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When I started reading the chapters, I wanted to continue reading. The material is presented in a balanced and fair manner, without the usual bias or slanted presentations common to marriage and family introductory texts. This text includes a balance of theory, research, and practical applications.

Marriage & Family

Marriage is the foundational relationship for all of society. All other relationships in society stem from the father-mother relationship, and these other relationships thrive most if that father-mother relationship is simultaneously a close and closed husband- wife relationship. Good marriages are the bedrock of strong societies, for they are the foundations of strong families. In marriage are contained the five basic institutions, all the basic tasks, of society: 1 family, 2 church, 3 school, 4 marketplace and 5 government. These fundamental tasks, well done, in unity between father and mother, make for a very good marriage. Within a family built on such a marriage, the child gradually learns to value and perform these five fundamental tasks of every competent adult and of every functional society.

Effects of Marriage on Society

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View larger. THINK Marriages and Families is informed with the latest research and the most contemporary examples, allowing you to bring current events directly into your classroom with little additional work. An engaging visual design developed with the benefit of extensive student feedback will appeal to your students and deliver the core concepts for the Marriage and Family course in a way that they can actually understand. The groundbreaking instructor supplements package will help you bring the core concepts of Sociology to life, without burdening your students with heavy, too dense and too expensive learning solutions.

THINK Marriages & Families


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