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parametric and nonparametric tests in statistics pdf

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What is the difference between a parametric and a nonparametric test?

Let us begin this article with the obvious—in the process of data analysis, always look at the data first. By that we mean investigators look first at the numerical and graphical summaries of the data. Checking out the data first provides an overview of the overall project, gives a clearer understanding of the variables and their values, and shows how the values are distributed. How the data is distributed data distribution is characterized by its center , its spread , and the shape of the data. The center refers to the middle of the value distribution, along with an estimate of the value typical of the data. Are the values close to the center or are they widely spread out, and are there significant outliers?

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Topics: Hypothesis Testing , Statistics. That sounds like a nice and straightforward way to choose, but there are additional considerations. Nonparametric tests are like a parallel universe to parametric tests. The table shows related pairs of hypothesis tests that Minitab Statistical Software offers. Reason 1: Parametric tests can perform well with skewed and nonnormal distributions.

This book demonstrates that nonparametric statistics can be taught from a parametric point of view. As a result, one can exploit various parametric tools such as the use of the likelihood function, penalized likelihood and score functions to not only derive well-known tests but to also go beyond and make use of Bayesian methods to analyze ranking data. The book bridges the gap between parametric and nonparametric statistics and presents the best practices of the former while enjoying the robustness properties of the latter. This book can be used in a graduate course in nonparametrics, with parts being accessible to senior undergraduates. In addition, the book will be of wide interest to statisticians and researchers in applied fields.

a non-parametric test. Some of the most common statistical tests and their non-​parametric analogs: Parametric tests. Nonparametric tests. 1-sample t.

Parametric and Nonparametric Tests in Spine Research: Why Do They Matter?

In terms of selecting a statistical test, the most important question is "what is the main study hypothesis? For example, in a prevalence study there is no hypothesis to test, and the size of the study is determined by how accurately the investigator wants to determine the prevalence. If there is no hypothesis, then there is no statistical test. It is important to decide a priori which hypotheses are confirmatory that is, are testing some presupposed relationship , and which are exploratory are suggested by the data.

A Parametric Approach to Nonparametric Statistics

What is the difference between a parametric and a nonparametric test?

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    The three modules on hypothesis testing presented a number of tests of hypothesis for continuous, dichotomous and discrete outcomes.