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Stockwell Elastomerics assists designers and engineers in the technology sector by providing material recommendations, samples and prototypes for the product design and development process.

Made available to the public under the provisions of the Bureau of Indian Standards Act of and the Right to Information Act of In order to promote public education and public safety, equal justice for all, a better informed citizenry, the rule of law, world trade and world peace, this legal document is hereby made available on a noncommercial basis, as it is the right of all humans to know and speak the laws that govern them. IS pdf IS txt. Rorary shaft lip type seals incorporating thermoplastic sealing elements, Part 1: Nominal dimensions and tolerances.

Performance of gaskets - PDF

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Log In Sign Up. Download Free PDF. Gasket Handbook. Arul Manoj. Download PDF. A short summary of this paper. Design , , Selection , " ".. Installation , , , ,.. Out-of-pocket costs run into billions of dollars annually in lost production, waste of energy, loss of product and, most recently, impact on the environment.

These problems are increasing, not decreasing. It behooves all of us to consoli- date our knowledge and experience to solve or at least minimize these problems. This publication is being produced because we, as gasket manufacturers and suppliers, are constantly called upon to solve sealing problems after the fact. Too often we find insufficient time and attention has been given to:. We will endeavor to outline in this publication those areas we believe to be essential in a properly designed, installed and m"aintainedgasketed joint.

We believe most people involved with the design, installation, and main- tenance of gasketed joints realize that no such thing as "zero" leakage can be achieved. Whether or not a joint is "tight" depends on the sophistication of the methods used to measure leakage. In certain applications the degree of leakage may be perfectly acceptable if one drop of water per minute is noted at the gasketed joint. Other requirements are that no v bubbles would be observed if the gasketed joint was subjected to an air or gas test underwater and a still more stringent inspection would require passing a mass spectrometer test.

The rigidity of the test method would be determined by:. By heat, such as in the case of sealing a bell and Gaskets are used to create a static seal between two spigot joint on cast iron pipe by means of molten stationary members of a mechanical assembly and to lead.

Note, however, that after the molten lead is '--" maintain that seal under operating conditions which poured, it is tamped into place using a tamping tool may vary dependent upon changes in pressures and and a hammer.

If it were possible to have perfectly mated. Gasket lip expansion. This is a phenomenon that flanges and if it were possible to maintain an intimate would occur due to edge swelling when the gasket contact of these perfectly mated flanges throughout would be affected by confined fluid, as in the case of the extremes of operating conditions, a gasket would elastomeric compounds affected by the confined not be required.

This is virtually an impossibility either fluids, such as solvents, causing the gasket material because of to swell and increase the interaction of the gasket. In most cases, the gasket provides a seal by external forces flowing the gasket material into the imperfections between the mating surfaces. It follows then that in a properly designed gasket closure, three major considerations must be taken into account in order for a satisfactory seal to be achieved.

Sufficient force must be available to initially seat the gasket. Stating this another way, adequate means must be provided to flow the gasket into the imper- fections in the gasket seating surfaces.

The selection of the gasket material must be such that it will withstand the pressures exerted against the gasket, satisfactorily resist the entire tempera- ture range to which the closure will be exposed and withstand corrosive attack of the confined medium. Basically The first is the gasket material itself.

Compression Figure 1. This is by far the most gasket materials. These design seating stresses range common method of effecting a seal on a flange joint from zero psi for so-called self-sealing gasket types and the compression force is normally applied by such as low durometer elastomers and O-rings to bolting. Attrition Figure 2.

Attrition is a combination of a Between these two extremes there are a multitude of dragging action combined with compression such materials available to the designer enabling him to make as in a spark plug gasket where the spark plug is a selection based upon the specific operating conditions turned down on a gasket that is both compressed under investigation.

Table No. The design values and other details given in this table are suggested only and are not mandatory. Elastomer other gasket types 0 0 considered as self-sealing - Elastomerswithout fabric. Below 75 Shore Durometer 0. Stainless steels 3.

II 1 a, b, c, d 2,3,4,5 Stainless steels 6. Spiral-wound be the surface finish of the gasket seating surface. Solid metal gasketunder compression. The characteristicsof the type gaskets normally require a surface finish not rougher than of gasket being used dictate the proper flange surface 63 microinches.

Semi-metallic gaskets such as spiral- finish that must be taken into consideration by the flange wound fall between these two general types. The reason designer and there is no such thing as a single optimum for the difference is that with non-metallic gaskets such gasket surfacefinish for all types of gaskets. The problem as rubber, there must be sufficient roughness on the of the proper finish for gasket seating surface is further gasket seating surfaces to bite into the gasket thereby complicated by the type of the flange design.

For exam- preventing excessive extrusion and increasing resistance ple a totally enclosed facing such as tongue and groove to gasket blowout. In the case of solid metal gaskets, ex- will permit the use of a much smoother gasket seating tremely high unit loads are required to flow the gasket surface than can be tolerated with a raised face.

