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the weather and climate of southern africa pdf

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He is a physical geographer with research interests in the dynamics of geomorphic and sedimentary systems, in particular in glacial, mountain, river and coastal environments, and in a global context. He has published over articles in peer reviewed international journals. Christian M.

South African Weather

Temperatures in Africa have been rising in recent decades at a rate comparable to that of most other continents and thus somewhat faster than global mean surface temperature, which incorporates a large ocean component. The year was among the three warmest years on record for the continent. Annual rainfall exhibited sharp geographical contrasts in , with totals remarkably below long-term means in Southern Africa and west of the High Atlas Mountains and above-average rainfall recorded in other areas, in particular in Central and East Africa. There is significant regional variability in sea-level trends around Africa. Sea-level increase reached 5 mm per year in several oceanic areas surrounding the continent and exceeded 5 mm per year in the south-western Indian Ocean from Madagascar eastward towards and beyond Mauritius.

It has a wider variety of climates than most other countries in sub-Saharan Africa , and it has lower average temperatures than other countries within this range of latitude, like Australia, because much of the interior central plateau or Highveld , including Johannesburg of South Africa is at a higher elevation. Winter temperatures may reach the freezing point at high altitude, but are at their most mild in coastal regions, particularly KwaZulu Natal Province and perhaps the Eastern Cape. Cold and warm coastal currents running north-west and north-east respectively account for the difference in climates between west and east coasts. South Africa experiences a high degree of sunshine with rainfall about half of the global average, increasing from west to east, and with semi-desert regions in the north-west. While the Western Cape has a Mediterranean climate with winter rainfall, most of the country experiences summer rain.

The Weather and Climate of Southern Africa. Peter Daughtrey Tyson , P. Tyson , R. It offers an introduction to the structure of the atmosphere, anddetailed, well-illustrated discussions on the physics of meteorology, measurement, weather systems, ocean-atmosphere interactions, pollution, climactic change, and forecasting. With a new emphasis on the growing field of climatology, this book is especially pertinent to environmental studies in andon the developing countries of southern Africa, and the relationship of the subcontinent to global weather and climatic changes. Variations in solar output.

Climate of South Africa

The climate of Africa is a range of climates such as the equatorial climate , the tropical wet and dry climate , the tropical monsoon climate , the semi-arid climate semi-desert and steppe , the desert climate hyper-arid and arid , and the subtropical highland climate. Temperate climates are rare across the continent except at very high elevations and along the fringes. In fact, the climate of Africa is more variable by rainfall amount than by temperatures, which are consistently high. African deserts are the sunniest and the driest parts of the continent, owing to the prevailing presence of the subtropical ridge with subsiding, hot, dry air masses. Africa holds many heat-related records: the continent has the hottest extended region year-round, the areas with the hottest summer climate, the highest sunshine duration, and more. Owing to Africa's position across equatorial and subtropical latitudes in both the northern and southern hemisphere, several different climate types can be found within it. The continent mainly lies within the intertropical zone between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn , hence its interesting density of humidity.

PDF | The observed and projected changes in the climate of southern Africa in the period were analysed. Ten observed, reanalysed.

The weather and climate of southern Africa

Rainfall variability and changes in Southern Africa over the 20th century areexamined and their potential links to the global warming discussed. After a shortreview of the main conclusions of various experiments with Global AtmosphericModels GCM forced by increased concentrations of greenhouse gases for SouthernAfrica, a study of various datasets documents the observed changes in rainfall featuresat both daily and seasonal time steps through the last century. Investigations of dailyrainfall parameters are so far limited to South Africa.

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Climate of Africa

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The country has more than conservation parks. The annual sardine run is the biggest migration on the planet. Physical features range from bushveld, grasslands, forests, deserts and majestic mountain peaks, to wide unspoilt beaches and coastal wetlands. The country shares common boundaries with Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Swaziland, while the Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho is landlocked by South African territory in the south-east. The warm Mozambique-Agulhas Current skirts the east and south coasts as far as Cape Agulhas, while the cold Benguela Current flows northwards along the west coast as far as southern Angola. The contrast in temperature between these two currents partly accounts for significant differences in climate and vegetation, as well as differences in marine life.

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    South Africa's climatic conditions generally range from Mediterranean in the southwestern corner of South Africa to temperate in the interior plateau, and subtropical in the northeast.

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