plan it.

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Vikram Chandra born in India is an Indian-American writer. Chandra was born in New Delhi in His father Navin Chandra was a business executive. His mother Kamna Chandra has written several Hindi films and plays.

Vikram Chandra's Love and Longing in Bombay: A Critique

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These notes were contributed by members of the GradeSaver community. However, Chandra dropped out half-way to focus his time on novel-writing. He went on to publish his first book entitled Red Earth and Pouring Rain in Two years later in , Chandra published Love and Longing in Bombay , a novel of five different yet interconnected people. It tells the story of five adults navigating their way through their careers, love lives, and family issues.

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Request PDF | On Jan 1, , Elena Stoican published ”Postcolonial Challenges in Vikram Chandra's Love and Longing in Bombay” | Find, read and cite all.

Love and Longing in Bombay Background

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Vikram Chandra (novelist)

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