Rim And Face Alignment Procedure Pdf

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rim and face alignment procedure pdf

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An alignment laser such as a small He-Ne laser or a collimated visible diode laser is required for the alignment of a Pockels cell Q-switch.

laser alignment procedure pdf

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Digital Laser Alignment is a procedure that allows an individual to align a shaft that is attached to a rotating piece of equipment to another piece of rotating equipment, whether that be a coupling, shaft, electric motor, etc. These are: Never stare directly into the laser transmitter. Measurement and alignment the easy way. This should be done at a power level of less than mw. In contrast, In fact, quality alignment is not dependent on the type of measurement system used. An alignment laser such as a small He-Ne laser or a collimated visible diode laser is required for the alignment of a Pockels cell Q-switch. Print the report to document the alignment… Laser pulley alignment systems are now well established in the sheave alignment field, and have proven themselves in greatly reducing downtime and the manpower needed to do the alignment, while simultaneously achieving far greater accuracy.

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With the coupling broken, mount the fixture to the stationary shaft or coupling hub. Span the coupling with a rod. Rotate the fixture to Attach the face dial indicator. The dial indicator plunger must be centered for equal positive and negative travel. Attach the rim dial indicator. Fixture Mounting Precautions.

If the pump being installed is exceptionally long, it will have a cylindrical column between the bowl unit and the discharge head. See Fig. The column may be in one section or more. As additional security, a flexible coupling is also employed. The units are suitable for horizontal and vertical mounting and the back pull out design means the complete rotating unit, including the motor, can be simply withdrawn for inspection and maintenance of the hydraulic end. Available for pumps with dischange sizes of 50 to mm.

The laser classification is Class 2 which is considered safe for its intended use with only minor precautions required. Laser Alignment, what is it and why should you do it?. Set up laser alignment system. The first step is to align this laser to the Q-switched-laser resonator cavity. These are: Never stare directly into the laser transmitter.

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Is the correct alignment of rotating equipment a critical reliability factor in your plant? Would improved or refreshed skills in rim and face shaft alignment methods help with maintenance team confidence and performance? Plant mechanics, millwrights and maintenance engineers are responsible for the health and reliability of rotating equipment.

laser alignment procedure pdf

Basic Shaft Alignment Workbook for industrial rotatin~ n1achincrv

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Rim & Face Alignment Method


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Vertical Pump Alignment Procedure Pdf

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    Dial Indicator Alignment Procedure.