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More Options. Unlike the relationships we are born into, we choose our friends. It is also tenuous--we can end a friendship at any time.

Washed and Waiting

More Options. Unlike the relationships we are born into, we choose our friends. It is also tenuous--we can end a friendship at any time. But should friendship be so free and unconstrained? Although our culture tends to pay more attention to romantic love, marriage, family, and other forms of community, friendship is a genuine love in its own right.

This eloquent book reminds us that Scripture and tradition have a high view of friendship. Single Christians, particularly those who are gay and celibate, may find it is a form of love to which they are especially called.

Writing with deep empathy and with fidelity to historic Christian teaching, Wesley Hill retrieves a rich understanding of friendship as a spiritual vocation and explains how the church can foster friendship as a basic component of Christian discipleship.

He helps us reimagine friendship as a robust form of love that is worthy of honor and attention in communities of faith. This book sets forth a positive calling for celibate gay Christians and suggests practical ways for all Christians to cultivate stronger friendships. An Eclipse of Friendship? Friendship Is a Call to Suffer 6. Patterns of the Possible An Essay on Sources.

But at another level, Spiritual Friendship belongs to the classic genre of Christian confessional autobiography, a genre that can be traced back to St. Augustine; it is both searing in its honesty and moving in its chastened hope for grace. This is a book that challenges all of us--whatever our sexual experience or longings may be--to think more truthfully about the meaning of love and the complex ways in which our communities either stifle or nurture it. Richard B. Drawing on a deep reservoir of biblical wisdom and theological imagination, Wesley Hill explores the possibilities for a truly Christian picture of friendship.

And because this exploration requires him to think also about how his friendship both contributes to and differs from the fellowship that all Christians share, he makes here a significant contribution to the general theology of the church as well. Here is a book everyone interested in Christianity, and everyone interested in friendship, can profit from reading.

We don't do that anymore, with our commitment to uncommitted freedom, our turnover habits, our sexualization of everything and everyone, and our resignation to loneliness. Wesley Hill's very personal book is an elegant, theologically rich plea on behalf of the love of friendship that uncovers fresh ways to improvise on a lost Christian tradition of committed spiritual friendship. This is a portrait, not a treatise. It depicts friendship's flaws and failures but also shows how friendship can bear spiritual fruit and help us build up the kingdom of God.

Wesley Hill challenges us all to strengthen our own friendships and those around us and offers guidance in these tasks from his own experience and from the Christian past. Honest and poignant, Spiritual Friendship is like a conversation with a good friend who has learned much from books but more from loving and being loved by others.

With disarming frankness, Wesley Hill charts the loss of friendship from our world and mounts a compelling case for its recovery as a communally celebrated form of Christian love. Hill's is a voice that needs to be heard.

His book is a powerful challenge to the contemporary church as well as a profound meditation on the difficult, wonderful, risky business of loving and being loved. In a highly engaging and very accessible manner, Hill uses examples from art, literature, film, and especially his own life to explore what in our culture today most endangers friendship, how Christianity redefines our understanding of friendship, and how our churches can be the best settings for nurturing the faithful, challenging, and blessed relationships Hill presents to us.

Spiritual Friendship is a timely gift the reader will quickly take to heart. Paul J. Wadell , professor of theology and religious studies, St.

Hill eloquently speaks into one of the great spiritual crises of our day: the meaning of love and specifically of friendship in Christ. This courageous personal and theological account of friendship will both challenge and illuminate those seeking to renew the church's witness today. Hill gives us a glimpse of what we've forgotten--a rich Christian vision of friendship. Whether readers agree or disagree with Hill's theological vision, there is no doubt that this book will be a conversation changer!

Todd Billings , Gordon H. Each of us who make up the body of Christ will be enriched and our corporate witness to a broader culture enhanced if we can find a way to live into this vision. Mark A. Yarhouse , Rosemarie S. Hughes Endowed Chair and professor of psychology, Regent University. But exist he does, even to flourishing. Challenging settled convictions on all sides of the sexuality debate, he testifies here--alongside countless celibate Christians before him--to the richness of intimate friendships that dare violate our society's sole remaining commandment: 'Thou shalt have sex.

The book makes an acute diagnosis of our atomized lives in a world that imagines sex as the only source of real intimacy, and marriage as the only setting for real commitment. It retrieves elements of the historic church tradition relating to friendship and commitment.

And all this is presented in sensitive, evocative language, with a reverence for literature, language, and art that makes it a delight to read. Hill's account has a raw, even wrenching, honesty that's essential to authentic Christian testimony in our broken world.

In a time of individualization and loneliness, we need reminders like this that we belong to each other and for each other. The book is divided into two sections. Both sections seamlessly weave Hill's personal experience, passages from literature and descriptions of artwork, historical and sociological interpretations, and theological reflection. Where other books on friendship gain their depth and poignancy from their attention to a friendship which has ended, which perhaps we weren't grateful enough for when we had it, Hill's book gains its richness from his attention to and gratitude for a friendship which is only beginning.

That's appropriate for a book which is about the future of friendship itself. Spiritual Friendship displays Hill's considerable intellect, pulls from an astonishing variety of sources, and inspires with its beautiful prose.

