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chen jian mao china and the cold war pdf middle school

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Berkeley: University of California Press, Atkinson, Richard C.

Sino-Soviet split

The Sino-Soviet split was the breaking of political relations between the People's Republic of China PRC and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics USSR , caused by doctrinal divergences that arose from their different interpretations and practical applications of Marxism—Leninism , as influenced by their respective geopolitics during the Cold War — Against that ideological background, China took a belligerent stance towards the West, and publicly rejected the USSR's policy of peaceful coexistence between the Eastern and Western blocs. By , their intractable ideological differences provoked the PRC's formal denunciation of Soviet communism as the work of "revisionist traitors" in the USSR. In the Western world, the Sino-Soviet split transformed the bi-polar cold war into a tri-polar one, a geopolitical event as important as the erection of the Berlin Wall , the defusing of the Cuban Missile Crisis , and the end of the Vietnam War , because the rivalry facilitated Mao's realization of Sino-American rapprochement with the US President Richard Nixon's visit to China in Moreover, the occurrence of the Sino-Soviet split also voided the concept of Monolithic Communism, the Western perception that the communist nations were collectively a unitary actor in post—Second World War geopolitics, especially during the — period in the Vietnam War , when the US intervened to the First Indochina War — Following the surrender of Japan , both parties resumed their civil war, which the communists won by

The Sino-Soviet border clash of March signaled the militarization of the long standing conflict between two former ideological allies. This was an ultimate manifestation of the unremitting hostility that had characterized their relationship since the early s. However, since the durability of their conflict had already been confirmed previously and the drift toward open military conflict had been all but predictable, the larger historical significance of this incident does not lie in the final collapse of the Sino-Soviet alliance in itself. Rather, the truly remarkable consequence of the border war was the subsequent turnabout in their policies toward the United States, leading them to seek an alignment with their foremost ideological adversary. In this connection, the majority of previous studies on Sino-Soviet relations, particularly in addressing the parallel development of Sino-American and Soviet-American detente in , have rightfully focused on the post dynamics of the triangular relationship Bundy ; Burr ; Cohen ; Chen ; Chen and Wilson ; Gaiduk ; Garver ; Harding ; Haslam ; Humes and Ryals ; Kirby, Ross, and Li ; Kissinger ; Macmillan ; Robinson and Shambaugh ; Shen and Danhui ; Tudda ; Xia ; Yang ; Zubok

This is an English language bibliography of scholarly books and articles on the Cold War. Because of the extent of the Cold War in terms of time and scope , the conflict is well documented. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wikimedia list article. Ball, S. The Cambridge History of the Cold War 3 vol. Russia, the Soviet Union and the United States.

China’s War in Korea

In all, this paper suggests that trade unions offer us a rich site in which to recover individual dynamics that challenge and complicate, from below, the binary logics of the Cold War in Asia. So many histories of the Cold War in the Third World begin with those magical dates in a magical place: May 18—24, , Bandung. Hailed as a new force in world affairs, the Afro-Asian Conference that took place in the hills of Bandung, attended by a passionate if motley assemblage of Asian and African world leaders representing close to thirty nations, has assumed mythic dimensions. In it was a whole fantasy of Third World agency formed out of easy metonymy: Bandung the place, Bandung the spirit, Bandung the moment, Bandung the history. Anticolonialism and transnational solidarity were all theatrical parts: Bandung was the diplomatic debut of newly decolonized peoples on a bipolar world stage. To displace Bandung from its centrality as origin myth, and to turn our eyes away from its largely male pedagogues, this article seeks to uncover other lessons of the Cold War classroom.

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