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oxygen ecology and the cambrian radiation of animals pdf

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Hypoxic tolerance experiments may be helpful to constrain the oxygen requirement for animal evolution. Based on literature review, available data demonstrate that fishes are more sensitive to hypoxia than crustaceans and echinoderms, which in turn are more sensitive than annelids, whilst mollusks are the least sensitive. Mortalities occur where O 2 concentrations are below 2.

Coupling of ocean redox and animal evolution during the Ediacaran-Cambrian transition

Bangiomorpha pubescens , a fossil red alga and the oldest taxonomically resolved eukaryote, occurs in the Bylot Supergroup and equivalent rocks in northeastern Canada. Recent radiometric dating has tightly constrained the first appearance of this fossil to ca. Image kindly provided by Galen Halverson McGill University , who with his co-authors in this issue, reviews the methods by which the Proterozoic time scale is dated and provide an up-to-date compilation of age constraints on key fossil first and last appearances, geological events, and horizons during the Tonian and Cryogenian periods. Their article also develops a new age model for a ca. For details, see pages — Timothy W. Lyons, Mary L.

If the fossils of the Ediacaran and Cryogenian periods are enigmatic, those of the following Cambrian period are far less so, and include body forms similar to those living today. It is believed that most of the animal phyla in existence today had their origins during this time, often referred to as the Cambrian explosion. Echinoderms, mollusks, worms, arthropods, and chordates arose during this period. Trilobites were somewhat similar to modern horseshoe crabs. Thousands of different species have been identified in fossil sediments of the Cambrian period; not a single species survives today. Figure 1. These fossils a—d belong to trilobites, extinct arthropods that appeared in the early Cambrian period, million years ago, and disappeared from the fossil record during a mass extinction at the end of the Permian period, about million years ago.

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The "Cambrian Explosion" refers to the sudden appearance in the fossil record of complex animals with mineralized skeletal remains. It may represent the most important evolutionary event in the history of life on Earth. The beginning of the explosion is generally placed about million years ago, during the Cambrian Period at the start of the Palaeozoic Era the same time the Ediacarans disappear from the fossil record. While the explosion was rapid in geological terms, it took place over millions of years - the Burgess Shale, at million years old, records the tail end of the event. The explosion is particularly remarkable because all major animal body plans each more or less corresponding to a distinctive Phylum - Mollusca and Chordata, for example appeared during this time, changing the biosphere forever. The origin and diversification of animals during the Cambrian Explosion. Dotted lines represent the probable range of particular groups of animals.

Oxygen, ecology, and the Cambrian radiation of animals. Erik A. Sperling, Christina A. Article · Figures & SI · Info & Metrics · PDF. Loading.

Coupling of ocean redox and animal evolution during the Ediacaran-Cambrian transition

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    Eukaryotic organisms radiated in Proterozoic oceans with oxygenated surface waters, but, commonly, anoxia at depth.

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    Samples from another site in Siberia now suggest that the rapid proliferation of animal forms during the Cambrian was related to fluctuating oxygen levels.

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    PDF | The Proterozoic-Cambrian transition records the appearance of essentially all animal body plans (phyla), yet to date no single hypothesis.