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occupational health and safety lecture notes pdf

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OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH & SAFETY Material pdf download - LectureNotes for free

I IS ;[. Prepared by:. Upton, New York March Department of Energy. Washington, D. In an overview, safety and health is defined and the driving forces behind the implementation of a strong program are examined. The program makes the listener aware that more than three different agencies and five industrial societies combine to make up the Act, and the focus is directed on areas identified by DOE as reqairing training.

What is Safety and Health? Definition - Webster Remarks by James Watkins, Secretary. Tiger Team Assessments Numerous Environmental, Safety and Health problems OSHA Overview Standards for Different Industries Standards Incorporated into Other Standards by Reference Variances and Exceptions General Duty Clause Compliance Inspections Occupational Safety and Health Professionals Because of time, we can't discuss everything in depth however, we will discuss;.

Certain applications with emphasis on where to find accurate information. Radiation and radiation hazards will not be discussed because they are covered in other courses. Health - as physical and mental well being; freedom from disease, pain or defect;. Wide, general recognition in the industry even if not detected by senses there are test for existance.

Disagreed with philosophy of DOE that adequate production of defense ,, nuclear. Requested greater. Instituted a ten-point initiative Appendix Fig. Award fees for defense production contractors will be 51 percent at the available.

Ali points emphasize safety and health with an intention to ensure compliance with. OSHA standards not only in defense facilities but in non-defense facilities. Watkins to assist in determining actions needed to assure DOE has an exemplory safety and. Safety and health not a priority for ali GOCO managers, supervisors, employ- ees and unions.

Hazard communication training: usually video taped and not properly supple-. Confined space entry: Most facilities had written program but had problems. Trenching: failure to perform soil analysis, identify location of underground. Blood-borne diseases: Emea'gency medical facilities and clinics not in compli-. Serious recordkeeping problems especially in lost time injuries. Accident investigations frequently blamed employee rather than looking for.

Physical examinations not provided as often as required. Work restrictions used to minimize number of recordable injuries. Because of numerous environmental, safety and health problems found at DOE. The findings were a result of a Tiger. Safety analysis reports SARs provide basis for demonstrating potential hazards. OSH training program. DOE initiated a review of deficiences and determined it ,needs a more. Training requirements1 for the ten categories were then established Appendix Fig.

Hazardous communications, motor vehicle safety, electrical safety, lock and. Crossover training and training on recent changes to standards, such as the Lab. Training on excavation safety, material handling, respiratory protection, first. Many of these topics are currently being addressed in proposed OSHA standards as.

Hazardous waste operations and emergency response, 29 CRR Hazardous waste operations and emergency response, 29 CFR Asbestos, tremolits, anthophyllite, and Actinolite, 29 CFR Tunnels and shafts, 29 CFR Occupational exposure to hazardous chemicals in laboratories, 29 CFR.

Rights and Responsibilities, DOE OSHA Overview. Equipment and materials 2. Estimated 20, OSHA Standards a. OSHA "Standards". I Vary in interpretation from inspector to inspector, and judge to judge.

Inspectors have discovered accident or incidents are the result of employers. Training provision vague and indefinite. Standard does not satisfy constitutional requirements to:.

Courts hold-no employer should be subject to sanctions for renderhance to. Locating and identifying the OSHA standard that applies to a particular business. Standards for Different Industries. Title 29 of Code of Federal Regulations originally three categories. OSH Act: Three categories transformed into OSHA standards and additional "general industry" standards added to round out the act.

I There is a natural tendency for people engaged in the construction and mari-. Those who think along those lines are mis-. Similar requirements for head protection wearing of hard hats covered in;. Technique used to incorporate non-government, mostly, American National. ANSI revised and superseded that standard in OSHA must be contacted to get a. Six other ANSI standards are referred to and they have been superceeded and in.

A temporary variance can be granted by the Director of Operational Safety. Example of variance. If permanent variance can be granted by the Assistant Secretary Environmental.

An exception may be granted by the CO or CO represe'atative after evaluation. Safety and Health Standards are also found in. Environmental Protection, Safety, and Health. Congress intended that OSHA standards would specify what employers should.

However, a "general duty" requirement was added to. DOE does not reference section 5 in PL neither it is referenced from any. Purpose - To establish requirements and procedures to assure that occupational. Appendix Fig. As appli-. DOE Incorporated in DOE DOE F DOE PR a now. DEAR DOE PR Occupational safety and health professionals of field organizations shall conduct. These inspections are in addition to occupational safety and health.

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Jorma Rantanen and Igor A. Provision of occupational health services means carrying out activities in the workplace with the aim of protecting and promoting workers' safety, health and well-being, as well as improving working conditions and the working environment. These services are provided by occupational health professionals functioning individually or as part of special service units of the enterprise or of external services. Occupational health practice is broader and consists not only of the activities performed by the occupational health service. It is multidisciplinary and multisectoral activity involving in addition to occupational health and safety professionals other specialists both in the enterprise and outside, as well as competent authorities, the employers, workers and their representatives. Such involvement requires a well-developed and well-coordinated system at the workplace. The necessary infrastructure should comprise all the administrative, organizational and operative systems that are needed to conduct the occupational health practice successfully and ensure its systematic development and continuous improvement.

And, best of all, most of its cool features are free and easy to use. To define the basic terminology of the subject area. Empire State Building. An immediate response is critical in emergencies. Choosing a Career in Occupational Safety and Health.


It aims an adaptation of working environment to workers for the promotion and maintenance of the highest degree of physical, mental and social well-being of workers in all occupations. Assign to staff. PDF Occupational safety and health is an area concerned with protecting the safety, health and welfare of people engaged in work or employment.

Learner Outcomes: You will be able to: 1. The Joint Health and Safety Committee is composed of two co-chairs, one from management and one representing Workers. Workplace safety and health WSH is an important area of any business or organisation. An introduction to health and safety at work Want to know more: Information One Bromley.

The situation of occupational health and safety is not good worldwide. Many workers continue to contract occupational disease, involve in accidents and get exposed to infections.


I IS ;[. Prepared by:. Upton, New York March

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