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Members may download one copy of our sample forms and templates for your personal use within your organization. Neither members nor non-members may reproduce such samples in any other way e. A merger is generally defined as the joining of two or more different organizations under one common owner and management structure.

The success of most acquisitions hinges not on dollars but on people. Most companies do a thorough job of financial due diligence when they acquire other companies. But all too often, deal makers simply ignore or underestimate the significance of people issues in mergers and acquisitions. The consequences are severe. To make matters worse, differences in decision-making styles lead to infighting; integration stalls; and productivity declines.

M&A due diligence

The project ]work discusses, investigates, and reports on research into the essentials of human resource due diligence and its cultural aspects in a cross-border integration.

It also points out specific findings on integration using and intensive HR due diligence approach. The discussion on cultural integration includes cultural fit, cultural change and management across national cultures in mergers and acquisitions. Addressing these issues is designed to provide further insights for the two companies in question into the significance of HR due diligence in the run-up to any possible merger or an acquisition of ADMECO AG.

Small medical equipment companies in Switzerland are facing a challenge on two fronts: first, keeping up with a rapidly increasing diversified healthcare market, and secondly, asserting market share despite increased competition within the European and global hospital OR market segment. ADMECO AG growth over the last 10 years has produced a horizontal organisation yet the company has shown a marked inability to realise an overall aim taking it beyond strategy, structure and systems to a framework built on purpose, process and people.

Founded in , the company missed the point for effective diversification, failing to tailor new products e. The service line has not been widened to explore ways of penetrating new market areas with, for instance, asset management based services for hospital providers.

Similarly, neither has the product portfolio been broadened to incorporate sales tools that, for example, replace standard contracts with risk sharing ones. Additionally, ADMECO has not shown itself able to effectively communicate and reinforce its plan to achieve strategic resonance.

The company lacks the resonance between the speed of domestic and international market changes and the speed of management response. Rapid market changes in the past did not culminate in the company radically repositioning itself internationally.

Against such a background, it is doubtful whether the present corporate outlook can guarantee long-term sustained "fast profitable growth" for their business. ADMECO AG 3 is a small medical device company offering concepts and solutions for the hospital market, in particular, operating theatres and clean room environments. Its strategy is based on factors such as market penetration, the patent status of products , the regional location of their major customers, their financial strengths, and the resources the company can bring to bear on changing market opportunities.

In the nineties, the number of domestic as well as cross-border mergers and acquisitions had grown significantly before it dropped after The growth was mostly based on an expanding economic environment and bullish stock markets. The increasing importance of information technology IT at the end of the nineties did not just trigger a boom on the NASDAQ, it also led to overall improving share prices, hiking the value of such companies as they matched market capitalisation.

However, this provides only for a somewhat limited remit. What are the corporate cultural discrepancies between the companies?

What losses in productivity or personnel defections could they cause? What would this cost the company? Galpin et al. Generally, the classic due diligence approach ignores the conflict management issues. Empirical evidence suggests that the assimilation of different corporate cultures and values poses conflicts.

However, the computer and internet service market is very active sector, suggesting a convalescing market after , the year the bubble burst. The U. July, - value is the base equity offered. Such research has found that given a choice, Northern European countries such as U.

The figure below depicts the FDI Inflows by host region relevant for this project www. The issues this project intends to tackle will cover the contrast between pre-acquisition motives and post-acquisition behaviour, and the subtle process of sound integration in terms of HR due diligence and the cultural fit in general.

It ensures:. I intend to describe the methodology used, discuss the reasons for selecting it, explain the data gathering process, the analysis model, and the problems and limitations in data gathering and analysis.

This will also include any key extracts from other documents needed to support the arguments. As HR due diligence practices, legal frameworks and organisational backgrounds are subject to major differences from country to country, the framework of Switzerland, Denmark and the USA is used with regard to legal aspects and its HR due diligence practices.

The project timeline may prove to be a main external constraint, since I am intending to take as comprehensive approach as possible and this requires obtaining feedback and input from key members of both companies from Switzerland Hochdorf and Denmark Copenhagen. Although I am used to consulting and the associated problems, this will be the first time that I am undertaking any comprehensive evaluation of HR due diligence. Furthermore, I also lack the experience in conducting a comprehensive HR due diligence research, although I am familiar with interview techniques and limited due diligence techniques.

There may, therefore, be additional time needed to prepare for meetings or translate outcomes into English to be included in the project documents. Finally, it may prove difficult to locate any similar data for comparisons, since most other small size Swiss medical equipment companies are privately owned. The knowledge of those corporations forms a significant part of their competitive advantages and an integral part of their customer relationships, and consequently most of the research studies are prepared for internal use only.

