The Effects Of Organizational Climate On Managerial Job Performance And Job Satisfaction Pdf

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the effects of organizational climate on managerial job performance and job satisfaction pdf

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So, All of authors and contributors must check their papers before submission to making assurance of following our anti-plagiarism policies. The aim of this study of to review the relationship between Organizational Climate and Job Satisfaction as reported by different authors within the last 10 years.

Open Access Management and Economics. This study aims to examine and analyze the influence of leadership and organizational climate on employee performance through motivation as a mediation variable. All data obtained from the questionnair distribution is feasible to be used, then analyzed using a variance-based structural equation model known as Partial Least Square PLS analysis.

A theoretical model was proposed and tested through structural equations, with confirmatory modeling strategy. The empirical verification was performed with a sample of Argentine employees, who completed the scales of HRMP 25 items ; Generic Work Satisfaction 7 items , and Organizational Justice 20 items. Perceptions of justice partially mediate the relationships between HRMP and worker satisfaction.

Organizational climate and job satisfaction: a literature review

Don Hellriegel Ph. John W. Slocum, Jr. This paper critically reviews one of the most important but least understood concepts in management--organizational climate. A contingency approach is proposed, various measures are discussed, and the studies are reviewed. Recommendations for future research are enumerated based on an analysis of the existing literature.

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International Journal of Human Resource Studies

The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of organizational climate, and compensation for employee job satisfaction and turnover intention at PT. Klapa New Kuta Beach. The study was conducted on employees of PT. Klapa New Kuta Beach with the number of respondents as many as 50 employees. The research respondents were determined using the saturated sampling method. Data collection is done by distributing questionnaires using a 5-point Likert scale to measure 22 indicators. The data analysis technique used is partial least square PLS.


The relationship between organisational climate and employee satisfaction in a South African information and technology organization. University of South Africa, South Africa. These challenges are not unique to any specific organisation or industry, but affect all organisations. Organisational climate in particular is constantly challenged by changes impacting organisations today. Confirmatory and exploratory factor analyses were used to investigate the structure of the climate model.

Journal Metrics. Engaging employees and being supportive in enhancing their well-being in an organization is very paramount. Past studies show that these practices and policies are beneficial to the commitment level of the employer and the employee in the attainment of employee performance.

The purpose of this research is to know and examine whether their effect compensation, motivation and organizational climate on employee job satisfaction in PT. Source Alfaria Trijaya Tbk. This type of research in this study is an explanatory research and research using quantitative approach with the survey method. This study will determine the effect of pre-defined variables that explain the effect of compensation, motivation and work discipline and employee performance on office PT. This research was conducted at the office of PT. Total population in this study is as many as people.

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    It was found that climate was influenced by both the overall organization and by subunits within the organization. Climate was fairly strongly related to subunit performance and to individual job satisfaction.