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kinds of courts and power of court mcqs pdf

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The Indian Judicial System. A Historical Survey. By Mr.

When a federal court deems a case to be moot, the court no longer has the power to entertain the legal claims and must dismiss the complaint. However, the U. Supreme Court over time has developed several exceptions to the mootness doctrine. A case pending before a federal court may at some point in the litigation process lose an element of justiciability and become "moot.

GK Question and Answer: Supreme Court of India

Answer each question on the MCQ Answer Sheet by shading completely the appropriate circle corresponding to the letter you have chosen. Read the Marking Instructions on the Answer Sheet. Avoid erasures on the Answer Sheet. If you need to make corrections, erase completely the answer you want to change. Do not explain your answers in the MCQ portion of the exam. You will not earn any credit for that. Keep the Answer Sheet clean.

Which of the following is the best description of the operation of precedent on the Supreme Court formerly House of Lords? According to Bristol Aeroplane , the Court of Appeal is generally bound by its own previous decisions subject to three exceptions. Which one of the following is not an exception to the rule? Which of the following is the correct statement as to the binding authority of the High Court on another High Court case? Which of the following statements best describes the judicial act of distinguishing a case? Resources Glossary Multiple choice questions Key facts checklists Flashcards of key cases Outline answers to essay questions Diagnostic test - where do I need to concentrate?

Chapter 3: Multiple choice questions

Prior to the establishment of High Court of Judicature. The Ruler of the State Maharaja was the final authority in the administration of justice. In the year , the British Government asked the then Ruler of the State, Maharaja Partap Singh to appoint a Council and the Judicial member of the Council exercised all the appellate powers both on civil and criminal side. The State having two provinces Jammu and Kashmir, had chief judges exercising judicial authority but they acted under the superintendence and control of the Law member of the Council. Later the Council was abolished and a Minister designated as Judge of the High Court was appointed by the Ruler to decide judicial cases.

Supreme Court of Pakistan

Established in accordance to the Part VII of the Constitution of Pakistan , it has ultimate and extensive appellate , original , and advisory jurisdictions on all courts including the high courts , district , special and Shariat court , involving issues of laws and may act on the verdicts rendered on the cases in context in which it enjoys jurisdiction. In the court system of Pakistan , the Supreme Court is the final arbiter of legal and constitutional disputes as well as final interpreter of constitutional law , and the highest court of appeal in Pakistan. In its modern composition, the Supreme Court is incorporated of Chief Justice of Pakistan , sixteen justices and two ad hoc who are confirmed to their appointment by the President upon their nominations from the Prime Minister 's selection based on their merited qualifications. Once appointed, justices are expected to completed a designated term and then retire at 65 years old, unless their term is terminated through resignation or impeachment by the Supreme Judicial Council resulted in a presidential reference in regards to the misconduct of judge s.

Consider the following statements: 1. The Supreme Court has original jurisdiction in any dispute between the Government of India and one or more States. The Supreme Court has original jurisdiction in any dispute between the Government of India and any State or States on one side and one or more other States on the other.

NOTE: 1. The candidates who are otherwise eligible but shown ineligible due to objections for want of necessary documents etc. Any objections removed after cut of date will not be considered.

Read More…. III- Power of Parliament to legislate for giving effect to treaties and international agreements-www-netugc-com.

Part A: Judicial System in Ancient India

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Mootness: An Explanation of the Justiciability Doctrine

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    Supreme Court of India is the apex court.

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    court shall be binding on all courts in India. A. B. C. D. 9. The jurisdiction of a court, refers to the power or the extent of the authority, of.

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    Under our Constitution, some powers belong to the states. What is one power of Chief Justice of the Supreme Court When is the last day you can send in your federal income tax forms? a. The House of Representatives and the courts​. b.

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    (A) Article to and Part V of the Indian Constitution informs about the composition and powers of the Supreme Court? (B) The Supreme.

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