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causes and consequences of aneuploidy in cancer pdf

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Cancer cells display aneuploid karyotypes and typically mis-segregate chromosomes at high rates, a phenotype referred to as c hromosomal in stability CIN.

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Causes and consequences of aneuploidy in cancer

Ploidy is a measure of the number of chromosomes in a cell. Chromosomes are the threadlike structures that contain the genetic material known as DNA. As cells grow and divide to make new cells, chromosomes play a key role in making sure that DNA is copied and distributed correctly. As part of your diagnosis, a pathologist may look at whether the cancer cells contain the normal amount of DNA. To do this, the pathologist looks at the number of chromosomes in the cancer cells and reports them as:.

This trait is unique to cancer cells as normal cells in the body generally strictly maintain the correct number and structure of chromosomes. This key difference between cancer and normal cells has led to two important hypotheses: i cancer cells have had to overcome inherent barriers to changes in chromosomes that are not tolerated in non-cancer cells and ii CIN represents a cancer-specific target to allow the specific elimination of cancer cells from the body. To exploit these hypotheses and design novel approaches to treat cancer, a full understanding of the mechanisms driving CIN and how CIN contributes to cancer progression is required. Here, we will discuss the possible mechanisms driving chromosomal instability, how CIN may contribute to the progression at multiple stages of tumour evolution and possible future therapeutic directions based on targeting cancer chromosomal instability. A defining feature of chromosomal instability is the unequal separation of newly replicated chromosomes to daughter cells during mitosis Lengauer et al. These chromosome segregation errors Fig. Chromosome segregation errors can be observed in tumour-derived cell lines Cimini et al.

Chromosome mis-segregation and cytokinesis failure in trisomic human cells

Telomeres are linear structures that are located at the end of eukaryotic chromosomes performing important functions during chromosome integration and stability 1 , 2. In somatic cells, which lack telomerase, the length of a telomere is constantly being shortened by the process of cell replication. Telomerase, a ribonucleoprotein enzyme that is comprised of telomerase reverse transcriptase hTERT and an RNA subunit TERC in addition to other proteins that control telomerase activity to prevent telomere shortening 3 , 4. It has been confirmed that hTERT overexpression plays a key role in the initiation of unlimited proliferation during oncogenesis and that introducing hTERT into epithelial cells and fibroblasts conferred infinite replicative potential 5 — 7. Moreover, overexpressing hTERT has been shown to be associated with advanced invasive tumor progression and worse prognoses 8 — These data indicate that telomerase might be useful as a molecular marker of tumors in a wide range of applications. A primary phenotype of cancer is aneuploidy 13 —

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Key Points. Genomic instability, including whole-chromosome aneuploidy, is a hallmark of cancer. The disruption of multiple pathways, including defects in kinetochore–microtubule attachments and dynamics, centrosome number, spindle assembly checkpoint (SAC) and chromosome cohesion, can lead to aneuploidy.

Polyploidy, Aneuploidy and the Evolution of Cancer

Chromosomal aneuploidy is a defining feature of carcinomas. For instance, in colon cancer, an additional copy of Chromosome 7 is not only observed in early pre-malignant polyps, but is faithfully maintained throughout progression to metastasis. These copy number changes show a positive correlation with average transcript levels of resident genes.

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Polyploidization and Cancer pp Cite as. A neuploidy is a ubiquitous feature of cancer and pre-cancerous lesions, yet its significance is poorly characterized. In this chapter, we review the role of tetraploidy and aneuploidy in progression. We examine how aneuploidy may contribute to the evolutionary dynamics prevalent in neoplastic progression, considering whether aneuploidy itself is selectively neutral or advantageous or if it simply acts as a mechanism for the more rapid accumulation of mutations increasing survival and reproduction of cancer cells. Ultimately, we aim provide testable hypotheses and methods for understanding the role of aneuploidy in cancer.

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Ploidy (Number of Chromosomes)

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Role of chromosomal instability in cancer progression

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