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scientific article about temperature and muscle contraction pdf

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Effects of Cooling on Ankle Muscle Strength, Electromyography, and Gait Ground Reaction Forces

The relationship between the root mean square value rms of the EMG and the static grip force did not change due to temperature changes. This is a preview of subscription content, access via your institution. Rent this article via DeepDyve. Am J Phys Med — Google Scholar. Bennett AF Thermal dependence of muscle function. Am J Physiol RR Bergh U Human power at subnormal body temperatures. Acta Physiol Scand [Suppl] — Bergh U, Ekblom B Influence of muscle temperature on the maximal muscle strength and power output in human skeletal muscles.

Acta Physiol Scand — Ciba Foundation Symposium no. Pitman Medical, London, pp — Exerc Sport Sci Rev — Am J Physiol — Res Q — J Physiol — Eur J Appl Physiol — Enander E Performance and sensory aspects of work in cold environments: a review. Ergonomics — Hermansen L Effect of acidosis on skeletal muscle performance during maximal exercise in man. Bull Eur Physiopathol Resp — Can J Med Sci — J Appl Physiol — Electromyogr Clin Neurophysiol — Med Sci Sports Exerc — Schriftenreihe Arbeitsmedizin, Sozialmedizin, Arbeitshygiene, vol 2.

Gentner, Stuttgart. Sargeant AJ Effect of temperature on leg extension force and short term power output in humans. Aviat Space Environ Med — Download references. Reprints and Permissions.

Holewijn, M. Effects of temperature on electromyogram and muscle function. Download citation. Accepted : 09 July Issue Date : November Search SpringerLink Search. Immediate online access to all issues from Subscription will auto renew annually. View author publications. Rights and permissions Reprints and Permissions.

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Temperature and muscle.

Molecular mechanisms of glucose uptake in skeletal muscle at rest and in response to exercise. Glucose uptake is an important phenomenon for cell homeostasis and for organism health. Under resting conditions, skeletal muscle is dependent on insulin to promote glucose uptake. Insulin, after binding to its membrane receptor, triggers a cascade of intracellular reactions culminating in activation of the glucose transporter 4, GLUT4, among other outcomes. This transporter migrates to the plasma membrane and assists in glucose internalization. However, under special conditions such as physical exercise, alterations in the levels of intracellular molecules such as ATP and calcium actto regulate GLUT4 translocation and glucose uptake in skeletal muscle, regardless of insulinlevels. Regular physical exercise, due to stimulating pathways related to glucose uptake, is an important non-pharmacological intervention for improving glycemic control in obese and diabetic patients.

In experiments on small bundles of intact fibers from a rat fast muscle, in vitro, we examined the decline in force in repeated tetanic contractions; the aim was to characterize the effect of shortening and of temperature on the initial phase of muscle fatigue. The finding that the extent of fatigue is increased with shortening contractions and is lower at higher temperatures is consistent with the view that force depression by inorganic phosphate, which accumulates within fibers during activity, may be a primary cause of initial muscle fatigue. The original experiments of Merton 28 on in situ human muscle showed that a main underlying cause of decline in force fatigue is indeed within muscle, namely, accumulation of metabolic products of activity. However, subsequent studies have shown that the etiology of fatigue of muscular performance can be rather complex and may involve impairment of various nervous mechanisms,; referred to as central fatigue 41 , it seems that there is no one mechanism responsible and that in vivo muscle fatigue can be additionally caused by different neural mechanisms, specific to the task being performed 19 , 29 , The present study addresses an aspect of peripheral muscle fatigue. In general, however, such experiments indicated an initial force decline followed by a later more pronounced decline 31 , Whereas the late phase of fatigue, referred to as activation fatigue 18 , was shown to be associated with impaired excitation-contraction coupling processes, the early force decline myofibrillar fatigue is thought to be largely due to accumulation of products of ATP hydrolysis such as inorganic phosphate P i affecting the cross-bridge cycle for recent reviews, see 1 ,

Effects of temperature on electromyogram and muscle function

The purpose of this study is to know the effect of temperature on fish muscle contraction of jack mackerel Trachurus japonicus , which muscle contraction will determine the tail beat frequency and maximum swimming speed. The maximum swimming speed of was evaluated according to the measurement of the muscle contraction time with electric stimuli of V, 50 ms. Results showed that the swimming speed of the fish was positively related to the tail-beat frequency at all temperatures. The muscle contraction time was also affected by the acclimated temperature, which longer at the lower temperature than higher ones.

Box , 00 Lund, Sweden. The effects of cooling on neuromuscular function and performance during gait are not fully examined. Gait ground reaction forces GRFs were also assessed.

J Anim Behav Biometeorol

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