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the first american the life and times of benjamin franklin pdf

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Brands has written an absorbing singlevolume biography of Benjamin Franklin. Not only is it as encyclopedic as one volume can be, but the writing style is so engaging that Brands's work should supplant Carl Van Doren's Benjamin Franklin as the standard Franklin biography for the general reading public.

The book has received praise from multiple publications including Foreign Affairs and The Guardian. Isaacson notes that Franklin's reputation has shifted based on time and place given the statesman's achievements and personality. Franklin, the author argues, "has been vilified in romantic periods and lionised in entrepreneurial ones" since "each era appraises him anew" and thus "in doing so reveals some assessments of itself.

Review of “The First American: The Life and Times of Benjamin Franklin” by H. W. Brands

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American history , Ben Franklin , biographies , book reviews , H. Brands , Pulitzer Prize nominee. Brands is a professor of history and government at the University of Texas and a prolific author. It is quickly obvious that this distinguished Founding Father is a somewhat elusive biographical subject — a man of many talents who remains enigmatic due to his apparent affinity for contradictions and failure to chronicle his own innermost thoughts during a life situated on the front row of so much early American history. But as interesting as this book can be, it is neither an effortless nor a particularly carefree read. And because it possesses a distinct scholarly quality some readers will find it a bit too erudite if not abstruse. In addition, Brands helpfully supplies background and context which can be useful for anyone unfamiliar with 18th century history.

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Benjamin Franklin - "The First American"?

Born as the son of a soap and candle maker in he then became one of the most famous Americans in his time and is even today well known, he is the embodiment of the American dream, from the dishwasher to the millionaire. Franklin was also an inventor, writer and philosopher, furthermore he was the first American who was international honoured and respected as politician and scientist. Was it his liberal and democratic sense, his belief in science and in progress that made him ahead of his time? Did his attributes shape the following generations and characterize the American Way even in nowadays? Is that the reason to say Benjamin Franklin is the first American? In his autobiography he describes his life in his own words and it is impressive how much attributes that are today considered to be American can be found autobiography and in some other writings of him.

Few American lives have been as celebrated--or as closely scrutinized--as that of Benjamin Franklin. Yet until now Franklin's biographers have downplayed his interest in mathematics, at best portraying it as the idle musings of a brilliant and ever-restless mind. In Benjamin Franklin's Numbers , Paul Pasles reveals a side of the iconic statesman, scientist, and writer that few Americans know--his mathematical side. In fact, Franklin indulged in many areas of mathematics, including number theory, geometry, statistics, and economics. In this generously illustrated book, Pasles gives us the first mathematical biography of Benjamin Franklin.

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Benjamin Franklin, perhaps the pivotal figure in colonial and revolutionary America, comes vividly to life in this masterly biography. Wit, diplomat, scientist.

Benjamin Franklin, American Genius

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The First American: The Life and Times of Benjamin Franklin

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THE FIRST AMERICAN: THE LIFE AND TIMES OF BENJAMIN FRANKLIN, by H.W. Brands, Doubleday, pages, $ Benjamin Franklin's life spanned an.

The first American : the life and times of Benjamin Franklin

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    Pulitzer Prize Finalist Benjamin Franklin, perhaps the pivotal figure in colonial and revolutionary America, comes vividly to life in this masterly biography.

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    Benjamin Franklin, perhaps the pivotal figure in colonial and revolutionary America, comes vividly to life inthis masterly biography. Wit, diplomat, scientist.