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Frequently used in lubricating food machinery.

You might be using a high-quality grease. You may have put a lot of effort and money into selecting the best quality grease in the pursuit of lubrication excellence. Considering this lubricating oil analogy, the best quality turbine oil would most likely not make a good engine oil.

Step-by-Step Grease Selection

While the Machine Age was in full swing in the late s and early s, the quality of life improved greatly. Operating larger machines was crucial towards creating this better way of life, whether it was tractors or steam engines, or automobiles. The technology developed all those years ago is still relevant to this day and age, and many of those inventions are still commonplace. When it comes to operating heavy machinery, a professional knows every bit and piece about the machine. Countless hours are spent researching the machine, how it functions, what its purpose is etc.

Industrial Greases

P art I of this article provided a basic introduction to grease, with discussions of composition, types, properties and evaluation tests. Part II will focus on the correct grease for the application and some of the key criteria in the selection process, including compatibility, amount to be added and relubrication frequency. Complex lithium soaps are the fastest growing thickener type worldwide. Simple lithium soaps are more widely used because of their lower costs, but lithium complex greases, because of their inherently better properties, are faster growing. The general rule is to use oil for lubrication, if possible, because of the ability to clean and cool oil versus doing so with grease.

Grease selection depends on the type of bearing to be lubricated (ball, roller, taper Another classification is based on their applications in service in equipment. small machines such as manual and electric drills and many appliances and.

Common Grease Types and Characteristics

Chemistry and Technology of Lubricants pp Cite as. Lubricating grease has been regarded by many prominent members of the oil industry, including the National Lubricating Grease Institute NLGI , as more of an art than a science. One of the primary objectives of a new generation of lubrication engineers is to radically change this concept and start speaking the same language as other scientists. Grease lubrication is a complex mixture of chemistry, physics, tribology, rheology and health and environmental sciences. Without extensive interdisciplinary co-operation and understanding, any ambitious research and development project will eventually meet immovable obstacles.

Interlube Corporation manufactures a complete line of greases that are used in many applications in many different types of industries. Interlube manufactures mineral oil based and synthetic greases with a wide variety of oil viscosities, soap bases, and NLGI grades that are formulated to meet any specific application. With its extensive product line of greases, Interlube can handle any application encountered including very high and very low temperature applications. Most greases are available in 14 ounce tubes cartons of 10 or cases of 50 , 35 pound pails, pound kegs, and pound drums. Learn more about the compatibility between different greases here.

It is suitable for use in a variety of marine applications including winch, windlass and general greasing applications.

Nomenclature of Lubricating Grease

The walls are generally non-bearing but sufficiently strong enough to withstand lateral forces caused by wind or earthquake. Design recommendation for sloshing phenomena in tanks has been added in this publication. Chapter D15 Page 2. Journal bearing or sliding contact bearing may be classified as: i Solid journal bearing ii Bushed journal bearing Bearing 02 Journal bearing Bearing 02 Journal bearing by sunil mohod 2 years ago 11 minutes, 18 seconds 4, views relation between dry coefficient of , friction , and wet coefficient of , friction ,.

A lubricant user can order his motor oils for a variety of different types of engine by specifications which are internationally recognised, but he cannot do this with many of his industrial lubricants and, except for NLGI consistency numbers, he cannot do it at all for his greases. The author suggests in this article that the grease maker's grading nomenclature might include references which would tell the buyer the maximum safe working temperature for the grease and also the type of soap used in its manufacture. His suggestions are only speculative but they should stimulate further thought and discussion amongst large industrial buyers of lubricants, as well as lubricant manufacturers. Ellis, E. Report bugs here. Please share your general feedback. You can join in the discussion by joining the community or logging in here.

Screen Reader Access Color Themes. Directors Familiarisation program for Ind. These greases have excellent water resistance properties, high oxidation stability, and maximum structural stability with superior anti-rust and anti-corrosion properties. These greases resist water washout and enjoy all round acceptance for both anti-friction and plain bearing lubrication. These greases are widely used in steel plants, heavy engineering units, textile mills, petrochemical and chemical units. These greases prevent welding and seizure of moving parts often caused by shock loading and resist water washout. These greases meet IPSS specification and are recommended for both plain and anti-friction bearing in a wide variety of application such as automotive, earth moving equipment and general industrial machinery.

or compare greases based only on their composition. Therefore, includes those from easy-to-use application driven tables to Base oil type. Mineral. Mineral.

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Grease (lubricant)

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