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Columbia professor Mark Lilla thinks an obsession with identity politics has wrecked American liberalism. Two writers respond to his provocative new book. Mark Lilla is a professor of humanities at Columbia University.

The Once and Future Liberal: After Identity Politics

By Mark Lilla. From one of the most internationally admired political thinkers, a controversial polemic on the failures of identity politics and what comes next for the left — in America and beyond. Identity-focused individualism has insidiously conspired with amoral economic individualism to shape an electorate with little sense of a shared future and near-contempt for the idea of the common good. Now is the time to re-build a sense of common feeling and purpose, and a sense of duty to one another. We must understand that there is a difference between being a party that cares about labor and being a labor party.

In the Once and Future Liberal , Lilla turns his mind to a very different kind of project, articulating a vision for the future of liberalism in America. His intended audience is the Democratic Party. But Lilla, to my knowledge, has never been a political organizer, and he is certainly not a policy wonk. Plato and Hegel were more empirical. At the same time, this book falls short of a philosophical attack on the principles of identity politics despite how it has been advertised and indeed already attacked in some quarters.

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The once and future liberal: After identity politics

Written shortly after the election, this book contains Lilla's diagnosis on what has happened to liberalism and his recommendations for recovery. He starts by noting two major dispensations in I really wanted to like this book. Mark Lilla. For nearly forty years, Ronald Reagan's vision-small government, lower taxes, and self-reliant individualism-has remained America's dominant political ideology. The Democratic Party has offered no truly convincing competing vision.

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To be fully transparent, I want to acknowledge that I am a white man reviewing a book by a white man who is criticizing identity politics. To say this is a polemical work would be an under-statement. Lilla, who self-identifies as left-of-center politically, takes dead aim at the Democratic Party and what he sees as its misguided reliance upon identity politics. The critique is sustained and sometimes repetitive. The book includes a fair number of generalizations that probably lack enough evidence or any evidence at all in some cases.

Soundings: An Interdisciplinary Journal

In theory, this sort of provocation lends itself nicely to a book-length treatment, allowing an author a chance to summon additional research and bring depth to an otherwise surface argument. All too often, however, Lilla opts for attitude over substance. Lilla adopts the tone of a long-suffering professor who just wants to discuss Marx and Emerson but finds himself besieged by hybridity and intersectionality. And yet he often fails in some basic professorial imperatives, like familiarizing himself with the relevant literature and providing research and evidence to support his argument. This is not, of course, a work of historical scholarship.

The book under review here cannot be divorced from the newspaper essay that tried to grapple with the election of Mr. Donald Trump as President of the United States, and the subsequent polarising reactions it fanned across the country. These events have triggered debates on the questions of identity, diversity, democracy and liberalism, both in academic and non-academic spaces. There are four parts to this short book. After a succinct account of American political history mapping the crisis in liberalism, the chapter Politics proposes a path for liberalism to overcome its present challenges.

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The Once and Future Liberal reviews: identity and the American body politic

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