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difference between computer and human brain pdf

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Although the brain-computer metaphor has served cognitive psychology well, research in cognitive neuroscience has revealed many important differences between brains and computers. Appreciating these differences may be crucial to understanding the mechanisms of neural information processing, and ultimately for the creation of artificial intelligence. Below, I review the most important of these differences and the consequences to cognitive psychology of failing to recognize them : similar ground is covered in this excellent though lengthy lecture.

Intelligence can be defined as a general mental ability for reasoning, problem-solving, and learning. Because of its general nature, intelligence integrates cognitive functions such as perception, attention, memory, language, or planning. On the basis of this definition, intelligence can be reliably measured by standardized tests with obtained scores predicting several broad social outcomes such as educational achievement, job performance, health, and longevity.

Human–computer interaction

Computing and Software Science pp Cite as. This fact has intrigued computer scientists for many decades, and is currently drawing many of them to the quest of acquiring a computational understanding of the brain. Yet, at present there is no productive interaction of computer scientists with neuroscientists in this quest. Research in computational neuroscience is advancing at a rapid pace, and the resulting abundance of facts and models makes it increasingly difficult for scientists from other fields to engage in brain research. The goal of this article is to provide—along with a few words of caution—background, up-to-date references on data and models in neuroscience, and open problems that appear to provide good opportunities for theoretical computer scientists to enter the fascinating field of brain computation.

Throughout history, people have compared the brain to different inventions. In the past, the brain has been said to be like a water clock and a telephone switchboard. These days, the favorite invention that the brain is compared to is a computer. Some people use this comparison to say that the computer is better than the brain; some people say that the comparison shows that the brain is better than the computer. Perhaps, it is best to say that the brain is better at doing some jobs and the computer is better at doing other jobs. This list describes only some of the similarities and differences between the computer and the brain.

Is your brain an organic computer? Your brain does a lot of things a computer does, like math, logic, analyzing input, creating output, and storing and retrieving information. Even at the cellular level, there are some striking similarities between brains and computers. Our brain has billions of neurons that convey and analyze electrical information. This information is binary, meaning a neuron either fires a burst of electricity or it does not fire at all.

Humans vs Computers: Similarities Loading Now Part I

There is an invincible, indestructible and co-dependent connection between humans and computers. And no. It is not the wireless. The relationship represents a combination of organic thinking and machine calculating one of which can hardly exist without the other. In many ways, this correlation shapes the present as we know it and promises the future we all have seen in expensive Hollywood productions.

The differentiation between brain and computer is very useful in the field of cognitive science and artificial intelligence where the human brain is used to model the artificial neural network to create an expert system. The prior difference between the brain and the computer is that the brain can work without data, but computers require a minimum amount of data. A brain is an innovative and creative organ, but the computer cannot create a new thing without any support, it would need some program or software to do this. The brain also has common sense reasoning and understanding capabilities. Basis for comparison Brain Computer Contruction Neurons and synapses ICs, transistors, diodes, capacitors, transistors, etc. Stored in numeric and symbolic form i. Size and weight The brain's volume is cm 3 and weight is around 3.

Artificial Intelligence vs Human Intelligence

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Human—computer interaction HCI studies the design and use of computer technology , focused on the interfaces between people users and computers. Researchers in the field of HCI observe the ways in which humans interact with computers and design technologies that let humans interact with computers in novel ways. As a field of research, human-computer interaction is situated at the intersection of computer science , behavioural sciences , design , media studies , and several other fields of study.

Difference Between Brain and Computer

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Key Differences Between Brain and Computer

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