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world facts and trivia pdf

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Big Facts is a resource of the most up-to-date and robust facts relevant to the nexus of climate change, agriculture and food security. It is intended to provide a credible and reliable platform for fact checking amid the range of claims that appear in reports, advocacy materials and other sources.

Fast Facts on the Commonwealth

Funny Facts. Planet Facts. There are 30 days in the month of September, which starts on the same day of the week as December each year but does not end on the same day of the week as any other month in the ye. Start your search here Arthur Sleep - Funny Facts. September 24, am. Interesting egg facts.

Geography Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

Alien worlds may be all the rage, with their mystique and promise, but the orb we call home, planet Earth, has all the makings for a jaw-dropping blockbuster movie: from the drama of explosive volcanoes, past meteor crashes and catastrophic collisions between rocky plates to the seeming fantasy of the ocean's deep abysses swirling with odd life and tales of the coldest, hottest, deepest, highest and all-out extreme spots. Did you know Earth is not actually a sphere? That we are rocketing around the sun at 67, mph? That the majority of Earth's fresh water is locked up in Antarctica? We pawed through our archives to gather together just 50 of the most amazing and interesting facts about Earth.

Protecting nature today means a better planet for future generations. NASA data show that average global temperatures in were 1. Eleven percent of all global greenhouse gas emissions caused by humans are due to deforestation 5 — comparable to the emissions from all of the passenger vehicles on the planet. Tropical forests are incredibly effective at storing carbon, providing at least a third of the mitigation action needed 7 to prevent the worst climate change scenarios. Natural climate solutions such as restoring degraded forests could create as many as 39 jobs per million dollars spent — that's a job-creation rate more than six times higher than the oil and gas industry. Roughly 3. Restoration is critical and cost-effective.

The poor – rural and urban – spend as much as 70 percent of their income on food. 9. By , 60 percent of the world's population will live in cities, with most.

50 Interesting Facts About Earth

Our Continent Facts for Kids provide lots of interesting and fun facts on the continents of the world. There are seven continents and five oceans on our planet. The continents are the huge landmasses that separated by the waters of the oceans. On this page we will tell you more about the continents, about their sizes and special features. These 7 continents vary in size and population numbers.

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Animal Pictures and Facts

15 amazing science facts that will blow your mind

Whether you've just completed school or you graduated decades ago, there are likely many things you don't know about the extraordinary planet on which we live. For instance: Were you aware that the Pacific Ocean is shrinking every year? Or that the world includes a sea without coasts?

Are you looking for interesting geography facts? We have listed here some awesome information about the world's continents, countries and people. Simply browse our geo facts section and enjoy learning about our wonderful world! What you will find here:.

Babies have about bones at birth, with cartilage between many of them. This extra flexibility helps them pass through the birth canal and also allows for rapid growth. When a substance is heated up, its particles move more and it takes up a larger volume — this is known as thermal expansion. Conversely, a drop in temperature causes it to contract again.

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Recall that a monomial is a number, a variable, or a productof numbers andvariables. A polynomial is amonomial or a sum of monomials. The exponents of the variables ofa polynomial must be positive.