If you are straight, I hope you don't stop reading now. While Hill's book is especially helpful for gay Christians, the impoverishment of friendship is a problem that affects everyone.

The book is autobiographical, and as [Hill] shares his personal experience, the reader not only understands but feels the truth of his writing. Wesley has found a vocation in being a friend and in championing the revival of friendship. Wesley has found a way to give good love. If you could use a love infusion, and want to grow as a friend, do yourself a favor and pick up Spiritual Friendship.

This excellent book deserves thoughtful and attentive reading. Hill's work is a great and generous gift to the church and is valuable for all Christians. It's short, yes, coming in at under pages. But in that space Hill manages to be disquieting on a subject that is often taken for granted--specifically, the question of how we form and maintain intimate friendships.

Part historical survey, part biblical analysis, and part personal reflection, Spiritual Friendship manages to be informative and insightful but also unnerving and challenging. It is exactly about our embodiedness, yes, even about the redemption of our sexuality. It is beautifully written, exquisite at times, and more candid then one might expect in an evangelical Christian book.

Many of us--gay and straight--have awaited this next chapter of his story, and his theologically rich call to better, more profound views of friendship. I cannot tell you how glad I am that this is now available. The book is excellent and elegantly written. Hill shares deeply and elegantly, making strong and compelling arguments for a renewed vision for friendship. Hill offers insights from history and his own experience that show how covenantal friendships can be crucial in forming healthy relationships.

He's taken a bold position and I admire him for it. He's offered us a provocative and profound book on spiritual friendship from his own experience as a celibate, gay follower of Jesus.

I very much found his book an expression of beautiful orthodoxy. Patterns of the Possible An Essay on Sources Endorsements "Wesley Hill's courageous, thought provoking book seeks to recover 'friendship as a genuine love in its own right.

Girod Research Professor of Reformed Theology, Western Theological Seminary, Holland, Michigan "Wesley Hill captured my imagination by presenting a vision of friendship--spiritual friendship--that has been our Christian heritage. Hughes Endowed Chair and professor of psychology, Regent University "Too gay for some and too chaste for others, for many Wesley Hill is not supposed to exist.

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Book Review: Washed and Waiting by Wesley Hill

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Audiobook Download. Availability: Unrestricted available worldwide. Wesley Hill writes for gay Christians and those who love them. Description This is a book written primarily for gay Christians and those who love them. Part memoir, part pastoral-theological reflection, this book wrestles with three main areas of struggle that many gay Christians face: 1.

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Washed and Waiting [Wesley Hill, Adam Black] on childrenspolicycoalition.org *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Washed and Waiting.

Washed and Waiting: Reflections on Christian Faithfulness and Homosexuality

Have questions about eBooks? Check out our eBook FAQs. And how do brothers and sisters in Christ show love to them? Wesley Hill offers wise counsel that is biblically faithful, theologically serious, and oriented to the life and practice of the church. As a celibate gay Christian, Hill gives us a glimpse of what it looks like to wrestle firsthand with God's "No" to same-sex sexual intimacy.

Weaving together reflections from his own life and the lives of other Christians, such as Henri Nouwen and Gerard Manley Hopkins, celibate gay Christian Wesley Hill offers readers a glimpse of what it's like to live daily with God's 'No' Weaving together reflections from his own life and the lives of other Christians, such as Henri Nouwen and Gerard Manley Hopkins, celibate gay Christian Wesley Hill offers readers a glimpse of what it's like to live daily with God's 'No' to same-sex relationships. Yet many who sit next to us in the pew at church fit that description, says author Wesley Hill. As a celibate gay Christian, Hill gives us a glimpse of what it looks like to wrestle firsthand with God's "No" to same-sex relationships.

You can find those books here. A contributing editor for Comment magazine, he writes regularly for Christianity Today, The Living Church , and other publications. The Missio Alliance Writing Collectives exist as a ministry of writing to resource theological practitioners for mission. This sort of thoughtful engagement is something that we seek to engender not only in our publishing, but in conversations that unfold as a result in the comment section of our articles.

Washed and Waiting: Reflections on Christian Faithfulness and Homosexuality

S5E3 – Wesley Hill

Both Justin and Wesley are gay, but whereas Justin concluded that a relationship with another man could be blessed by God, Wesley has chosen celibacy. I picked these two books because I think Justin and Wesley represent the very best in civil, gracious, and loving disagreement on this issue…which for them is not a mere issue, but a deeply personal journey with deeply personal implications. To catch up on our discussion, check out our Sexuality and the Church category. In Chapter 1, Wesley explains why he believes scriptural witness and church tradition require him not to act on his homosexual desires and how the gospel enables him to fulfill this demand. Instead, it is, I think, those texts and traditions and teachings as I see them from within the true story of what God has done in Jesus Christ—and the whole perspective on life and the world that flows from that story, as expressed definitively in Scripture. Wesley identifies six streams of this narrative that give him a context in which he can see how his commitment to celibacy makes sense.

Washed and Waiting is a series of Christian theological and personal reflections written by a doctoral student who struggles with same-sex attraction. Wesley Hill begins his story as a secret, frightened believer with forbidden yearnings in the church. He ends his biography as an open, integrated member of Christian community who has chosen celibacy as a lifestyle of faithfulness for Christ.

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