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cat 2016 logical reasoning questions and answers pdf

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It is held every year in different branches of IIM. You can download previous year CAT question papers from the links given below. Reference to the previous years Question Papers would give a clear idea about the exam pattern, topics covered, marking scheme, time management, etc.

CAT Solved Paper 2016 Download all Sections with Answer Keys for 2020 Exam

Many of these questions have been inspired by past year CAT questions. Questions come with detailed explanations, with video solutions from Rajesh, our Director, and slideshows. Note: These are not mere exercise problems. Solving them can be very valuable, both for exposure to different question patterns, and for learning different concepts from the explanations.

What is availabe in CAT Questions? All CAT Questions have detailed solutions. More than CAT Questions have detailed video solutions. The best part of it all: It's completely free! You are welcome to solve all our questions, and view all explanations totally free of cost.

Kindly note that, while the CAT Question bank is free for anyone who is preparing for the CAT, we ask that you refrain from reproducing any question or any part of our content in any form on Websites not affiliated with 2IIM. Read our copyright violation policy here and YouTube retraction policy here.

We also have pursued cases on copy right violation legally. You can look up the Judgement here. Factors and multiples form the basis of number systems.

There are infinitely many numbers that have only two factors. The most elegant proof for this dates back to the 8th century.

Might we state this as 6 goes in 50 nine times and leaves behind -4? This idea is so good that it comes with an exclamation mark. Spice and Everything Nice. How much of this and how much of that? Guess the extra ingredient? Beautiful questions from three allied topics. Most sportsmen will tell you - If you know the percentage play, you can profit well from it.

In a hurry? Have a go at these problems before you leave!! Maybe we could help you calculate how late you are going to be …. With every extra hour you log in for this topic, it becomes exponentially simpler. Keep your bases covered by mastering the basics. Set Theory especially consructing venn diagrams is a frequently tested topic.

Make sure you know the basics. One needs to have a clear understanding of circles, squares and equilateral triangles. Lets see how good you are! For the purists, it is geometry without romance, for the pragmatists it is Geometry with expanded scope. Practice these and realize your immeasurable worth!! Rule the roost in the science of rulers and measurements.

When you look at your reflection through a mirror, the image is at a distance equal to the distance between mirror and you. Having a good foundation in this subject will make Coordinate Geometry, Functions, and Algebra a lot easier. Polynomials is a simple topic which involves a lot of basic ideas. All things must progress, and progression is always a steady incline.

Unless you have a negative common difference!! There are many ways to skin the CAT. To skin the CAT, one needs to be good at finding how many ways there are. An extension to the most beautiful word in all of math? If you remove the two squares on opposite ends of a diagonal on a chess board, is it impossible to fill the remaining 62 squares with dominoes?

There is only one natural number whose successor is a perfect cube and predecessor is a perfect square. Find it. Buy one and have a good look at it. Did you know that number of spirals in the heads of Sunflowers is either 21 and 34, or 34 and Do you know what is special about these numbers?

CAT Question Papers. Quantitative Aptitude. Verbal Ability. DI LR.

CAT 2020-21 Previous Year Papers Download in PDF(Get Free PDF)

CAT , and papers were conducted in 2 slots. CAT paper was conducted in 3 slots. The Question papers for these years are available slot wise. For your reference, CAT question papers before were paper pencil based. From onward CAT has gone online and since then there is drastic change in the paper pattern. Also, CAT has started releasing CAT papers from onward, hence there is no official CAT question papers available from , , , , , , and

Please note: this paper just a sample paper based on CAT paper. Any resemblance to the Temperature Check for CAT Section. Area. Topic. Questions. My Prep. Verbal. Reading common thread running through all these measures. B. The objective is Section II – Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation.

CAT 2016 Question Paper

CAT exam is likely to be held on November 24, The LR section in CAT exam has 16 questions varying between basic to moderate level of difficulty, which amounts to 48 marks that can be easily scored through sufficient practice. Why Logical Reasoning Number Series? Logical Reasoning is one of the most important Logic Questions sections in the entire competitive, Campus and entrance online test. The candidates are required to read and understand the given text or paragraph and according choose the right answer from the given options.

With CAT few days away, here is a peek into memory based CAT questions to help candidates understand the type and level of difficulty of the questions asked in CAT. Valuing housework is not only about so-called housewives. It equally is about single parents and two-earner couples who need child-care during their paying jobs and lack time for housework after they get home.

2IIM's Free CAT Questions

Karishma Khatri. CAT never leaves an opportunity to baffle its test-takers. Its unpredictable nature each year gives cold feet to the candidates due to the varying CAT exam pattern, number of questions and duration over the years. Download Now. Fret not! The model papers provided to you by Collegedunia will help you prepare better for the battle. With more than 2.

The results of the common admission test CAT declared today. Eligible candidate apply for admission process will be started after the result announcement. IIM will send the Call later for interview to the. It will be a computer based test and conducted in 2 sessions on 26 th November

Verbal Aptitude and Reading Comprehension: Q1) Rajeev failed in the examination because none of her answers was ______ to the questions asked. (​a)Allusive.

CAT previous Papers PDF

Topper Candidates:

Free Content. College Counselling. Going through the CAT previous year question papers will be of immense help in knowing the nuances of the exam. Analyzing the past exam papers of CAT will help aspirants understand how the exam has evolved over the years. This, in turn, will help aspirants classify the topics based on their relative importance in the CAT exam. We can observe that the VARC section has become easier over the years from except in where it was quite difficult.

Previous 20 Year CAT Question Papers-Solved

The total cost of 2 pencils, 5 erasers, and 7 sharpeners is Rs. By what amount in Rs. The following information is known regarding the cost prices and selling prices of these four types of footwear:. If it is known that Balram never sells any item at a loss, then which of the following is true regarding the profit percentages earned by Balram on the items L, S, C and J represented by l, s, c and j. The tangent to the circle at R intersects secant PQ at T.


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