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No Particulars No:. The company will be aiming for customer satisfaction and retention rather than on expansion and huge growth. The company will be delivering fruits and vegetables at the door of the customer.

People want and need vegetables and related food with good taste and high nutritional quality. Our national diet is a disgrace. We have a huge problem of obesity.


To browse Academia. Skip to main content. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. Log In Sign Up. Download Free PDF. Benson James Lyimo. Download PDF. A short summary of this paper. The head quarter offices are located at Njiro - Arusha Tanzania. Statement of financing needed The company seeks a total amount of ,, Tshs which will be used for purchasing fixed assets such as land, trucks, motorcycle, buildings, office furniture and paying for operational activities.

The fruits produced and distributed by the company including oranges, pineapples and apples specifically. The enterprise is expected to use simple, modern and convenience technology in production , storing and distribution of products as recommended by our technical experts. The company is expected to produce quality, competitive and affordable fruits which will have endless flavour of taste to meet satisfaction of our consumers.

Production and distribution of the products to the final consumer are done under great order to retain its naturalist and quality.

Due to this, from the targeted consumers in Dar es Salaam, Dodoma and Singida the market information can spread into different places and welcome more consumers to join the market. The company seeks a total amount of ,, Tshs which will be used for purchasing fixed assets such as land, trucks, motorcycle, buildings, office furniture and other operational activities.

Financial management and control will be under company policy, rules and regulations in order to ensure maximum efficiency, effectiveness, responsibility and accountability of the organisation 3. Analysis of competitors The nature of our targeted market is perfect competitive market because there are also many producers who produces the same products in the market, the targeted market is still wide open because there is free entry and exist in the market due to demand and supply forces.

Industry and market forecasts 4. Product Njiro Fruits Production Company NFPC products are oranges, apples, and pineapples and they will be in the form of organic fruits because we are using organic methods in producing these fruits, so they are organic fruits.

These products will be produced and then be supplied without being processed means we are selling fresh fruits. Then these fruits will be supplied to these three regions which are Dar-es-salaam, Dodoma and Singida. The value it will create to the customers is providing and supplying nutritional health to those customers who will consume it and the value it will create to the market is by increasing the number of consumers in the market because more consumers will be attracted with our products.

Management and information system For any business to perform smoothly and ensure profit and good interaction between different department and units in the business there must be information flow. Information flow from one unit to another within a firm will ensure good position of the firm. Also there will be department for marketing research to ensure that all changes that arise from within and outside market forces are being identified and make recommendations for the course of action so as to ensure well performance or position of sales in market, product and other marketing units.

Infrastructure, facility, plant and equipment requirement The plant requires several infrastructures, facilities and equipment so as to enable smooth performance in the production process. Since the bank lately has programs developed to support the start-up of business [entrepreneurship] and especially agricultural activities with in the country. The required amount is million of TZs each in hand is 60 million TZs and 40 million TZs from financial institution.

Tracks; Two tracks or Lorries also will be used to transport the products from farms to the market. She began small business activities when taking his Diploma studies. Max Mwajuzi is a businessman. He graduated from University of Dodoma with bachelor of Commerce. It will be difficult for customers to visit our store and not see the type of fruits that they are looking for. Our excellent customer service culture, online store, various payment including electronicpayment options and highly secured facility will serve as a modest advantage for us.

Distribution NFPC products will be distributed to these three regions and we will use 2 Lories for 7 tones and we will use existing distribution channel. Identification of partners The business is owned by two persons known. Company is managed by Madan. Rose Kapinga Management-team background There shall be formed the management team of fruits supply company which will be led by the Managing Director.

Other members of management team shall include relevant head of other departments as well as office secretaries. Halima Abdul. Herman Gosh. Dedan Jordan. MBA in Agribusiness. Production economics. Marketing management. BA in Accountancy and Finance. Roles and responsibilities of members of organization Managing Director This will be operating as the head of the company where he will be in charge of all things concerning the business of the company.

All matters including decision making, organizing, planning, coordinating and influencing will be under the Managing Director. Production Manager. He will be reporting to the Managing director. Marketing Manager. He will be in charge of sales and marketing department. They will be allowed to attend various meetings of the company according to the need available.

Again these secretaries will be reporting to the head of departments which they are responsible to. Drivers The company will employ only four drivers at the beginning. Two of them will be driving larger vehicles and the rest will be driving two tractors. The larger vehicles will be used to supply products to the responsible markets as well as carrying the necessary materials for the company such as inputs to be used in production 9.

