Helmstadter Orientation To Research The Nature And Function Of Research Pdf

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helmstadter orientation to research the nature and function of research pdf

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Cell-type specific innervation of cortical pyramidal cells at their apical dendrites

Shields and Marcus W. Absolute pitch and planum temporale , J. Keenan, V. Thangaraj, Andrea Halpern, and G. Shields, Matthew D.

Fundamental of Research Methodology and Statistics

Metrics details. Problematic mobile phone use PMPU has become a public health issue in China, particularly in adolescents and young adults. The current study aimed to test the psychometric characteristics of a Chinese adaption of the PMPUQ-SV and examine its measurement invariance across gender. A total of participants were recruited form nine schools six undergraduate colleges and three vocational colleges through an online platform. Exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses conducted in two independent subsamples confirmed that the postulated dimensions fit the data well.

The purpose of this paper is to propose and test an integrated model focusing on the drivers and consequences of intellectual capital in the context of the hotel industry. A quantitative study was conducted, including hotels located in Iran. Structural equation modeling examines the validity of constructs and path relationships. The results of the PLS-SEM analysis provided three findings as follows: the three dimensions of social capital, namely the structural, relational, and cognitive social capital, had positive effects on knowledge sharing; knowledge sharing had positive effects on three components of intellectual capital human capital, structural capital and relational capital ; and intellectual capital dimensions, which in turn, lead to innovation. The combination of a developing country context and the significance of social capital, knowledge sharing, intellectual capital and innovation in hotel industry enhance the contextual contribution of the paper.

Detoxification is a fundamental function for all living organisms that need to excrete catabolites and toxins to maintain homeostasis. Kidneys are major organs of detoxification that maintain water and electrolyte balance to preserve physiological functions of vertebrates. In insects, the renal function is carried out by Malpighian tubules and nephrocytes. Due to differences in their circulation, the renal systems of mammalians and insects differ in their functional modalities, yet carry out similar biochemical and physiological functions and share extensive genetic and molecular similarities. Evolutionary conservation can be leveraged to model specific aspects of the complex mammalian kidney function in the genetic powerhouse Drosophila melanogaster to study how genes interact in diseased states. Here, we compare the human and Drosophila renal systems and present selected fly disease models.

Perhaps you have read about research studies in a textbook or scientific journal the focus being on a better understanding of nature. Theories role in the formation of theories and the formation of hypotheses to test those theories. Figure The direction of reasoning for inductive and deductive research strategies.

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We investigated the synaptic innervation of apical dendrites of cortical pyramidal cells in a region between layers L 1 and 2 using 3-D electron microscopy applied to four cortical regions in mouse. Towards the distal tuft dendrites in upper L1, the relative inhibitory input was at least about 2-fold larger for L5 pyramidal cells than for all others. Only L3 pyramidal cells showed homogeneous inhibitory input fraction. The inhibitory-to-excitatory synaptic ratio is thus specific for the types of pyramidal cells. These findings describe connectomic principles for the control of pyramidal cells at their apical dendrites and support differential computational properties of L2, L3 and subtypes of L5 pyramidal cells in cortex.

Glomerular disorders are a major cause of end-stage renal disease and effective therapies are often lacking. Nephrocytes are considered to be part of the Drosophila excretory system and form slit diaphragms across cellular membrane invaginations. Nehphrocytes have been shown to share functional, morphological, and molecular features with podocytes, which form the glomerular filter in vertebrates. Here, we report the progress and the evolving tool-set of this model system. Combining a functional, accessible slit diaphragm with the power of the genetic tool-kit in Drosophila , the nephrocyte has the potential to greatly advance our understanding of the glomerular filtration barrier in health and disease. Disorders that affect the glomerulus are the predominant cause of end-stage renal disease ESRD 1. Beyond renal replacement therapy, potent therapeutic options are not available for most of the disorders from this heterogeneous group.

The main purpose of scientific inquiry is to understand, explain & critically examining observed realities, Research is oriented towards the On the other hand to Helmstadter (n.d) ''Research is the activity of solving problems that leads.

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    Techniques such as cluster analysis, inverse factor analysis, hierarchical clustering, and multidimensional scaling are discussed along with a related set of measurement and hypothesis testing options.

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    First, DSR is a goal-oriented research paradigm that typically involves pragmatic end, we first need a better understanding of the nature of incipient knowledge in DSR, which, in Gregor and Hevner (), for instance, describe the function of kernel Table 1: Methods of knowing, adapted from Helmstadter ().

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