Determining Cavitation Location During Lumbar And Thoracic Spinal Manipulation Ross 2004 Pdf

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determining cavitation location during lumbar and thoracic spinal manipulation ross 2004 pdf

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Understanding why the thoracic region is the 'Cinderella' region of the spine

Metrics details. The popping produced during high-velocity, low-amplitude HVLA thrust manipulation is a common sound; however to our knowledge, no study has previously investigated the location of cavitation sounds during manipulation of the upper cervical spine. The primary purpose was to determine which side of the spine cavitates during C rotatory HVLA thrust manipulation. Secondary aims were to calculate the average number of pops, the duration of upper cervical thrust manipulation, and the duration of a single cavitation. Nineteen asymptomatic participants received two upper cervical thrust manipulations targeting the right and left C articulation, respectively. Skin mounted microphones were secured bilaterally over the transverse process of C1, and sound wave signals were recorded. Identification of the side, duration, and number of popping sounds were determined by simultaneous analysis of spectrograms with audio feedback using custom software developed in Matlab.

Bilateral and multiple cavitation sounds during upper cervical thrust manipulation

Study design: Sixty-four asymptomatic participants, ranging in age from 22 to 49 years, volunteered to act as patients for the study. Twenty-eight different clinicians performed thoracic and lumbar spinal manipulative procedures. The range of clinical experience was 1 to 43 years. Objectives: The purpose of this study is to first locate the joints that produce an audible sound in response to manipulation cavitation during spinal manipulative procedures so that the accuracy and specificity of manipulation can be assessed. Summary of background data: Clinicians utilizing spinal manipulative therapy SMT claim to be very specific and accurate with the delivery of their dynamic thrust. It has been suggested that the clinical success of SMT is dependent on the accurate delivery of that therapy to the target spinal joints.

The thoracic spine has for a long time been the 'Cinderella' region of the spine. There has been a lesser research focus to the thoracic region compared with the cervical and lumbar spine, and there continues to be a limited understanding of the aetiology and epidemiology of a range of neuromusculoskeletal presentations which have an anatomical connection to the thoracic spine. This paper firstly, provides a critical evaluation of the available evidence to provide some understanding for this under-exploration of the thoracic spine. Secondly the paper provides an evaluation of an emerging interest in this spinal region, with a body of evidence supporting the use of thoracic spine manipulation in the management of upper quadrant presentations. This has been linked to the theory of regional interdependence with the thoracic spine being viewed as a silent contributor to clinical presentations where a pain source lies elsewhere. Finally, a case for further research is made.

What is 'manipulation'? A reappraisal.

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Distribution of cavitations as identified with accelerometry during lumbar spinal manipulation.

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There's more than one way to manipulate a spine.

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