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the cambridge companion to hegel and nineteenth century philo ophy pdf

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The term was probably coined by Pythagoras c. Philosophical methods include questioning , critical discussion , rational argument , and systematic presentation.

Journal of the History of Ideas

Philip Randolph, and other black socialists argue that racial oppression is caused by capitalism. West African intellectuals like J. Brian Copenhaver joins us to explain how Ficino and other Renaissance philosophers thought about magic. Ficino, Pico, Cardano, and other Renaissance thinkers debate whether astrology and magic are legitimate sciences with a foundation in natural philosophy. Was the anti-Aristotelian natural philosophy of Bernardino Telesio and Tommaso Campanella the first modern physical theory?

Process philosophy is based on the premise that being is dynamic and that the dynamic nature of being should be the primary focus of any comprehensive philosophical account of reality and our place within it. Even though we experience our world and ourselves as continuously changing, Western metaphysics has long been obsessed with describing reality as an assembly of static individuals whose dynamic features are either taken to be mere appearances or ontologically secondary and derivative. For process philosophers the adventure of philosophy begins with a set of problems that traditional metaphysics marginalizes or even sidesteps altogether: what is dynamicity or becoming —if it is the way we experience reality, how should we interpret this metaphysically? Are there several varieties of becoming—for instance, the uniform going on of activities versus the coming about of developments? Do all developments have the same way of occurring quite independently of what is coming about?

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel is one of the greatest systematic thinkers in the history of Western philosophy. In addition to epitomizing German idealist philosophy, Hegel boldly claimed that his own system of philosophy represented an historical culmination of all previous philosophical thought. Of most enduring interest are his views on history, society, and the state, which fall within the realm of Objective Spirit. Some have considered Hegel to be a nationalistic apologist for the Prussian State of the early 19th century, but his significance has been much broader, and there is no doubt that Hegel himself considered his work to be an expression of the self-consciousness of the World Spirit of his time. There are important connections between the metaphysical or speculative articulation of these ideas and their application to social and political reality, and one could say that the full meaning of these ideas can be grasped only with a comprehension of their social and historical embodiment. The work that explicates this concretizing of ideas, and which has perhaps stimulated as much controversy as interest, is the Philosophy of Right Philosophie des Rechts , which will be a main focus of this essay. He was educated at the Royal Highschool in Stuttgart from and steeped in both the classics and the literature of the European Enlightenment.

Japanese Philosophy

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Newman was convinced that all beliefs—religious, secular or political—must first be credible to the imagination and that the religious object is only adequately appropriated via an imaginative process that calls to mind the working of the literary imagination. These, in turn, become the object of inquiry and reflection. For Newman, then, the adequate appropriation of the object of Christian faith requires both an act of the imagination and a willingness to engage in critical, historical reflection. This is certainly the case where his understanding of the imagination is concerned. Newman, it might be said, was a homo religious , that is to say, a person whose identity was shaped by the religious quest.

Cambridge Core - Nineteenth-Century Philosophy - The Cambridge Companion to Hegel and Nineteenth-Century Philosophy. The Cambridge Companion to Hegel and Nineteenth-Century Philosophy. Search within PDF; Export citation​.

Journal of the History of Ideas

He has been a Professor since , and was Head of Department from to He was elected as a Fellow of the British Academy in His main interests in the history of philosophy are in nineteenth century post-Kantian German philosophy, especially Hegel. His interests in contemporary philosophy are in epistemology, metaphysics, ethics and political philosophy.

Japanese philosophers have historically interacted intensively with a multitude of philosophies outside their native boundaries—most prominently Chinese, Indian, Korean, and Western.

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