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Pharmacy Symbols and Their Meanings

It is a known fact that every symbol has a unique meaning. In that case what does this unique symbol, Caduceus, which is used, in various forms and modifications, by many medical organizations mean? Is it just a custom or does it have a deeper meaning? The story of this medical symbol started way back in BC, travelled through time, has undergone many changes, misconceptions and has finally reached the present state. Here we have tried to give you a glimpse of how it has evolved over time, what it actually means, what have we interpreted and what can we learn from it. There are certain things that will not be taught in medical schools, and it is usually learnt out of our own interests.

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain provides an excellent overview of the pharmaceutical symbols that enjoy widespread usage. This can be found here. I roamed the internet for a more detailed review of the most commonly recognizable symbols. Aesculapius was one of the Greek Gods of medicine and is often depicted holding a staff with a snake coiled around it. The snake has represented wisdom, immortality and healing in Middle and far Eastern cultures long before its association to ancient Greece.

Medical Abbreviations on Pharmacy Prescriptions

What have snakes, unicorns and crocodiles got to do with pharmacies? Modern pharmaceutical signs have a long history going back to the Greek gods. W hile alchemists used secret symbols to disguise their chemical formulations, pharmacists used the tools of their trade — medical ingredients, pestle and mortar, and carboys pharmaceutical vessels — to advertise on shop signs and in trade publications. And though their origins may be forgotten, many of the visual markers are still used in drug packaging, in pharmacies and on medical buildings. Slithering their way through the iconography of pharmaceutical history, snakes appear, often wrapped around a staff, wherever you find apothecaries. Asclepius, the Greek god of medicine, carried a rod with a single snake, which became a medical symbol from the fifth century BCE.

Snake means health. This is a list of abbreviations used in medical prescriptions, including hospital orders the patient-directed part of which is referred to as sig codes. Common Confusion. The emblem had been adopted by many pharmaceutical manufacturers who added it to their packaging. Snakes have been used for worship, magic potions and, medicine, and they have been the symbol of love, health, disease, medicine, pharmacy, immortality, death, and even wisdom since ancient times. Some abbreviations look very similar to each other. You also need to know whether your prescription should be taken with food, with water, or by itself.

Pharmaceutical symbols around the world

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The word is derived from Latin serpens, a crawling animal or snake. Let us start with triskelion since it has been one of the most commonly used Celtic symbols throughout history. Spiritual Meaning Ash. Celtic Meaning. The ancient Celts had hundreds of deities Another snake-like evil Celtic creature is the Questing Beast, a monster with the head of a snake, theCeltic Knots and Their Meanings.

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pharmacy symbols and their meanings

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Celtic snake meaning

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