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redistribution between eigrp and ospf lab pdf

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Bgp lab scenarios. BGP Tutorial. Apr 29 router bgp address family ipv4 neighbor

Model the same physical topology as Route Optimization Lab 5. R1 is running. Add R2 to enable these two routing protocols.

Redistribution Between Cisco EIGRP into OSPF and Vice Versa (Example)

EN Location. Download PDF. Last Updated:. Current Version:. Route Redistribution. Route redistribution on the firewall is the process of making routes that the firewall learned from one routing protocol or a static or connected route available to a different routing protocol, thereby increasing accessibility of network traffic. Without route redistribution, a router or virtual router advertises and shares routes only with other routers that run the same routing protocol.

This means, for example, you can make specific networks that were once available only by manual static route configuration on specific routers available to BGP autonomous systems or OSPF areas. Create a redistribution profile. Select Network. Select Redistribution Profile. Enter a Name. Enter a Priority. For Redistribute.

No Redist. On the General Filter. Click OK. Optional—When General Filter includes ospf or ospfv3. To specify an Area.

To specify a Tag. Optional—When General Filter includes bgp. Select BGP Filter. For Community. For Extended Community. Select the protocol into which you are redistributing routes, and set the attributes for those routes.

This task illustrates redistributing routes into BGP. Select BGP. Select Allow Redistribute Default Route. Click Add. Select Address Family Type. Select the Name. Set Origin. Set MED. Set Local Preference. Set AS Path Limit. Set Community. Set Extended Community. Recommended videos not found. All rights reserved.

Route Redistribution

Route Redistribution Topology in IPv6. Completing Preliminary Configurations. Configure an IPv4 Address for an Interface. Configuring the Basic IPv6 Topology. Configuring the Route Redistribution Topology. Configuring IPv6 Support in an Interface.

Redistributing Routing Protocols

It is found only in old legacy networks or in lab environments for study purposes. The above situation of having a single routing protocol is the most common case. However, there are networks that use two different IGP protocols for various reasons such as merge of two companies that use different routing protocols, migration from one protocol to another, installation of router devices from a different vendor etc. If you have two IGP routing protocols in the same network, then you must perform Routing Redistribution in order to exchange routing information between the two protocols. Note that you can configure and enable two routing protocols on a router e.

If not then to summarize it all up for you in a pretty little nut shell; mutual route redistribution is the process where two dynamic routing protocols exchange their routes with each other. Mutual route redistribution is a common remedy when companies acquire other companies that use different routing protocols. After the acquisition, the CTO Chief Technology Officer Mandates that there be full network communication between the newly merged companies. When specifying a metric keep in mind if you have multiple routers performing mutual redistribution you may need to have a higher metric on one router then the other to prevent a routing loop; this is where packets just keep going in circles between the two autonomous systems.

CCNP v6. The supported lab list below provides a list of CCNP v6. To enable the CCNP v6.

Lab 5-2 Redistribution Between EIGRP and OSPF

Chapter 4 Lab 4-1, Redistribution Between EIGRP and OSPF

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EN Location. Download PDF. Last Updated:. Current Version:. Route Redistribution.

The use of a routing protocol to advertise routes that are learned by some other means, such as by another routing protocol, static routes, or directly connected routes, is called redistribution. While running a single routing protocol throughout your entire IP internetwork is desirable, multi-protocol routing is common for a number of reasons, such as company mergers, multiple departments managed by multiple network administrators, and multi-vendor environments. Running different routing protocols is often part of a network design. In any case, having a multiple protocol environment makes redistribution a necessity. Differences in routing protocol characteristics, such as metrics, administrative distance, classful and classless capabilities can effect redistribution.

neighbors and show ip route eigrp commands on both routers. 2 - 27 CCNP: Building Scalable Internetworks v - Lab Copyright © , Cisco Systems, Inc.

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