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The grandson of the noted biologist T.

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Aldous Leonard Huxley 26 July — 22 November was an English writer, philosopher and a prominent member of the Huxley family. He was best known for his novels including Brave New World , set in a dystopian London, and for non-fiction books, such as The Doors of Perception , which recalls experiences when taking a psychedelic drug , and a wide-ranging output of essays. Early in his career Huxley edited the magazine Oxford Poetry , and published short stories and poetry. Mid career and later, he published travel writing, film stories, and scripts.

The Burning Wheel

The grandson of the noted biologist T. Suffering from the effects of keratitis punctata, which he contracted when he was 16 and which had left him nearly blind, he was unable to fight in WWI.

Nor could he pursue the career in science which he so desired. Huxley turned to writing, publishing his first work of poetry, The Burning Wheel , in He worked for the War Office in and in became a member of the editorial staff at the Athenaeum.

In , he became a drama critic for the Westminster Gazette. In , he published his first novel, Crome Yellow , which had much success and which propelled him in literary circles. Huxley became close friends with D. Lawrence and they travelled throughout France and Italy during the 's.

Huxley lived most of the 's in Italy. In , Point Counter Point was published, with Lawrence being one of the main characters. In the 's, Huxley moved to France where he wrote Brave New World , the work for which he is best remembered today and considered by many to be a masterpiece of science fiction.

In , he moved to California hoping that the climate would be better for his eyes, and began writing screenplays. In , his house and papers were destroyed in a fire. Huxley, suffering from throat cancer, died on the same day as President Kennedy's assassination in In addition to his novels, Huxley was an excellent essayist and also produced numerous short stories and poems.

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By Aldous Huxley and Huxley trusts and heirs. Now, on Christmas Eve while a small grandson sleeps upstairs, John Rivers is moved to set the record straight about the great man and the radiant, elemental creature he married, who viewed the renowned genius through undazzled eyes. Reality never makes sense. Never from ours. Fiction has unity, fiction has style. Facts possess neither. The criterion of reality is its intrinsic irrelevance.

The Genius and the Goddess is a novel by Aldous Huxley. It is the fictional account of John Rivers, a student physicist in the s who was hired out of college as a laboratory assistant to Henry Martens. The story begins in John Rivers is speaking to a friend about his encounter with the Maartens family. In , Rivers, who was extremely sheltered by his widowed mother, is employed as a lab assistant to Henry Maartens, after receiving his PhD. Maartens is a Nobel Prize—winning, socially awkward physicist.

The Genius And The Goddess

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FP now includes eBooks in its collection. Book Details. A fictional account of John Rivers, a student physicist in the s who was hired out of college as a laboratory assistant to Henry Maartens. The short novel is packed with literary and socio-historical references and allusions. Huxley portrays various aspects of his ideology about subjects such as God, sex, history, literature, intellect and death.

The Genius and the Goddess

The Genius and the Goddess is a novel by Aldous Huxley. It is the fictional account of John Rivers, a student physicist in the s who was hired out of college as a laboratory assistant to Henry Martens. The story begins in

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