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Like many people around the world, we have spent weeks following the evolution of the COVID virus in untold numbers of exponential graphs. These graphs are nothing but a representation of time and scale. The virus travelled from the Wuhan province of China to other countries, especially in the Global North until it turned into a global pandemic. Different forms of authority and scales of government respond differently to external threads. It is a struggle against time that comes with important social and economic costs.

Conclusion: Dimensions and Processes of Global Governance

This article evaluates the utility of the concept of governmentality in shedding light on mechanisms of global governance as practices of regulation, provides examples of how governmentality has been used to give new insight into global governance, and discusses the connection between the bounded state and the global state. It explores how one can understand the global governance operating on the individual and argues that governmentality is attached to the mechanisms of a form of global governance which is predicated upon the assumptions of the neoliberal economic system. Keywords: governmentality , global governance , practices of regulation , bounded state , neoliberal economic system. Alexandria J. Her research interests are in critical and postcolonial theory, security, and migration, and her work has appeared in International Relations. Brent J. Access to the complete content on Oxford Handbooks Online requires a subscription or purchase.

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Correo: philipp itesm. Global governance offers an alternative perspective from which to imagine world order and is becoming a serious contender for explaining how we see the world and it is guiding us in legitimizing our actions in the world. Who are the politicians of global governance? What can we expect from them? What is their agenda?

Global governance

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Global Governance in the Twenty-first Century pp Cite as. The various processes of globalisation are often treated as if inevitable, determined by technological change and capable of intentions and purpose independent of human control. Nonetheless, today, many of the key challenges of globalisation are so diffuse that they are seemingly beyond the control of any one state. Others highlight the fact that states are neither weak nor endangered, but rather, deeply involved in the delegation of authority to supra-national institutions. As such, many emerging norms and institutions are increasingly constraining state decision making capacity. This, in turn, highlights a fundamental problem of accountability, that is, the disjunction between the increasing number of decisions that are of necessity taken at an international level and what remain primarily national systems of political accountability.

Global governance

Global governance or world governance is a movement towards political cooperation among transnational actors, aimed at negotiating responses to problems that affect more than one state or region. Global governance involves multiple states, as well as international organizations , with one state having more of a lead role than the rest. The modern question of world governance exists in the context of globalization and globalizing regimes of power: politically, economically and culturally. In response to the acceleration of worldwide interdependence , both between human societies and between humankind and the biosphere , the term "global governance" may name the process of designating laws, rules or regulations intended for a global scale.

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Global Governance and COVID-19: The Implications of Fragmentation and Inequality

Global governance: present and future

Policy Area Multilateralism and Global Governance. G20 Argentina. Recently, populists and nationalist groups and governments have called into question the momentum gained by institutionalised global cooperation. In this Policy Brief we argue that inductive global governance is a bottom-up mode of organising global collective action that has been successful in addressing certain global challenges and should be reinforced. Furthermore, it can also so be very useful to counter populist attacks on global governments through argument, resilience and efficiency. We use the Paris agreement to illustrate inductive governance in several dimensions, and also refer to other global issues where bottom-up governance is working: the Agenda and Internet Governance. Inductive governance differs from traditional modes of international governance in several aspects.

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