Contingency plan Risk and strategies for mitigation; a Operational risk. This means business fail to provide the produces which satisfy the customers. This confers certain risks including the failure to; i Anticipate and respond to consumer preferences ii Create and maintain successful strategic alliances with high quality producers. This kind of risk can be mitigated by continuing provision of unique produces and reliable marketing information b Competitive risks This refers to the risk which occurs when the business faces the stiff competition from existing business which offers the produces or substitute produces.

The best way for mitigating this risk is through provision of fresh quality produces c Financial risk This refers to the risk which is caused by fluctuation of operating cost due to change in government policies and regulations, thus resulting in revenue fluctuation from one year to another.

These may cause by calamities which happen unexpectedly such floods, theft, machine breakdown, power cut-off. Great location for the business 1. In the same time,we can give them there is not the same kind of business a free quotation,in order to meet their nearby.

Pay more attention to the supplying section 2. We have vegetable,we are more professional to spare more budget into it such as the cost handling the operating process. In the future, it is highly possible for us to open our own farm.

On basis of that, we can not only reduce the cost of sales,but also the quality of goods could be guaranteed. We are new business we need to manage 1. Competition has increased a lot in market, large funds to start our business. It cost a lot so it remains a doubt in mind of every new to start our business, we have to buy the business man that his business wills success products and fill our shop.

It cost us every or not. It cost every much in setting up a 2. Vegetables are seasonable, as in every new business. Finance remains the main weak point for very difficult to bring a huge variety of new business man. As it very difficult to products in store. We have met 3.

Vegetable and fruit business is highly many recommendations and sign-out much depends on whether as if there is any change legal paper to get loan. We have to take a in weather it effects the production of loan to set up business. So we have to think vegetable and fruits. Risky especially when we have disaster interest of loan. We get very less discount on wholesale. Prices of vegetables and fruits always vary As vegetables and fruits have very less with growth of vegetables and fruits, if there margin in their prices.

The large stores by is less production then there are more prices like shopping centre effect the sale of of products, if there is more production then product. Origin of Vegetables. New York: Arcade Publishing. Archived from the original on January 6, Charles W. Hill; Gareth R. Jones 14 October South-Western College Pub. ISBN Eric S. Siegel, Brian R.

Ford, Jay M. Related Papers.

How to Start Online Fruit and Vegetables Delivery Business with an App

No Particulars No:. The company will be aiming for customer satisfaction and retention rather than on expansion and huge growth. The company will be delivering fruits and vegetables at the door of the customer. Customers in the Shaheed Benazir Abad city do not have access to the easy going vegetable markets and so, they have to purchase their required produces from the malls and super markets which sell these fruits and vegetables at higher margins. The customer also do not mind to pay the extra price for the quality produce which these retail formats provide. You will find it while standing in the queue at reliance fresh or big bazaar that people are purchasing their fruits and vegetables for the whole week or for three to four days and are paying bills of more than Rs.

Business Plan Of Fresh Fruit Vegetables

The latter has long-researched horticultural and agronomic techniques, as well as compost and soil blending technology now being promoted by the DEO, the USDA, the EPA, and other government agencies. The company is a combination of cutting edge, highest quality, and efficient food technology and production. It is committed to the improvement of food taste and nutritional quality. It is being founded to build upon an extensive array of biological and horticultural education, experience, and the research of its founders.

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Oasis Juice is planning to expand its operation to include distribution to stores within the entire state. We have a huge problem of obesity.

Don't bother with copy and paste.

In this piece of writing you will understand what are door to door businesses and how to start a door to door vegetable and fruit business. The need of door to door business services are increasing day by day , these services reduce tasks and workload of people , specially for working professionals and house wifes who handle the work all alone. The service is most demanding and it requires a good base of understanding to serve for the community. First you will see what is door to door business, requirements and business market requirements. In simple words we can say that these are the services that a group , people or organisation provides to the public at their doorstep which makes it flexible to fulfill their needs easily.

Farmers have a lot on their plate with successfully planting, nurturing and harvesting their crops. Many do not have the time to also take on the job of marketing their vegetable or fruit business to potential buyers. Therefore, farmers typically outsource this task to a fruit and vegetable trader, also known as a broker, merchant, dealer or grower's agent, according to the USDA. Fruit and vegetable traders serve as the "middlemen" for farmers and wholesale buyers. Traders develop relationships with both sides of the market: producers trust traders to sell their fruits and vegetables for the highest price possible, whereas buyers trust traders to procure quality fruits and vegetables for a fair price.

Farmers have a lot on their plate with successfully planting, nurturing and harvesting their crops. Many do not have the time to also take on the job of marketing their vegetable or fruit business to potential buyers.

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