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analysis of the lion and the jewel pdf

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The Lion and the Jewel Summary & Analysis

Created by the original team behind SparkNotes, LitCharts are the world's best literature guides. Bringing Fame to Nigeria. Political Activism in the USA. After the United States presidential election, Soyinka kept a promise he made during a question-and-answer session at Oxford University to destroy his US green card if Mr. Trump won the presidency. Soyinka told a reporter at The Atlantic that he'd rather "go in the queue for a regular visa with the others.

The Lion and the Jewel is a comedic-dramatic play that revolves around four major characters: Baroka the elderly chief of Illunjire , Lankule the young headmaster of a primary school , Sidi the most beautiful girl in the village and Sadiku the eldest wife of Baroka. The playwright, Wole Soyinka depicts Baroka as a cunning fox, Lankule as an arrogant teacher, Sidi as an egotistical young village girl and Sadiku as a simple-minded elderly woman. A lion is an animal which is revered because of its majestic movement and its title as the king of the jungle. It can hunt both the smaller and larger preys. A jewel is a beautiful ornament worn around the neck. In the play, Baroka commands an aura of authority thus fitting the title of a lion. Sidi is the jewel of Illunjire because of her unrivalled beauty.

The Lion and the Jewel THE LION AND THE JEWEL

It chronicles how Baroka, the lion, fights with the modern Lakunle over the right to marry Sidi, the titular Jewel. The transcript of the play was first published in by Oxford University Press. Soyinka emphasises the theme of the corrupted African culture through the play, as well as how the youth should embrace the original African culture. A school teacher, Lakunle, is teaching a class when Sidi walks fast carrying a pail of water on her head. The teacher peers out of the window and disappears.

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Analysis of the Play: 'The Lion and the Jewel'

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He approaches her and chastises her for carrying her water on her head and stunting her shoulders; she is unfazed. Sidi occupies a central space and is stunningly beautiful. Sidi suggests the villagers act out and dance to the story of the stranger. The drummers and singers and actors play out the arrival of the stranger and his camera. Lakunle gets into the spirit of the performance. He plays the role of the chief.

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There is a bush school with children chanting arithmetic. Sidi enters, carrying a pail on her head. She is slim and lovely. The schoolmaster, Lakunle , looks out the window, then shuts it and comes outside to Sidi. He is 23 years old, dressed cleanly but in older clothes.

This is perhaps the most conspicuous theme in the play. It initially seems like Soyinka is setting a clear dichotomy between these two things, tradition embodied by Baroka and modernity embodied by Lakunle. However, as the play progresses Soyinka defies the audience's assumptions. Lakunle espouses a variety of backwards views and seems to abandon his progressive principles when it is convenient to do so. Similarly, Baroka says he does not hate progress but merely finds its sameness and stagnation boring.

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