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the oxford handbook of names and naming pdf

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The Oxford Handbook of Names and Naming

The Oxford Handbook of Names and Naming. Carole Hough , Daria Izdebska. In this handbook, scholars from around the world offer an up-to-date account of the state of the art in different areas of onomastics, in a format that is both useful to specialists in related fields and accessible to the general reader. Since Ancient Greece, names have been regarded as central to the study of language, and this has continued to be a major theme of both philosophical and linguistic enquiry throughout the history of Western thought. The investigation of name origins is more recent, as is the study of names in literature.

Names are a linguistic universal. All known languages make use of names—most commonly, but not exclusively, to identify individual people and places. The main focus throughout is on general principles and methodologies, and although all contributions are written in English, they encompass a wide range of languages and cultures across the world. The volume is divided into seven parts, dealing with the main branches of name studies in roughly chronological order of emergence. Part I discusses the role of names in language name theory , a key focus of investigation since Ancient Greece.

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Personal name

In linguistic classification, personal names are studied within a specific onomastic discipline, called anthroponymy. In Western culture , nearly all individuals possess at least one given name also known as a first name , forename , or Christian name , together with a surname also known as a last name or family name. In the name " Abraham Lincoln ", for example, Abraham is the first name and Lincoln is the surname. Surnames in the West generally indicate that the individual belongs to a family, a tribe, or a clan, although the exact relationships vary: they may be given at birth, taken upon adoption, changed upon marriage , and so on. Where there are two or more given names, typically only one in English-speaking cultures usually the first is used in normal speech.

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Legal Vision of Naming in Nordic States: Challenges for Ukraine

In this article, I research on few fundamental issues regarding naming. Also, they create a catalog of names which is recommended for usage by the competent public authorities during the state registration of the person's birth. It is declared in article 7 1 that "the child shall be registered immediately after birth and shall have the right from birth to a name, the right to acquire a nationality It is the first step to recognize every newborn as an individual, a human being with rights, duties, and privileges.

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This handbook, consisting of 47 chapters organized in seven parts, which are preceded by a list of contributors xvii-xxiii and a useful introduction by the editor 1—13 , is a collective work with contributions by some 43 authors. According to this view, when lexical items become names, their semantic content, even if it is readily transparent, is lost and the resulting name is merely referential. He examines the concepts of denotation and connotation. The latter is especially important. For example, Verdun has not only the referential function of denoting the place in eastern France, but also has the connotation of the battle which took place there in

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