Additionally, most of the research reports available are written for business-to-business clients and thus rather expensive. Although there are some exceptions to this, and company collaboration, especially in terms of interview partners, was of considerable value for the feasibility of this project, the author had to rely largely on information available in the public sphere.

To avoid ambiguity and to facilitate a better understanding of the text, it is necessary to define how some terms are used. The way some key words are used here reflects a specific perception and the specific circumstances of this project see also Literature Review. Abbildung in dieser Leseprobe nicht enthalten 8 , 9 , 10 , 11 , It reports on research of essentials human resource due diligence and its cultural aspects in a cross-border integration.

It also points out specific findings on integration using an intensive human capital and cultural due diligence approach, touching on human resources accounting HRA with the stochastic rewards evaluation model as a valuation instrument for management progress. A countries legal frameworks and its cultural aspects pose added challenges, not found in singlecountry deals Rees et al.

The terms mergers and acquisitions are widely used interchangeably and for a wide range of business transactions Gaughan, ,p. According to most scholars, a merger is a combination of two distinct companies in which only one company survives and the merged company no longer exists Reed et. Assets and liabilities of both companies then belong to the surviving company. According to Gaughan, the relative size of the merging partners is relevant for the definition of the transaction.

Corporations of about equal size consolidate, whereas companies of different size merge. An acquisition is generally understood as a transfer of ownership Reed et. Hence, listed companies are acquired by purchasing the absolute majority of shares usually at a premium to the current stock price DePamphilis, ,p.

For non-listed, privately held companies the acquisition agreement is directly negotiated with the respective owners DePamphilis, ,p. Consequently, the terms mergers and acquisitions do not describe different transactions but rather describe business transactions from different angles Scholz,,p.

An acquisition is seen as the act of purchasing either parts of a company or an entire company. This may lead to a merger, through which two legal entities become one.

Copeland et. Gersten takes a step further, distinguishing his between 5 types of acquisitions Gersten et. Share purchases imply partial or full acquisition of corporate assets and responsibilities, whereas asset purchases focus on buying company assets, i.

Deciding on the type of approach to be adopted is fundamental in nature and plays a key role in taxation and balance sheet issues Lucks et. The most common type of purchase is via share deals because these are less complex to manage, both in terms of legal restrictions and the coordination needed Scholz,,p. DePamphilis ,p5 also further uses statutory versus subsidiary mergers to distinguish mergers from a structural perspective.

A further distinction is between the reverse merger, where the acquirer is absorbed by the acquiree, and the forward merger, where the acquiree merges into the acquirer Reed et al.

When it comes to stock acquisitions, management consent in the target company provides a basis for distinguishing between friendly acquisitions and hostile takeovers, with the latter defined as acquisitions opposed by the target company's management Jansen,,p Hostile takeovers exist in different forms and are initiated either by traditional techniques i. According to Galpin et al. Nonetheless, it is not totally obvious why shareholders would not benefit more by a process of building up the prospective market share internally, or whether the greater market share to be acquired would inevitably contribute to increasing shareholder value.

Frequently, before synergy can be achieved, the acquired company has to undergo an expensive and radical restructuring process Bengtsson,, p By buying a competitor, synergies with suppliers or distributors can be released, or competitive advantage improved over businesses in related industries Bengtsson,,p. A firm undertakes cross-border mergers for an entire range of reasons, including the struggle for scale, structural pressures, driven intensive consolidation, response to technological or pre- empting restructuring, changes, increases in scale to market, the need to advertise globally, exhaustion of the domestic merger route, and the chance to gain a grip in new markets Alexander, Markets and production processes becoming increasingly multifaceted; moreover, the skill mix of different country workforces is diverse.

Cross-border mergers have become common as the globalisation of markets increases. If two companies located in different countries intend to extend their areas of production and sales, then cross-border mergers provide an effective way for both companies to achieve their objectives. In the case of cross-border acquisitions, companies find it easier and cheaper to buy a company than create growth via internal activities directed at building brand names overseas.

What cross-border mergers and acquisitions have in common is the desire to expand into a new market. Not only will the acquiring company then buy the usual tangible assets of the target, but it will also acquire the valuable intangibles, including market knowledge and business practices.

As Davis et al. In addition to globalization, there are a variety of market forces responsible for this development. Free trade zones like the EU, ASEAN or NAFTA allow easier cross-border deals inside their areas, yet also attract outsiders, worried that expansion of trade agreements will ultimately lead to higher entry barriers for them Achhleitner, ,p.

