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Home Themed issues 20 Introduction Urban Kinships. Sin ce the seminal works of Emile Durkheim and Frederic Le Play , followed by the theories of Talcott Parsons Parsons and Bales , a connection has been made between urbanization, the emergence of the nuclear family and the modernization of society. Sociologists of the Chicago School thus described the contemporary city as a place of individual emancipation and elective ties, as opposed to the inherited solidarities of traditional kinship-based rural communities Park

One of the pioneering works of modern sociology, Family and Kinship in East London is a study of family life in the East End of London in the s, based on extensive interviews and case studies, which examines the consequences of moving families from urban to suburban public housing. The book was first published in , updated in , and is here presented with a new foreword by Judith Stacey. Husbands and Wives, Past and Present 2.


Family and Kinship in East London was a sociological study of an urban working class tight-knit community, and the effects of the post-war governments' social housing policy leading to their rehousing. Many East Londoners by rigid slum clearance moved out into the new estates of the Home Counties some of which is now outer Greater London. The research was carried out by Michael Young and Peter Willmott , who had been an integral part of building the welfare state in Britain during the tenure of Clement Attlee and the Labour government between The study itself has been acknowledged by many sociologists and in its authors' critiques as being one of the most influential sociological studies of the twentieth century. It used social observation as its means to do so, going away from statistical information that had been previously preferred. In this sense, it counters the Structuralist Positivist model that posits statistics can always be found to prove cause and effect within society. The idea was to interact and understand a post-war community, to determine its aspirations, worries, doubts and insecurities.

It was the book that launched a generation of social workers, sociologists and local government officials on their careers - a book that pioneered a genre of social observation. It helped transform popular perceptions of urban working-class life and, presciently, foresaw a host of issues about the workings of community with which we are still grappling. This week sees the republishing of Michael Young and Peter Willmott's Family and Kinship in East London - arguably the most influential piece of sociology in Britain in the 20th century - to mark its 50th anniversary. What Young and Willmott did was listen to the voices of a community in postwar Bethnal Green that, for many decades, had either been pitied or vilified. The voices they found described a world rich in social relationships, networks of dependence and mutual support that were central to the people's resilience in facing the adversity of insecure and low-paid employment. They charted what would now be described by policymakers as "social capital" and how it made urban neighbourhoods function effectively.

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Bell, Duran Defining marriage and legitimacy. Current anthropology Blackwell , Debra L.

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