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This sound introduction to classical and modern control theory concentrates on fundamental concepts. Employing the minimum of mathematical elaboration, it investigates the many applications of control theory to varied and important present-day problems, e.

Control and Optimal Control Theories with Applications

Optimal control theory is a branch of mathematical optimization that deals with finding a control for a dynamical system over a period of time such that an objective function is optimized. For example, the dynamical system might be a spacecraft with controls corresponding to rocket thrusters, and the objective might be to reach the moon with minimum fuel expenditure. Optimal control is an extension of the calculus of variations , and is a mathematical optimization method for deriving control policies. Optimal control deals with the problem of finding a control law for a given system such that a certain optimality criterion is achieved. A control problem includes a cost functional that is a function of state and control variables.

Optimal Control Applications and Methods — Template for authors

The system consists of m production facilities, each producing a different item. To produce one unit of an stream Constrained optimal control and policy iteration In this section, the optimal control problem for affine-in-the-input nonlinear systems with input constraints is formulated and an offline PI algorithm is given for solving the related optimal control problem. Finding an optimal control for a broad range of problems is not a simple task. It has numerous applications in both science and engineering. Optimal control problems are generally nonlinear and, therefore, generally unlike the linear-quadratic optimal control problem do not have analytic solutions.

It seems that you're in Germany. We have a dedicated site for Germany. Because the theoretical part of the book is based on the calculus of variations, the exposition is very transparent and requires mostly a trivial mathematical background. Many optimal control problems are solved completely in the body of the text. Furthermore, all of the exercise problems which appear at the ends of the chapters are sketched in the appendix. Furthermore, a short introduction to differential game theory is given. The reason for including this topic lies in the important connection between the differential game theory and the H-control theory for the design of robust controllers.

A co‐infection model for oncogenic human papillomavirus and tuberculosis with optimal control and Cost‐Effectiveness Analysis · Abstract · Full text · PDF.

Optimal Control: Theory and Application to Science, Engineering, and Social Sciences

An optimal control problem entails the identification of a feasible scheme, policy, program, strategy, or campaign, in order to achieve the optimal possible outcome of a system. More formally, an optimal control problem means endogenously controlling a parameter in a mathematical model to produce an optimal output, using some optimization technique. The problem comprises an objective or cost functional, which is a function of the state and control variables, and a set of constraints. The problem seeks to optimize the objective function subject to the constraints construed by the model describing the evolution of the underlying system.

The Maximum Principle 8 0 obj endobj Optimal control theory is a branch of mathematical optimization that deals with finding a control for a dynamical system over a period of time such that an objective function is optimized. Example 1. Optimal Control and Estimation is a graduate course that presents the theory and application of optimization, probabilistic modeling, and stochastic control to dynamic systems.

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