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field study 1 episode 5 and 6 answers pdf

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Field Study 1 (Answers) - Episode 5

Not a MyNAP member yet? Register for a free account to start saving and receiving special member only perks. Educational researchers have found that effective teachers share several characteristics e. Two of these characteristics stand out:. Through frequent assessment and feedback, effective teachers regularly assess what they do in the classroom and whether their students are really learning. They try to anticipate the topics and concepts that will be difficult for their students and to develop teaching strategies that present these topics in ways their students will best understand.

Saturday, August 30, FS 1 Episode 5. Episode 5. School Address: Mayapa, Laguna. Date of Visit: October 11, As I observed the class of Grade 5 section Matiyaga, I noticed the different abilities of every learner. There are students who are listening very eagerly to the teacher and very much interested in the subject matter, there are some who talks to their seatmates and also discuss some of their businesses; others are very vocal of what they wanted to express making them a little bit noisy.

field study 1, episode 5 "individual differences and learner’s interaction"

Episode 5 provides opportunities for me to have a more in-depth study of factors that affect the development of a learner. Focus will be in the early experiences and characteristics of the learner as described by the family and other significant others. The layers are:. The teacher works to create a partnership with the family and the community to bring out the best in every learner. Then write your observation report on the space provided. Make a general observation of the learner.

This is the first experiential course, which will immerse a future teacher to actual classroom situation and learning environment where direct observation of teaching learning episodes that focuses on the application of educational theories learned in content and pedagogy courses will be made. A portfolio shall be required in the course. This course is designed to help the field study students verify the behavior of the student in the actual learning environment. Observation is to provide opportunity for the student teachers to relate theory to actual practice. Fewer than half of tasks done; or most objectives meet but with poor quality. Never of the task done, no objectives meet and very poor quality.

Find out the number of students. Gather data as to their ages, gender, racial groups, religious and ethnic backgrounds. As I am observing the class, I observe that there are like more than 40 pupils. Their ages vary from 7 to b years old. Almost from these pupils are Roman Catholic in religion, there are few who are Born again Christian. During class: 1. How much interaction is there in the classroom?

Field Study 1, Episode 5 "Individual Differences And Learner's Interaction" FS 1 The Learner's Development and Environment FS 1 The Learner's Development and Environment Episode 5 FS 1 The (volunteering to answer, responding to teacher's directions, etc.) I will let them share their ideas and; 6.

Field study 1 episode 5

Embed Size px x x x x An Observation Guide for Individual Differences Read the following carefully before you begin to observe. Then write your observation report on the space provided. Observe the class to see the differences in abilities of the learners.

Embed Size px x x x x Episode 5 provides an opportunity for me to observe how differences in abilities affect interaction in school, and learn about strategies that teachers use in addressing the learners different needs to effective learning. Development and learning proceed at varying rates from child ti child, as well as at uneven rates across different areas of the childs functioning.

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