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Michail Bakunin - God and the State. IWho is right, the idealists or the materialists? The question, once stated in thisway, hesitation becomes impossible.

The Russian anti-authoritarian revolutionary, Mikhail Bakunin was an important founding figure in collectivist anarchism and an uncompromising opponent of capitalism, private property, religion and the state.

Michail Bakunin - God and the State.1882(The Anarchist Library).pdf

The Russian anti-authoritarian revolutionary, Mikhail Bakunin was an important founding figure in collectivist anarchism and an uncompromising opponent of capitalism, private property, religion and the state. A minor Russian noble by birth, Bakunin was subsequently radicalised and combined revolutionary activism with the writing of books and articles that called for a collectivist anarchist society. His political ideas were influential, notably in shaping the anarchist experiments in the Ukraine and Spain In his view, the state leads to economic centralisation, the concentration of political power, and social control via religion, resulting in the destruction of individual liberties and the domination of an oppressive ruling elite over the rest of the people.

Furthermore, he argues, the state promotes militarism and expansionism so violence, exploitation, subjugation and injustice become central to its self-preservation and the society it controls. Therefore, the state has to be replaced with a new liberated and equal social order based on collective labour and ownership, voluntary associations and free federations. A belief in God undermines independent thought and encourages acceptance of divine authority. In turn, such religious faith serves the state by promoting ignorance and social conservatism.

Consequently, the deeply anti-clerical Bakunin regards the church and the state as illegitimate and interlinked institutions of control and calls for both of them to be abolished by violence if necessary.

Some have suggested that his anti-religious attitudes shaped anarchist hostility to Catholicism during the Spanish civil war in the s when churches were destroyed and priests executed. Bakunin opposes all forms of parliamentary politics as fraudulent and corrupt since representative government is a sham, leading only to oppressive elite rule and statism.

Instead, he advocates the immediate destruction of the state and argues that industrial workers, rural labourers and the lumpenproletariat marginalised groups such as the unemployed and the poor will free themselves through spontaneous revolutionary acts. Indeed, Bakunin possesses an almost mystical faith in violent revolution as a great cleansing and transformative force. He maintains that the revolutionary will of the people will be triggered by a strategy of 'propaganda by the deed' - actions such as targeted violence, mass strikes, refusal to pay taxes and rejection of conscription that are designed to ignite a spirit of popular revolt against the state.

Propaganda by the deed will serve as a catalyst for widespread social revolution from below, thereby emancipating and galvanising the people and exposing the oppressive and corrupt nature of the state. At the same time, he emphasises that humans are naturally social creatures. People are humanised and liberated by the society they live in - existing outside society would deprive people of these benefits. Society also creates the morality and justice that is essential for human development.

Bukharin further argues that humans can liberate themselves from the constraints of the external world only through collective work. An individual can attain autonomy and develop their character only in a social context. Under such collective arrangements, individuals will voluntarily abide by the laws of nature e.

Bakunin also calls for collectivisation in the economy. He maintains that common ownership of the means of production, such as land, factories and workshops, and the abolition of private property will promote liberty and equality and remove exploitation and privilege. Collective ownership of wealth is justified because collective labour produces this wealth. Distribution within these rural and industrial associations will be based on work done, measured in labour time, and not need.

Since everyone will be given the means to earn a living and will not be dependent on anyone else, property rights have to be held collectively by a community of equals and not owned by individuals. Relations between these associations will be conducted on a mutually beneficial basis through a free agreement and exchange system that recognises the real worth of goods and services. Duncan is an experienced social science and humanities teacher, writer and senior examiner.

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Yet Bakunin, despite the power of his ideas, was primarily a man of action, and he wrote little. His only major work, God and the State, remained unfinished, although it is the torso of a giant. God and the State by Michael Bakunin []. Nevertheless, the readers of "God and the State" certainly will not regret that Bakunin's memoir, incomplete though it be, has been published. De moderne staat als sterfelijke god: Over schurken en schurkenstaten.

Bakunin, Mikhail Aleksandrovich, View full catalog record. Public Domain. Download Help. Go to the text-only view of this item. See the HathiTrust Accessibility page for more information.

Libertarian Socialism pp Cite as. While superficially attractive, especially when deployed to explain the character of both Stalinism and social democracy, this liberal element of anarchist theory prevents anarchist practice developing from a mode of resistance to capitalism to become an adequate strategic alternative to it. Further, I argue that classical Marxism offers tools by which to overcome this problem and suggest that Marx is best understood not as the statist other to libertarian socialism, but as the most coherent exponent of human emancipation. I conclude that anarchists would do well to re-engage with his critique of liberalism to help move beyond the politics of perpetual opposition. Unable to display preview.

God and the State

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God and the State called by its author The Historical Sophisms of the Doctrinaire School of Communism is an unfinished manuscript by the Russian anarchist philosopher Mikhail Bakunin , published posthumously in The work criticises Christianity and the then-burgeoning technocracy movement from a materialist , anarchist and individualist perspective. It has gone on to become Bakunin's most widely read and praised work.

God and the State

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God and the State

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