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the three investigators and the secret of terror castle pdf

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Also known as: Die drei??? To create a series or add a work to it, go to a "work" page.

Jupiter, Pete, and Bob live in Rocky Beach, a fictional southern California coastal town described as 10 to 12 miles from Hollywood and 15 miles from downtown Los Angeles. Jupiter's family owns and operates the Jones Salvage Yard "the Yard" , where the team's headquarters is hidden in an old trailer, which itself is hidden amid the "junk. Tunnel Two, Door Four The trailer's equipment includes a telephone, a darkroom, a filing cabinet, and a workshop in which Jupiter assembles devices, mostly from discarded items found in the junk yard, which help the Investigators in their detective work.

Series: The Three Investigators

Purists may snicker, and suggest there's no real reason to include this series, written for kids, on this site. But it was a damn fine series, and I read as many of 'em as I could find as a kid. And I wasn't the only one. A latter-day Hardy Boys that first saw the light of day in the s and s. In fact, contributor John Heaton is prepared to forcefully argue that they, unlike those "rank amatuers Frank and Joe Hardy ," are full-fledged private invesitgators who truly deserve to be included.

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I have been looking for these for a long time. Thank you sooo much for uploading them, you seem like an angel to me! Thanks for uploading these. I used to read them when I was in school. Will be good to finally complete the series as much as possible. Thanks a lot. I read some of these as a kid in the early s and I'm really enjoying reading them again now!

The Three Investigators Complete Series

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The Three Investigators Collection(34 ebooks)

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Three boys are investigating a known haunted house , Terror Castle, in hopes that perhaps the famous film director Alfred Hitchcock would use it in his upcoming movie. Having just launched their investigation firm, the Three Investigators are hoping for a triumphant success to gain publicity and build their credibility. They briefly gain an audience with the skeptical Hitchcock, who is dismissive but agrees to introduce their case if they are able to demonstrate that the castle is truly haunted. Terror Castle is the former home of movie actor Stephen Terrill, who died in a possibly suicidal car accident that occurred as his career was on the verge of collapse. Terrill had pledged to haunt his former home to keep anyone else from living there.

Alfred Hitchock - The Three Investigators - Secret Of Terror Castle

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    To the business at hand, then. The three boys who call themselves The Three. Investigators are Bob Andrews, Pete Crenshaw, and Jupiter Jones, all of whom live.