The two countries of interest in this project are listed in Figure 6. However, the process is usually significantly longer Lucks et. Another major aspect involved is the added national cultural distance between the buyer and the vendor country, especially in achieving initial objectives in the PMI process Lucks et. Thus, not surprisingly, Forstmann found "a reasonably strong relationship between measured cultural differences and problems of integration" Fortsmann,,p.

In November , the European Commission presented a Directive to make cross-border mergers easier by overcoming obstacles found in differing national laws. The proposed directive on cross-border merger procedure is intended to be governed by each Member State, using the principles and rules applicable to domestic mergers The concept of culture is not new, but has been a topic of interest and dispute for hundreds of years Maletzke,,p.

However, mere etymological definitions do not answer the question of what culture actually is. In other words, culture is omnipresent in our everyday lives, just as thinking, feeling and reacting are a part of it.

Although universally applicable values can be found in every society, there are many values that differ from culture to culture. European countries and the USA are rather individualistic cultures, whereas Arabic and Asian countries have a more collectivistic culture.

As regards the transaction itself, the regulatory framework of the respective target country is vital in setting the scope of general feasibility Lucks et al. Consequently - and not surprisingly -, Forstmann ,p. Especially in the nineties, cross-cultural aspects were much discussed as one of the central aspects for success in the globalization context Rothlauf,,p. The PMI process, especially, may become more difficult where the cultural gap between target and buyer company is larger Gersten et al.

The challenge of overcoming cross-cultural differences can, however, be a rewarding task.

The challenge of HR integration: a review of the M&A HR integration literature

April 15, by Brandon Downs. By gathering this information, the buyer is better equipped to make an informed decision and close the deal with a sense of certainty. Due diligence generally commences when the letter of intent LOI is signed. During the due diligence process, research is conducted to ensure that all facts pan out before entering into a financial transaction or agreement with another party. Due to the complex nature of mergers and acquisitions , the due diligence process can last several weeks to several months. The first step of the process involves gathering a team who will be responsible for conducting the due diligence.

Our HR Due Diligence Checklist provides a framework of initial requests, completely customizable to suit your deal's unique needs. These are tailored specifically to the human resources function of an organization. Export this template to Excel with just one click. Also, Import your Excel spreadsheet easily - turn it into a nice dealroom. The tasks tracker is integrated with the virtual data room, so you can start collecting documents right away.

This book examines how to conduct due diligence on mergers and acquisitions for organisations in China written from a management perspective. Aimed primarily at practitioners within the field of International Human Resource Management, it highlights models that appear straightforward and yet are susceptible to oversights and failings. It examines the roles of human resource practitioners from when a target company is identified for mergers or acquisitions through to assessing its risks. The book incorporates adopting human resource management strategies under differing business conditions, negotiating to secure the deal and integrating the new business unit to the merged or acquired organisation. This title gives a fantastically detailed analysis of due diligence, capturing the nuances of the Chinese way of doing things and how this affects a business environment. Provides practical and realistic solutions to real-world problemsConcisely draws upon the authors' wide-ranging practical and research experience in conducting due diligence assignments in organisations in ChinaWritten by highly knowledgeable and well-respected practitioners in the international Human Resource Management field.

Learn the keys to M&A due diligence planning Merger. • Combining of two companies where one new company will continue to HR Due Diligence. • Files.

Human Due Diligence

The project ]work discusses, investigates, and reports on research into the essentials of human resource due diligence and its cultural aspects in a cross-border integration. It also points out specific findings on integration using and intensive HR due diligence approach. The discussion on cultural integration includes cultural fit, cultural change and management across national cultures in mergers and acquisitions. Addressing these issues is designed to provide further insights for the two companies in question into the significance of HR due diligence in the run-up to any possible merger or an acquisition of ADMECO AG. Small medical equipment companies in Switzerland are facing a challenge on two fronts: first, keeping up with a rapidly increasing diversified healthcare market, and secondly, asserting market share despite increased competition within the European and global hospital OR market segment.

Human Resource Checklist 4. According to a survey of the GHS Wuppertal university in the importance of HR Due Diligence in Germany ranged far behind analysis of financial, legal, tax, market, controlling corporate management aspects. Most merging companies still consider financial valuation the by far most relevant factor. Soft facts like the value e. Evaluation of Human Capital is especially important for mergers of companies of service industries where employees are the main capital of the firm.

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