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relation between kp and kc pdf

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When the reactants in a closed vessel at a particular temperature react to give products, the concentrations of the reactants keep on decreasing, while those of products keep on increasing for sometime after which there is no change in the concentrations of either the reactants or products.

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Gas Equilibrium Constants

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The equilibrium constant of a chemical reaction is the value of its reaction quotient at chemical equilibrium , a state approached by a dynamic chemical system after sufficient time has elapsed at which its composition has no measurable tendency towards further change. For a given set of reaction conditions, the equilibrium constant is independent of the initial analytical concentrations of the reactant and product species in the mixture. Thus, given the initial composition of a system, known equilibrium constant values can be used to determine the composition of the system at equilibrium. However, reaction parameters like temperature, solvent, and ionic strength may all influence the value of the equilibrium constant. A knowledge of equilibrium constants is essential for the understanding of many chemical systems, as well as biochemical processes such as oxygen transport by hemoglobin in blood and acid-base homeostasis in the human body. Stability constants , formation constants, binding constants , association constants and dissociation constants are all types of equilibrium constants. For a system undergoing a reversible reaction described by the general chemical equation.

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Here are some easy steps on writing gas equilibrium constants this is the same for finding K c , K p , K sp , Q and etc. As for K p , it is the same as K c , but instead of brackets [ ], K p uses parentheses :. For example:. The value of K depends on whether the solution being calculated for is using concentrations or partial pressures. The color of an equilibrium mixture of these 2 gasses depends on their relative proportions, which are dependent on temperature. If a problem asks you to find which way the reaction will shift in order to achieve equilibrium, and K is given, you would have to calculate for Q and compare the two numbers.

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Kc and Kp are also dimensionless, as they are defined properly using activities of the reactants and products which are dimensionless too.

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    Kp And Kc. Kp And Kc are the equilibrium constant of an ideal gaseous mixture. Kp is equilibrium constant used when equilibrium concentrations are expressed.