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the rise and fall of the mutapa state pdf

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Decline of mutapa state pdf

The island nation of Madagascar is excluded because of its distinct language and cultural heritage. The interior of Southern Africa consists of a series of undulating plateaus that cover most of South Africa, Namibia, and Botswana and extend into central Angola. Contiguous with this are uplands in Zambia and Zimbabwe. Coastal mountains and escarpments, flanking the high ground, are found in northern Mozambique, South Africa, Namibia, Angola, and along the Mozambique-Zimbabwe border. The Kalahari desert forms the central depression of the Southern African plateau.

Located over miles from Harare, it stands 1, km above sea level on the Harare Plateau in the Shashe-Limpopo basin. It is thought to have been built over a long period, beginning in and ending in Not everyone agrees who the rulers of Great Zimbabwe were; but there is evidence that they were the Karanga, a branch of the Shona-speaking people. The pottery the Karanga make is very similar to that found in Great Zimbabwe. There is also a theory that the people of Great Zimbabwe may be descended from a community which lived on the site of Leopards Kopje, less than a hundred miles away from Great Zimbabwe, near present day Bulawayo.

The Mutapa State

Outline factors leading to the rise of the Mutapa state. Describe economic, political and social organization of the Mutapa state. Assess factors leading to the decline of the Mutapa state. Geographical location of the Mutapa State. Origins The founder of the Mutapa State was Nyatsimba Mutota who left Great Zimbabwe in search of salt or after succession disputes according to oral history.

the factors attributed to their growth, including a decline in gold exports to the of decline in the source-rich Mutapa state are contrasted with other political units.

Mutapa Empire

In , Portuguese militia tried to take control of the gold trade in the interior of The Rozvi were formed from several Shona states that dominated the In close proximity 4, gold mines were said to have existed and there were The missionaries established mission stations, for example the London

The Portuguese term Monomotapa is a transliteration of the African royal title Mwenemutapa derived from a combination of two words Mwene meaning King or Lord, and Mutapa meaning land. Over time the monarch's royal title was applied to the kingdom as a whole, and used to denote the kingdom's territory on maps from the period. There are several Mutapa origin stories, the most widely accepted told by oral tradition is of the princes of Great Zimbabwe. The first "Mwene" was a warrior prince named Nyatsimba Mutota from the Kingdom of Zimbabwe who expanded the reach of the kingdom initially to discover new sources of salt in the north. Another historical narrative of the empire's origins is that Prince Mutota had broken away from Great Zimbabwe after going to war with Prince Mukwati, believed to have been either his brother or cousin over control of the Kingdom.

The Mutapa State Words 34 Pages. Afternoon once again some more on Zimbabwe According to oral traditions, Nyatsimba Mutota migrated from the declining Great Zimbabwe and began his conquests of the Korekore and Tavara of the Dande and Chidema areas It has been claimed t He then embarked on an expansionist policy that resulted in the creation of a vast Mutapa empire which stretched from the Zambezi valley into the Mozambique …show more content… Agriculture was another economic activity that contributed to the rise and expansion of the state.

Great Zimbabwe

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    The rise and ultimate expansion of the Mutapa State owed in part to the decline of Great. Zimbabwe. According to oral traditions, Nyatsimba Mutota migrated.

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    Among the factors central to this debate are the growth of economic ties with the The demise of Great Zimbabwe left the Mutapa state dominant in northern.