Design Of Auto Guard System Based On Rfid And Network Pdf

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design of auto guard system based on rfid and network pdf

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70+ Communication Based Projects for Engineering Students

Nowadays electronics play an essential role and it is a known fact that it has become a part of our day-to-day life. Electronics and Communication Engineering is one of the most demanding branches in Engineering. There are many students who are optimistic and show a keen interest in this branch of science, and this branch of science also offers endless opportunities for them to move on in their respective careers. Engineering graduates should complete their projects in III and Final year to get their certificate. They have to use their innovative ideas to do the projects individually. Keeping such innovative concepts and ideas in mind, apart from the latest and emerging trends in electronics, this article lists top-notch projects list of mini projects for ECE students. Moreover, students can avail of many options to select their projects in various categories such as microcontrollers, robotics, embedded, solar, and communication-based like GPS, GSM, and RFID, etc.

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List of Top Mini Projects for ECE Students

Here, we have listed out some important and useful projects based on electronics and communication. These projects are mainly helpful for final year engineering students. If you are interested, you may check the list of various communication based projects given below. You may write your comments and new project ideas also in comments section. If you have any opinions and suggestions, you are always welcome to visit our contact us page.

In todays world owing a car is not a big deal but safeguarding the owned car has become a great deal. Even though the modern automobiles are heterogeneously combined by the combination of latest digital components it had also created the opportunity for new attacks. However, it is the development of modern technology that makes the commit means of crimes become smarter and the automobiles stolen events more frequent. Several security and tracking systems are designed to assist corporations with large number of vehicles and several usage purposes. A fleet management system can minimize the cost and effort of employees to finish road assignments within a minimal time.


GPS is the most imperative innovation for following the area of the vehicle. By utilizing this, we can without much of a stretch recognize the area in which it is accessible. These days, RFID is utilized as a part of numerous applications, for example, a toll door framework, Automatic fuel filling in petrol bunk, Railways request focus. Security is the most essential thing that everybody is expecting in their fundamental needs which is to be satisfied.

RFID radio frequency identification technology has already proved its use in various areas such as security, library, airline, military, animal forms, sports and other areas. RFID is being used for various applications in many industries. For example, equipment tracking, access controls including personal and vehicle, logistic, baggage, items security in departmental store. RFID can help is recognizing contextual knowledge and can help to improve objects predictability for certain processes.

The identified objects can be in and out of the line of sight and there is no need for physical contact with them. RFID technology is deployed in a wide range of industries such as supply chain management, inventory control, farming to track animals , e-Passports, the tracking of humans in prisons and hospitals and in healthcare [1]. The three key elements of an RFID system are the tags, readers and the backend server. Tags are devices physically attached to objects and readers wired or mobile recognize the presence of objects in its range. National Center for Biotechnology Information , U.

design of auto guard system based onb rfid and can bus network

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