This Table3 includes recommendationsfor normal finishes requires that the gasket seating surfaces be as smooth for the various types of gaskets. This usually necessitates a bolt area to gaskel area greater than a ratio of 2: 1. If this is not possible, it is preferred to use a profiled or serrated gasket to achieve the necessal seating load on the gasket. Note - Refer to page 23 for more details on flange surface finishes for spiral wound gaskets.

Initial compression force must be great enough to compensate for the total hydrostatic end force that would be present during operating conditions. Actually the "m" value is the ratio of residual unit stress bolt load minus hydrostatic end force on Forces acting on a gasket joint Figure 1 gasket psi to internal pressure of the system.

The larger the number used for "m," the more conservative. See Figure 1. As a rule, the higher the temperature, the more critical becomes the sufficient, under the most severe operating conditions, selection of the proper gasket. ASME defines this bolt the type of bolt material, the spacing and tightness of the bolts, etc. However, the proper gasket may. These details require required bolt area Am is determined: careful attention, but if complied with will help eliminate gasket blow- - Wm1 out or failure.

They are:. The initial compression force applied to a in square inches. Table 1. Table 2. Table 1 pounds per square inch. Lamons is a sponsor of PVRC research.

Since the facing is groove to flat face, the gasket thickness must be. From formula on page 8. Bolt load Test Condition: 30, x It is apparent adequate bolting is available. Mini- mum required bolt loading for gasket seating Wm2 is Details of Flange , Ibs. Available load for gasket seating is , Ibs. Allowable bolt stress Ambient Temperature, accord- Note: required bolt load at test conditions is , Ibs. Any forces in excess of the force required to "Note", Page The flange spiral wound gasket is.

Therefore, the logical choice for the metal in the gasket is S. Since Grafoil is also '-" compatible with the environment see page 40 , it is selected as the filler material. Some of these would '-" The optimum gasket material would have the follow- include ing characteristics.

It would have the chemical resis-. Concentration of the corrosive agent. Full strength tance of PTFE, the heat resistance of graphite, the solutions are not necessarily more corrosive than strength of steel, require a zero seating stress such as those of dilute proportions and, of course, the reverse is also true.

Obviously there is no known gasket material that has all these characteristics. The purity of a corrosive agent. For example, dis- and each material has certain limitations that restrict its solved oxygen in otherwise pure water may cause use. It is possible to overcome limitations partially by rapid oxidation of steam generation equipment at several methods such as including the use of reinforcing high temperatures.

The temperature of the corrosive agent. In general, construction or density, or by designing the joint itself higher temperatures of corrosive agents will accel- erate corrosive attack.

Obviously, mechanical factors are important in the design of the As a consequence, it is often necessary to "field-test" materials for resistance to corrosion under normal joint but the primary selection of a gasket material is influenced by three factors, operating conditions to determine if the material.

For the purposes of this bulletin, gaskets will be sepa- rated into two broad categories, non-metallic and metal- Charts included in the appendix indicate some very lic gaskets. It should be most widely used. This discussion will cover the various pointed out that these charts are general recom- types of non-metallic materials, general application data mendations and there are many additional factors that and temperature limitations.

Its normal alkalies, salts and chlorine solutions.

Overview of Product Design / Gasket Design Services

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This report remains the most authorative single document on glazing gaskets. It covers all of the common gasket materials and all of the different gasket types. The report is a review of current issues and technology relating to the design and performance of gaskets in window and cladding systems. It is based on a review all aspects of gasket performance and use, including formal interviews and informal discussions with gasket producers and users. It includes a survey of existing literature and the results of a simple experimental study in to the mechanical behaviour of some typical gaskets.

Over the years, our products have gained a reputation for quality, reliability and technology that is second to none. With greater emphasis than ever before placed on joint tightness, more attention is focused toward variables associated with the integrity of the bolted gasketed joint. Flexitallic Gasket Design Criteria manual offers the engineer and end user assistance in meeting the goal of providing fundamentally sound static sealing practice. Developed and collated by The physical properties and performance of a gasket will vary extensively, depending on the type of gasket selected and the materials from which it is manufactured. Soft cut gaskets should always be of the minimum thickness consistent with the style of the flanges to be sealed, and compatible with the medium.

Gaskets And Gasketed Joints Pdf

Traditional, J. Payne and R. The effect of the creep-relaxation characteristics on the bolt loads of gasketed flanged joints must be clarified. A gasketed bolted joint, in which two hollow cylinders and a gasket is tightened by a set of nut and bolt, is used to clarify the effects of the creep-relaxation characteristics of gaskets on the reduction of bolt loads in this paper. To emphasize the effect of a gasketed joint, Figure 6a shows a seam without gasket material joining and touching only at the regular high spots between the surfaces.

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Gasket Handbook

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Gasket: Design, Selection, and Testing / Edition 1

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